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1 January

The 2014 New Year’s eve celebrated.

Around 170 guests gathered at Goganian club in Heliopolis on Tuesday 31st December 2013 to celebrate the New Year in a lively and cheerful atmosphere.

The club’s interior was tastefully decorated with string lights, Christmas ornaments, balloons and candles in a cosy & festive atmosphere. Guests were pampered with an excellent choice of mezze and main course dishes as well small gifts and raffle prizes. D.J. Vartan and Alain with their excellent pick of old and new music had the gathering; young and elderly- on their feet on the dance floor all night long, celebrating the arrival of the 1st day of the New Year.

Goganian’s club board is to be commended for the excellent hosting of the event which was organized jointly with HMEM Nubar Cairo in perfect settings.  The tables’ set up & decoration, the menu, the raffle prizes, the music as well as the cheerful guests have all guaranteed the joyous celebration of the last night of 2013.

 5 January

The 2014 Khetoum celebrated at HMEM Nubar Cairo.

HMEM Nubar Cairo celebrated Khetoum on Saturday 5th January 2014 in style and elegance with around 100 guests gathered at the club house in a festive atmosphere, dancing to the tunes of DJs Vartan and Alain in a shipshape decorated interior and a scrumptious food service..

The Ladies’ Committee did a tremendous job in organizing the event. The decoration, food, presents and service was all taken care of with utmost commitment.

The night ended at around 1:00 am with the raffle prizes in good spirits after a fabulous night full of enjoyment and delight.

25 January

Sports day at HMEM Nubar Cairo SC.

HMEM Nubar Cairo organized a youth sports day on Friday 24th January 2014, through its board’s active young members who spared no effort in making this day a successful gathering full of fun and sports spirit.

Games such as tug of war, flag sprint, ball aiming and treasure hunt were organized all through the day along with some basketball and football matches for different age categories.

 28 January

AGBU Cairo registers 288 members for its 2014 Medicare program

AGBU Cairo has registered 288 members for it 2014 Medicare program which is entering its 14th year of existence in servicing and supporting the Egyptian Armenian communitie’s medical needs.

This year 240 membership renewals were registered in Cairo in addition to 4 new members. In Alexandria, 39 renewals were issued plus one new applicant. Last year 287 members were registered, in 2012, 299 members and in 2011, 317. The decrease in numbers in 2012 and 2013 was mainly due to the passing away of several members of the program.

The limits of AGBU Cairo’s financial contribution will be once again increased this year in several sectors of the program. The annual subsidy of medicine will be increased to 1500 LE instead of 1200 LE. Doctors’ visits from 300 LE to 400 LE, radiographs to 400 LE instead of 300 LE and Laboratory tests to 500 LE instead of past year’s 300 LE. The program covers also hospitalization and surgical expenses up to 8000 LE per person per year.

Another such increase was made last year in the same sectors of the program.

It is to be mentioned that several persons of the medicare program benefit also from unlimited financial assistance for treatment from chronic debilitating diseases such as cancer.

Besides the Medicare program 54 people benefit from monthly allowances as pension or treatment for the retired and disabled in need of financial assistance for living or treatment.

Through this Medicare program, besides the 50% discount on their medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, dental, and various medical fields’ expenses, members benefit from their own choice of doctors, hospitals and pharmacies without being limited to the contracted institutions which give AGBU Cairo Medicare program members, additional discounts.

The regulations of this medical insurance program were established in 1999 and the program was launched in January 2000 for Cairo`s Armenian community and was extended two years later to the Alexandrian Armenian community. The program is run by a sub-committee formed by AGBU Cairo which meets regularly to approve the refund requests submitted by the members of the program and to discuss any pending matters.

7 February

The lecture on self awareness at HMEM Nubar Cairo

A lecture on self awareness was given by Dr. Hermine Varjabedian on Friday 7th February 2014 at HMEM Nubar Cairo’s clubhouse with the presence of an interested crowd which had come to discover this curious and unusual topic. Dr. Hermine shed some light on how to perceive aspects of our personality, behavior, emotions, motivations, and thoughts. She also explained the different energy centres of our body which govern these aspects.

The two hour presentation came to an end at around 3:00 pm with a promise of another lecture on this same intriguing and captivating theme.

 19 February

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s annual pool tournament

HMEM Nubar’s pool masters are on the go again with the club’s 2014 Pool tournament which will be competed this year with a new format whereby each contestant will be playing against all the others in a league system which will stretching until 30th March.

While the halfhearted players preferred to watch the games from the sidelines, sixteen “pros” have registered for this year’s competition. The players are: Mike Nabil, the title holder, 5 times winner Armen Varjabedian, last year’s finalist Nubar Kouyoumdjian, 4 times winner Kevork Sakayan, Vahe and Garo Varjabedian, Simon Depoyan, Khoren Kalenian, Chris Simonian, Jean Ghazarian, Berdj and Garen Touloumbadjian, Arto Miskdjian, Sebouh Safar, Garo Koumrouyan, Yosry Abdel Messih.

22 February

Fun games at HMEM Nubar Cairo

Once again HMEM Nubar Cairo’s youth were on for another get-together to play some fun games at the club thanks to the efforts of the club’s youth committee.

It was a real fun day at HMEM Nubar Cairo on Friday 21st February, a games’ day full of competitions and amusing challenges organized for the youth between 7 and 18.

Some frantic and exciting games were organized between the participants such as blind shoot, tug of war, station challenge as well as contests with football and basketball.

