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1 January

Farewell to 2009 at Goganian Club

Around 290 HMEM Nubar Cairo & Goganian clubs’ members, fans and guests were gathered at the Goganian club in Heliopolis on Thursday, 31st December to celebrate the New Year in a lively and festive atmosphere.

To celebrate the New Year, guests were treated with a nice variety of music, good food and raffle prizes. D.J. Garo with his nice pick of old and new music had all of us on our feet having a cheerful