Lahmajun and “Tan” was later on served at the club’s sunny garden

 1 March

Consultative meeting among AGBU Egypt, AGBU Cairo and HMEM Nubar Cairo boards

A consultation meeting was held on Saturday 1st March 2014 at AGBU Cairo’s Chaker Cultural Center in Heliopolis among the Executive board members of AGBU Egypt, AGBU Cairo and HMEM Nubar Cairo.

The constructive meeting was held to get acquainted and to coordinate the activities of the three organizations and to be better informed with the plans of each with the purpose of better serving the youth and followers of the three institutions.

7 March

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s backgammon tournament

HMEM Nubar Cairo organized a backgammon tournament on Friday 7th March with the participation of 16 players. The club’s “regulars” of the game were all there, so were some newcomers who came to challenge the pros.

The surprise winner of the tournament was Alex Tchertigian who defeated Kevork Avanian 5-2 in the final.

Sixteen players participated in the tournament:
Jirair Depoyan, Vahe Varjabedian, Kevork Sakayan, Kevork Avanian, Hagop Karagozian, Armen Baltayan, Olga George, Armen Varjabedian, Caroline Der Hagopian, Mike Nabil, Garo Koumrouyan, Girair Sultanian, Alex Tchertigian, Harry Sultanian, Hagop Baltayan, Armen Apkarian

 28 March

HMEM Nubar Alex’s Michink gathering

On the occasion of the Easter 2014 Lent “Michink”, the active ladies committee of HMEM Nubar Alex Sports Club organized a lunch service on Friday 28th March in the club’s cosy and warm hall room which was nicely decorated for the gathering. Around 75 guests were in attendance to enjoy the carefully prepared delicious rich buffet meal.

On the menu there were lots of Armenian specialities and assortments as well as seasonal fasting food, such as sarma-dolma, mixed -dolma ,  ich, fasting koefte, cabbage, koshari,  macaroni with champignons , spinach-pies, nivig, boulghour-pilaf,  oven-baked potatoes, olive-rolls and a rich salad assortment. The whole buffet and dessert was meticulously prepared by the club’s ladies thanks to some real hard work and commitment.

29 March

Self awareness lecture on “Michink” day gathering at HMEM Nubar Cairo

The second part of the lecture on self awareness was presented by Dr. Hermine Varjabedian on Friday 28th March 2014 at HMEM Nubar Cairo’s clubhouse with the presence of a mainly female crowd who, impressed and intrigued by the first part of this curious and unusual topic, which was presented on 7th February, had come to follow the second part of this topic.

The presentation was followed by a delicious fasting food buffet prepared by the ladies committee of the club in celebration of the 2014 Easter lent.

 12 April

Kevork Sakayan champion of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s 2014 pool tournament

Kevork Sakayan was declared champion of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s 2014 pool tournament on Friday 11th April after defeating Vahe Varjabedian 4-0 in the final of the club’s annual competition.  Kevork and Vahe  were the two finalists who had come on top of the 16 participants who had played  a series of league system matches which had started on 19th February 2014 .

The cup was offered by Mr. and Mrs. Nubar Simonian and was awarded to the winner by Mr. Simonian along with the club’s chairman Mr. Jirayr Depoyan.

In the tournament’s hall of fame, Kevork Sakayan now equals Armen Varjabedian’s 5 wins with 5 titles for each, followed by Hagop Kalishian  with 3 wins. Mike Nabil and Vahe Varjabedian come next with one win each.

13 April

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s 2014 Easter bazaar

Hand-painted Easter eggs, homemade Easter baskets and traditional Armenian bread “Choerek” were among the many Easter delicacies put on sale on Palm Sunday 13th April 2014 at HMEM Nubar Cairo club. Easter bunnies, linens, napkins and serving platters were just few of the many Easter decorations and utilities which were displayed beside the famous traditional Armenian food items such as Pastirma , Soudjouk and Kete. The ladies committee had done a wonderful job in preparing this outstanding bazaar.

The bazaar was opened by Mrs Sevan Dertadian-Karamanougian; the patron of the day, at around 1:30 pm. It went out of stash very soon after, when the flock of fervent shoppers rushed in to secure their crop of goodies and provisions for many month to come. ..

The event was attended by around 150 guests and was followed by a delicious lunch service at the sunny club garden.

24 April

AGBU Cairo’s General Assembly: 1M 581 542 Eg. Pounds spent on projects

AGBU Cairo held its annual General Assembly at its Chaker Cultural Center in Heliopolis on Wednesday 23rd April to present and approve its 2013 expenditures and activities reports and to obtain the General Assembly’s consent for the planned budget of 2014. Following the ordinary General Assembly another Extraordinary General Assembly was held to obtain AGBU Cairo’s members’ approval for the transfer of its Headquarters from Down Town to Heliopolis.

After welcoming the presence, the chairman of AGBU Cairo, Dr. Viken Djizmedjian opened the meeting which started with the lecture of the previous General Assembly’s minutes and AGBU Cairo board’s2013activities’ report which was presented by Mr. Mardiros Balayan, the board’s general secretary.

Through this presentation, AGBU Cairo announced that in 2013, AGBU Cairo’s Chaker fund had spent 1,581,542LE on the fund’s projects among which the following main expenditures can be mentioned:

371 054 LE were spent on cultural projects (such as: Arek Arabic & Deghegadou newsletters, Dziadzan children’s choir, published books, events and film projections at the Chaker Cultural Center, AGBU Egypt website,, etc..). This amount includes also the honoraries and salaries such as the important “Armenia and Armenians in the Egyptian press” ongoing project, editing and article writing for Deghegadou and Arek Arabic newsletters, researching honoraries for specialists and Armenian related studies and researches who are now five in number including Dr. Mohamed Refaat Al Imam .

356 554 LE were spent in 2013 for social support and medical care to 61 beneficiaries in need of such aid, 180 625 LE were spent on educational support for the tutorial fees of 33 students, 15 000 LE for retired Armenian teachers, 30000 LE for the Armenian Studies Center of Cairo University and 274 960 LE as financial support to different Armenian organizations and institutions.  352 849 LE were spent on the Medicare project’s 287 beneficiaries.

The 2014 budget was then presented by AGBU Cairo’s vice-chairman, Mr. Onnig Belekdanian, who also presented the 2013 expenditures account in detail.

The Extraordinary General Assembly which followed met with the approval of the presence to transfer the headquarters of AGBU Cairo from 15 Emad El Din street, Cairo to the building of the Chaker Cultural Center at 26 Mourad Bek street, Heliopolis, Cairo.

31 May

An educational BBQ night at HMEM Nubar Cairo

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s youth committee organized an educational gathering at the club on Saturday 1st June around the theme: the Armenians of Egypt. The event was held at the club’s garden with the presence of around 50 youngsters aged 13 to 30.

Ms. Gassia Djeghalian made a presentation on the history of the Armenians in Egypt, tracing the history of their presence and role in Egypt from the Fatimid period to modern times.

The gathering was held around a camp fire which was used also to grill the hotdogs and marshmallows prepared for the occasion…

7 June

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s 2014 Summer season opening

The traditional opening of the summer season at HMEM Nubar Cairo was held on Saturday 7th June at the club’s garden with the presence of around than 130 guests who attended the evening in a pleasant and enjoyable friendly atmosphere.

The event was held under the tunes of DJs Alain Karkour and Vartan Terzibashian. The delicious salad bar, which was prepared and catered by the ladies’ committee as well as the main BBQ dishes, were arranged inside the club house while the tables and seats outside in the garden. After dinner, the feminine sector of the presence got on their feet to party on the dance floor and  to let off their verve on the lively music of the DJs.

The evening ended at around 1:00 am after the raffle prizes and the final croons and loony tunes of the young DJs.

22 June

HMEM Nubar Alex summer season opening

The traditional opening of the summer season at HMEM Nubar Alex was held on Saturday 22nd June at the club’s garden with the presence of club members and guest who attended the evening in a pleasant and enjoyable friendly atmosphere.

It is noted that the event was scheduled two weeks earler, but was postponed due to the passing away of long-time club member and sportsman Varteres Haroutounian.

9 July

Oriental night at HMEM Nubar Cairo with some World Cup action

On Tuesday 8th July HMEM Nubar Cairo organized a Ramadan Sehour  with some oriental food like Koshari, Foul and Taameya in observation of the holy month of Ramadan’s traditional get-together.

Besides the appetizing food, the guests watched also the historical defeat of Brazil against Germany 1-7 on big screen TV. The World Cup matches were all projected at the club throughout the whole tournament.

20 July

HMEM Nubar Cairo defeats HMEM Nubar Alex 78-50 and lifts the trophy

HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated HMEM Nubar Alex 78-50 (21-10, 43-23, 61-32) in the final match of the 2014 season’s first basketball tournament organized by HMEM Nubar Alex, lifting the first of the five trophies of the season with great merit.

HMEM Nubar Alex which was organizing its tournament after a forced hiatus of 4 years (the last tournament organized by the club was in 2010, succeeded in setting up a nice gathering for the different athletes and fans of the five participating clubs.

The opening matches of Friday had seen the hosts HMEM Nubar Alex defeating Homenetmen Gamk 62/51 (35/24) and Homenetmen Ararat defeating St. Therese 66/40 (35/19).

On Saturday a ladies match was organized between HMEM Nubar Alex and Al Turam, and a superfluous 38/47 loss saw the Varteres Haroutiounian Cup go the local Alexandrian girls.

Tha ladies match was followed by the much-awaited Cairene derby between HMEM Nubar Cairo and Homenetmen Ararat. Besides the veterans friendly game held on 6th October 2013, the last encounter between the two clubs was in October 2012 when  HMEM Nubar Cairo had won the match 70/48 .

In Saturday’s second match, HMEM Nubar Cairo was able to defeat the revamped team of Homenetmen Ararat 61/50 (19/15, 38/28, 49/39). HMEM Nubar Cairo showed that they are still on top owing to their excellent stock of essential and substitute players who can make the difference at any given critical time of a match.  The organized and disciplined Homenetmen Ararat’s young and “relatively” old players led by the respectful and courteous team captain Norair Mekhtikian, went to great length to close the match-long 10 points score-gap between the two teams. The close encounters came in the middle of the last quarter when this gap was reduced to 7 points. But HMEM Nubar Cairo’s players took matters in hand once again to close the match at 61-50.

After Saturday’s match, a dinner-reception was served to the guests and players of the tournament. The delicious salad buffet and a tasty main course prepared by HMEM Alex’s ladies committee, gave a special charm and cosiness to the evening, with guests and players gathering in a friendly atmosphere, after the exciting sports action of the day.

The final of the tournament was held on Sunday 20th July. After a relatively easy match, HMEM Nubar Cairo lifted the Jirayr Depoyan cup, thanks to the 78-50 win against its Alexandrian counterpart.

Well done HMEM Nubar Cairo. It was a superb blend of experienced players like Garo & Armen Varjabedian, Simon Depoyan, Hraztan Kalenian, Saro Belekdanian, Mike Nabil, the injured Kegham Terzibashia, Aram Apikian and Ari Yerzengatsian, with the younger players like Alain Karkour, Peto , Alain and Paul Terzian, Vartan Terzibashian, Vartan Avedissian, Armen and the surprising George Antranigian.

Coached by Amr Ashour and Alaa Zahran, and managed by Hagop Karagoezian, assisted by Chris Simonian, players, coaches, managers and the loyal fans, who travelled along to cheer the club, all contributed in this great win.

The tournament was held under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Ashod Mnatsaganian, the Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Egypt and the chairmanship of Mr.& Mrs. Onnig Belekdanian.

31 August

HMEM Nubar Cairo champion of Homenetmen Gamk’s basketball tournament

HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated its Alexandrian counterpart HMEM Nubar Alex 84/76 in the final match of Homenetmen Gamk’s basketball tournament. The Alexandrian team excelled in its performance of today and caught the presence by surprise right from the start when it superseded HMEM Nubar Cairo, taking advantage of the latter’s fielding of its substitute players in the first two quarters of the match (20-22 in the 1st quarter and 41-43 in favour of HMEM Nubar Alex at the end of the 1st half).

From the third quarter and up, HMEM Nubar Cairo took matters in hand and continued crescendo from then onward: 66-54 after the 3rd quarter and  84/76 as final score.

HMEM Nubar Cairo had qualified a day earlier on the expense of Homenetmen Ararat after lots of confusion and uncertainty due to major refereeing weaknesses and blunders. The match had started to the advantage of Homenetmen Ararat (24-17, 43-30 and 59-46). In the fourth quarter when the match started to heat up due to the gradual closure of the gap by HMEM Nubar Cairo, and to the surprise of all, the referee decided to terminate the game in the 4th minute of the 4th quarter with the score at 56-52 in favour of Homenetmen Ararat. The referee explained his decision as due to the excessive protests and outside interference from the 2 teams’ coaches on the referees’ decisions.

While players and spectators remained perplexed and confused by the referees’ decision for almost an hour, Homenetmen Gamk’s leaders were trying their best to convince the referees (who had done the same thing earlier in the game: Terminating then continuing the game) to revoke their decision once again and continue the match. While the players and spectators started to leave because of the uncertainty of the situation, the referees finally decided to revoke their decision and continue the game, giving both teams 3 minutes to gather and restart. Finding only HMEM Nubar Cairo’s players on the ground and disposed to play, they declared the present team as winner of the match.

It is to be mentioned that in no time during the match, the players of the two teams came at odds against  each other. It was a matter of excess protests against the decisions of the referees, who could not handle the situation properly and professionally.

Earlier on Saturday HMEM Nubar Alex had succeeded in defeating the hosts Homenetmen Gamk 53 / 52 (13-12, 30-22, 44-39 & 53-52) in another impassioning and heated match. On Friday HMEM Nubar Alex had defeated St Therese 74-70 (half time 32-31).

The second cup of the 2014 season is once again in the hands of the champs…

 5 September

AGBU Cairo to assist in the tutorial fees of students

Like every year, AGBU Cairo will be contributing; through its “Satenig Chaker fund”, in the tutorial school and university fees of commendable students for the 2014-2015 educational year.

Those who wish to benefit from these grants may apply at the AGBU Cairo offices in Cairo and Alexandria by filling the corresponding form, including 2 personal photographs, birth certificate, and past two years’ results. Those who already benefit from these grants, may continue to do so for the new educational year by presenting their mid-year A & B terms’ or end-year’s results.

The deadline of application is 30th September 2014.

8 September

AGBU Cairo increases the cash prizes awarded to the Armenian bright students

AGBU Cairo will be increasing the cash prizes which are given every year to our community’s bright Armeno-Egyptian students who have accomplished good results in the last educational year.

For primary, preparatory and secondary stage students prizes will be awarded for those who have obtained a 90% mark or more. For university graduates, prizes will be awarded for those who have obtained “very good” or “excellent” marks.

The cash prizes which were doubled from last year’s amounts will be as follows:
For primary final year graduates: 200 LE. Preparatory final year graduates: 400 LE Secondary final year graduates: 1000 LE. University graduates with Very Good marks: 1500 LE and those with Excellent marks: 2000 LE.

Besides these cash prizes, books and certificates are given to these bright students in appreciation for their successes.

Potential candidates of these awards must present photocopies of their schools’ or universities’ official results at the AGBU Cairo or AGBU Alexandria headquarters before 21 October 2014.

16 October

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s renovated kitchen opens next Friday

The soft opening of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s renovated kitchen and the new cook’s revamped menu will be given the go next Friday 17 October starting from 6:00 pm.

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s kitchen has been completely renovated during the past few month and is now equipped with modern, hotel style cooking tools and utensils such as burners, ovens and fryers, snack making machines, 2-door refrigerators, exhaust equipment, mixers, slicers and grinders as well as storing racks and closets.

18 October

AGBU Cairo’s Hybrid online chess classes kick-off with 15 participants

With the live welcome words of the Armenian Virtual College’s (AVC) leaders, the launch of the Hybrid chess classes was held on Friday 18th October 2014, at AGBU Cairo’s  Chaker Cultural Center in Heliopolis with the presence of 15 registered students and some guests interesting in knowing more about these classes.

The gathering started with live Skype feeds and welcome messages from AVC leaders in Yerevan: Dr. Yervant Zorian, the AVC Founding President, Arpine Tavaklian, Anna Yenguibarian and Hasmik Kalapyan.

A short video on the online chess classes was then projected to the audience followed by an explanation of the teaching process in Cairo by Mrs.  Anna Terayan-Dolabjian, AVC’s liaison in Egypt and Mr. Kevork Avanian, the instructor of these classes and Mrs. Rubina Aslanian-Norarevian, the co-opted member of AGBU Cairo.

The classes are held in Egypt In a joint effort between AGBU Cairo and the Armenian Virtual College (AVC), with the purpose of reinstating this “Intellectual Sport” once again in our clubs, and within our entertaining activities. AGBU Cairo seeks to revive the sport within the community using the latest tools modern technology has to offer.

These classes will be conducted by Mr. Kevork Avanian, AGBU Cairo’s Treasurer and Computer Science expert, as well as old time player and fan of chess. He has enthusiastically undertaken the role of AVC On-Site Teacher. Mr. Avanian has received adequate online training from AVC and after extensive consultations with renowned chess player Norayr Kalantaryan, he is ready to lead AGBU-AVC’s chess program.

The program is open to all applicants of the Armenian Community in Egypt. The classes are free of charge and have started on October 13th, 2014. The meetings will be held once a week on Friday mornings at 11:00 am at the Chaker Cultural center in Heliopolis, during the week, home works and classes will be online.

23 October

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s U-16 girls’ team lift the first trophy of the club’s basketball tournament

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s 3rd Egyptian Pan-Armenian tournament of the 2014 season started today with a curtain-raiser U-16 girls’ match followed by the tournament’s first game between Homenetmen Ararat and St. Therese.

The young girls of HMEM Nubar Cairo lifted the first trophy of the day by beating their U-16 counterparts of Al Zehour 38-26. The trophy was offered by Mr. and Mrs. Kevork Avanian.

The second mat h of the day was the men’s tournament’s game between Homenetmen Ararat and St. Therese. After a bumpy start  (11/3 and 21/19 in favour of St. Therese in the 1st and second quarters),  Homenetmen Ararat  was able to regain control, advancing 34/25 in the 3rd quarter and eventually winning the match 56/37 .

The second day will see the entry of the Alexandrian clubs of Homenetmen Gamk and HMEM Nubar Alex. The first match of 7:30 pm will see the the hosts of the tournament confronting Homenetmen  Gamk, while the Alexandrian HMEM Nubar will be playing against Homenetmen Ararat at 9:30 pm.

Another entertaining competitive match will also be played at 8:30 pm between the senior girls of HMEM Nubar Cairo and Homenetmen Ararat.

24 October

And a second cup on day two for the girls’ team of HMEM Nubar Cairo

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s seniors’ girls’ team lifted the second cup of the club’s annual Egyptian Pan-Armenian basketball tournament after their match against their counterparts of Homenetmen Ararat. A new interesting addition to the the line-up of fringe matches offered on the occasion of the men’s tournaments.

The match ended 35/28 in favour of the girls of HMEM Nubar after an exciting match in which the winners were able to hold on to their lead all through the 4 quarters of the match (10-8, 14/8, 22/18) and wrap up the final result in their favour,  lifting the cup offered by Dr. & Mrs. Viken Djizmedjian.

In spite that out of the 4 invited clubs by HMEM Nubar Cairo to participate in this category, only Homenetmen Ararat had responded positively, the excellent initiative of HMEM Nubar Cairo to introduce Armenian girls’ inter-clubs basketball matches in these tournaments, is to be highly praised.

In the PanArmenian series of men’s matches, the title holders HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated Homenetmen Gamk 86/36 (26/8, 48/19, 69/28 and 86/36)  while Homenetmen Ararat beat HMEM Nubar Alex 54/44 (19/7, 30/14, 36/22 and 54/44).

The final will be held on Sunday 25th October between HMEM Nubar Cairo and Homenetmen Ararat and it will be preceded by the much anticipated Veterans’ match between a selection of HMEM Nubar and Homenetmen Ararat former players against St. Therese.

25 October

HMEM Nubar Cairo… Champions again

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s seniors’ men’s are once again champions of Egyptian Pan-Armenian clubs. The team lifted the trophy with great merit after beating its unrelenting competitor for the cup; Homenetemen  Ararat after an excellent match in which the champions prevailed with the conclusive score of 57/39 (11-12, 25/24, 40/31 and 57/39).

The cup is the club’s third of the 2014 season. A triumph synonym of pre-eminence and vigour against a respectable opponent. Well done HMEM Nubar Cairo for this deserved win and well done Homenetmen Ararat for your excellent performance.

The match was the last of the day and the tournament after an action packed three-day sports gala which saw 8 games played in 5 age and gender categories.

In the first match of this final day, the youngsters of HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated the U-16 of Al Zehour 41/37 and lifted the cup offered by Mr. and Mrs. Hagop Karagozian.

The second match was the entertaining veterans’ match formed of some former players of HMEM  Nubar,  Homentmen Ararat and St. Therese against the seniors’ team of St. Therese.  The veterans proved that they are not that old after all, and that they still have what it takes to remain excellent ex-basketball players. The oldies won the match and the cheers of the spectators with the score of 46/40 (22-20).

On the occasion of this tournament, a much cherished old timer of our basketball bygones was honoured: Garbis Kalpakian or Dawly as we all call him. Former coach of the club’s men’s and girls senior and youth teams all the way back since 1967 until the late eighties and later international referee, Dawly, thanks to his giving character and generous nature is loved by all. An excellent gesture which meant a thousand words.

The final match of the day in the senior men’s category was tendered to the memory of late Jirayr Dertadian, one of the most loyalist members of the club whether as player, board member or treasurer. The tournament was held under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Ashod Mnatsganian, the Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Egypt and the chairmanship of Mr. & Mrs. Hratch Simonian, while the medals were offered as usual by Mr. & Mrs. Vart Alexanian.

The cup was handed to the champions by Dr. & Mrs Hrayr Dertadian, through the hands of the team captain Garo Varjabedian, who after 25 years of faithful services to the team has called it quits. Well done Garo and welcome to the world of veterans.

Bravo to the HMEM Nubar Cairo board for the excellent organization of the tournament and a bigger bravo to the club’s four teams, whether the U-16 boys and girls teams or the senior men’s and women’s teams for their triumphs and trophies which will stack up even more the club’s cup display closet.

25 October

Commemorative monument of Boghos Nubar unveiled at HMEM Nubar Cairo

On the occasion of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s annual basketball tournament, AGBU founder Boghos Nubar’s commemorative monument was unveiled at the club`s entrance before the final match of the three day tournament.

Before the actual ceremony, a short briefing was made by HMEM Nubar Cairo’s Chairman Mr. Jirayr Depoyan on the significance of this symbolic monument. The unveiling of the memorial was then made by the leaders of AGBU in Egypt; Mr. Onnig Belekdanian, the newly appointed Chairman of AGBU Egypt District Committee, accompanied by Mr. Berdj Terzian, the Honorary Chairman of AGBU Egypt and AGBU Cairo, Dr. Viken Djizmedjian, the Chairman of AGBU Cairo, along with Mr. Hratch Simonian, the Honoray Chairman of HMEM Nubar Cairo.

The unveiling was made with the high presence of the religious leaders of our community; His Grace Bishop Ashod Mnatsaganian, the Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Egypt and His Grace Bishop Augostinos Kousan, the Primate of the Armenian Catholic Church in Egypt. The ceremony was heightened by the presence of H. E. Dr. Armen Melkonian the Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia in Egypt.

The commemorative memorial was designed and executed by Architect Nairy Hampikian`s “Heritage Management Architectural firm“, thanks to the sponsorship of AGBU Egypt.

1 November

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s “Vochkharaseghan”

A “Vochkharaseghan” was held on Saturday 1st November 2014 at HMEM Nubar Cairo club in honour of the club’s girls’ and boys’ basketball teams. It’s a traditional gathering, which unites the club’s players and board members and their families  in a friendly atmosphere.

The reception started with the welcoming words of club chairman, Mr. Jirayr Depoyan who thanked all those who contribute in the success of the club, whether players, board members, AGBU or ladies committee for their input, wishing the club new accomplishments. He also thanked Mrs. Marlene Katatsian who had tendered the evening’s “Vochkharaseghan” .

The dinner reception was attended also by His Grace Bishop Ashod Mnatsaganian, the Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Church and HE Dr. Armen Melkonian, the Ambassador of the Rep. of Armenia in Egypt as well leading figures of our community and club patrons.

10 November

New Board for AGBU Egypt’s District Committee

The UGAB Swiss Central Board of Directors has announced that, as of October 1, 2014, the AGBU District Committee of Egypt is comprised of the following members:

Mr. Berdj Terzian, Honorary Chairman
Mr. Onnig Belekdanian, Chairman
Dr. Viken Djizmedjian, Vice-Chairman
Mrs. Gassia Djeghalian, Secretary
Mr. Roupen Terzibashian, Treasurer
Mr. Levon Nigolian, Vice-Treasurer
Dr. Kevork Yerzengatsian, Member
Mr. Jirayr Depoyan, Member

Mr. Berdj Terzian, having reached the allowable age limit under the Union’s bylaws, has been appointed Honorary Chairman of the AGBU District Committee of Egypt for his dedicated services and outstanding accomplishments over his fifty years on the District Committee.

Also former Vice-Chairman Mr. Onnig Garibian will be reaching the allowable age limit next year. In view if his remarkable services and contributions during his tenure on the District Committee, the Central Board has granted him the prestigious title of Honorary Member.

15 November

HMEM Nubar Cairo defeats Homenetmen Ararat 45/38 and reaches the final of St. Therese tournament

Once again HMEM Nubar Cairo was able to beat its strong opponent Homenetmen Ararat 45/38 after a thrilling game, which in spite of the excellent performance of Ararat, saw the champions triumph once again after  a swift and quick change of fortunes in the last quarter of the match.

Homenetmen Ararat had started the match on a strong note, leading the match narrowly in the first quarter 10/9. Taking advantage of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s baffled performance; Ararat stretched the score further more in its favor in the second quarter, winning it 21/13.

The third quarter saw the start of the steady progress of HMEM Nubar Cairo. Thanks to a much better line-up of substitute players capable to back up their team mates, they decreased  the 8 points gap to 5 (29/24 for Ararat).

In the 4th and final quarter, a more will-powered and determined HMEM Nubar Cairo turned up, returning to their usual gaming style expected from such a strong team formed of a mixture of experienced and strong promising young players. The winners cruised their way with determination towards victory in the final quarter, scoring as many points as they had scored in the previous three quarters all together, winning the match with the final score of 45/38 much to the astonishment of Homenetmen Ararat’s players and supporters who were hoping for a repeat of their last win over HMEM Nubar Cairo 3 years ago, in November 2011, at this same place.

Hard luck to Homenetmen Ararat, which came quite close to winning and congratulations to HMEM Nubar Cairo for their victory.

The final match of the tournament will be held today between the hosts St. Therese and HMEM Nubar. The match will be preceded by the Veterans match against the Petroleum company.

16 November

And four out of four for HMEM Nubar Cairo as champions of the 2014 season

HMEM Nubar Cairo lifted the fourth and final trophy of the 2014 season after beating tournament hosts St. Therese with the score of 69/51.

The match was preceded by a veterans game formed of a selection of former HMEM Nubar Cairo, Homenetmen Ararat and St. Therese players against Misr Petroleim. A veterans’ team to be reckoned with thanks to its regular training throughout the past few month. The match ended 70/64 in favour of the Armenians. They proved that they still got it after all these years.

The final men’s seniors match was led by the tournament champions from start till end. In spite of the energetic performance of St. Therese, backed by a frenzied crowd of supporters who never stopped cheering their team, HMEM Nubar Cairo kept the score-sheet stress-free all through the four quarters of the match (13/6, 32/22, 57/39 and 69/51). The comfortable advance gave also the chance to the winning team to field all of its players in the match.

Congratulations to HMEM Nubar Cairo. You remain the uncontested champions of these Egyptian Pan-Armenian tournaments, and hard luck to St. Therese which showed a brilliant performance and a perfect organization.

The tournament was held under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Krikor Augostinos Kousan, the Primate of the Armenian Catholic Church of Egypt who was absent due to the decease of his late mother. The patrons of the tournament were Mr. & Mrs. Reymond Terzian and the men’s cup was offered by St. Therese in memory of late Antranig Mesrobian and handed out to HMEM Nubar Cairo’s team captain Armen Varjabedian by the defunct’s wife Mrs. Nevart Mesrobian.

The Hall of Fame
Captain Armen Varjabedian, Mike Nabil, Saro Belekdanian. Hraztan Kalenian, Aram Apigian, Vartan Tetzibadhian. Simon Depoyan, Alain Karkour, Vartan Terzibashian, Armen Antranigian, Peter Terzian, Paul & Terzian .
Coash Amr Ashour. Assistant coach: Alaa Zahran, Administartor:  Hagop Karagozian

17 November

Dawly “Garbis Kalpakian”: A thank you from his friends all over the World

After the wide-spread positive and supportive echoes received from Dawly’s fans through Facebook and AGBU Eypt’s website after his honoring at HMEM Nubar Cairo’s October basketball tournament, it was decided to convey to him the appreciation and love his friends have towards him whether as his students in Kalousdian and Noubarian schools or as basketball coach or even as a humble person loved by all.

On the occasion of the dinner gathering held at HMEM Nubar Cairo after the club’s win of St. Therese club’s basketball tournament, last Sunday 16th November 2014, Dawly was invited by HMEM Nubar Cairo’s board at this event and he was remitted a poster including the more than 200 testimonials and “Likes” made in his favor by his fans all around the World. He was also given a HMEM Nubar sweat-shirt and a special prize in recognition of his long years of dedication and service.

A big “thank you” ya Dawly.

18 November

AGBU Cairo increases the limits of its financial contribution in the Union’s Medicare program

AGBU Cairo decided in its last meeting to increase the limits of its financial maximum annual contribution to each member of the Medicare program from 8000 LE to 10000 LE. It was also decided to increase the annual limit of AGBU Cairo’s contribution for Medicine to 1600 LE per year.

These increases will be applied as of 2015 for which registrations and renewals are now open until 10th December 2014.

AGBU Cairo had registered 288 members for its 2014 Medicare program, 244 from Cairo and 44 from Alexandria. Through this program, besides the 50% discount on their medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, dental, and various medical fields’ expenses, members benefit from their own choice of doctors, hospitals and pharmacies without being limited to the contracted institutions which give AGBU Cairo Medicare program members, additional discounts.
AGBU Cairo’s Medicare program was established in 1999 and it was launched in January 2000 for Cairo`s Armenian community and was extended two years later to the Alexandrian Armenian community. A specialized subcommittee meets regularly to govern and review the members’ submitted documents and to discuss issues and raises in AGBU Cairo’s financial contribution.  The program is made possible for the needy Egyptian Armenians thanks to the Satenig Chaker fund which provides numerous educational, social, cultural, sports and assistance services to the Egyptian Armenian community through several specialized committees.

30 November

AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan choir celebrates its 10th anniversary with “Kach Nazar”

AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan children’s choir celebrated its 10th anniversary on Sunday 30th November by singing and dancing at the Belekdanian hall in Heliopolis in a musical show of one of Hovhannes Toumanian’s and Atapeg Khengoyan’s tales; “Kach Nazar’s new adventures”. The theatrical scripting and musical adaptation was made by Maestro Mihran Ghazelian. The conductor of the musical show was Mrs. Kohar Ghazelian.

The presentation was attended by around 150 guests who enjoyed and cheered the jovial performance of the choir. Maestro Mihran Ghazelian and his wife Kohar excelled as usual with their brilliant conducting of the choir. The dances, which added a special flavour and charm to the performance, were supervised by Alissa Depoyan and the former “Dziadzantsi”, Vartan Terzibashian.
The show was marked with the participation; at the end of the play, of the former members of the choir, who 10 years ago, were part of the choir when taking its first steps of conception.
Many cheers to all those who contributed in the performance: Mainly to the members of the organizing committee, namely Aline Djizmedjian, Caroline Saad, Nanor Apigian, Sato Apkarian and Marie Kevorkian who all made great efforts in arranging the dresses, the electronic decoration and the sequence of the onscreen projection of the decor.  At the end of the performance, the chairman of AGBU Cairo, Dr. Viken Djizmedjian, after thanking all the contributors of the show, remitted a commemorative plate on behalf o f AGBU Cairo, to Maestro Mihran and his wife Kohar Ghazelian, in appreciation of their 10-year long journey with the choir.
Cheers also to the 35 participating children of the show, the former members of the choir. The sound and lighting system was provided by Robert Tashdjian, the video editing of the scenes and photography was done by Ohan Djanikian, while the the beautiful brochure of the event was prepared by Shahe Lousararian. The dresses of the play were contributed thankfully by Goganian club and completed by a specialized tailor.
Happy 10th anniversary Dziadzan.

3 December

AGBU Cairo cooperates with Alexandria’s Museum of Arts in finding Egyptian Armenian Artists’ works

AGBU Cairo is cooperating with Alexandria’s museum of Fine Arts in the identification and disclosure of some of the works of art made by Egyptian Armenian artists found in the storehouse of the museum.

AGBU Cairo has entrusted expert artist Hrant Keshishian to travel to Alexandria and help the management of the museum in the identification and indexing of some of the works of our artists found in the depot of the museum.

During his one week mission, artist Hrant was able to discover 13 works of art; in addition to the five already on display and a stone statue of sculptor Daria Gamsaragan, raising thus the number of Egyptian Armenian artists’ art pieces at the museum to a total of 19 distributed as follows:
Diran Garabedian 2 pieces, Onnig Avedissian 1, Vahan Hovivian 2, Saroukhan 1, Baruyr Bardizbanian 1, Ashod Zorian 2, Gregoire Megerditchian1, Hampar Hampartsoumian 4, Puzant Godjamanian 3, Hagop Hagopian 1 in addition to the statute of Gamsaragan.

Pleased with these findings, artist Sarkis Tossounian has donated one of his works in Bronze “chains” to the museum which has decided to dedicate a whole corner to the works of our artists in a section which will be containing the works of foreign community member artists of Egypt who have lived and produced works of art.

10 December

Armenian bright students of 2014 honored by AGBU Cairo

AGBU Cairo awarded on Wednesday 10th December 2014, certificates of excellence, presents and cash prizes to Cairo’s Armenian students who have accomplished distinguished results in the 2013-2014 educational year. The award proceedings were held at AGBU Cairo’s Chaker cultural Center in Heliopolis. The awards, which are distributed  since 2001 thanks to the AGBU Cairo’s Satenig Chaker fund, comes as an appreciation and encouragement to our community’s bright students’ educational achievements.

This year 13 students were awarded: 5 primary stage graduates: Mané Hagop Sayan 97.93%, Loredana Raffi Megerdichian 97.84%, Maria Herayr Dertadian 94.51%, Jessika Garabed Koumrouyan 94.05 and Edouard Robert Naguib 90.46%.

One Preparatory stage graduate: Monica Garabed Koumrouyan 93.91% and one secondary stage graduate Catherine Vasken Iradian 95.12% were also awarded.

Also awarded, three university student graduates with “Very Good” marks: Anais Oziris Guirguis (Fine Arts), Nanar Khoren Kalinian (Computer  Science) and Alyssa Jirair Depoyan (Arts)  and three students with “Excellent marks”: Marie Hagop Boyadjian (Science and Technology), Maggie Magdy Albert (Fine Arts) and Vartan Jirayr Shoushanian (Engineering).

The awards were handed out to the students through the board members of the AGBU Cairo. Before the award proceedings a word of encouragement and congratulation was made by the chairman of AGBU Cairo Dr. Viken Djizmedjian. A short film about Nagorno Karabakh was also projected.

Besides the certificates, books were awarded as well as cash prizes; which were doubled this year: For Primary stage graduates: 200 LE, for Preparatory stage students: 400 and for Secondary stage graduates: 1000 LE. The cash prizes are for those who have obtained marks of 90% and more. For university graduates with “Very Good” grades the prize is 1500 LE and those with “Excellent” marks.

19 December

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s celebrates Christmas

The traditional annual Christmas bazaar of HMEM Nubar Cairo was held on Friday 19th December at the club with the presence of close to 200 guests and children who came to spend the day in a cheerful and festive atmosphere.

The Christmas food & decoration bazaar was opened at 12:00 noon by Mrs. Shaké Yerzengatsian, who cut the ribbon giving the green light to the shopping frenzy and the rash entry into the chamber of goodies in the club house.  Besides the notorious Armenian food & delicious treats there were many great Christmas decorations and superb knick-knacks. On sale there were many scrummy  items like the ever thriving sudjuk & pastrami, the palate- tempting Kobeba and the delicious Dolma & Mante, tarama. The Kété, the Cannelloni, the Sou-Boeurek, the Topig and the other home-made specialities succumbed very quickly to the craving of the masses. The same for the pastry section of jams, Christmas cakes, muffin and cookies, which all went out of stock in no time in spite of the abundance of the quantities.

Well done ladies committee of HMEM Nubar Cairo, whose members worked hard during the past few weeks to ensure the success of this event. It was a really rich and sumptuous bazaar.

Soon after the delicious lunch prepared by the newly appointed chef, the infamous gift distributing Gaghant Baba showed up to the joy of the children. After the distribution of the gifts, the no longer needed Santa Claus had to leave grudgingly giving way for the traditional tombola.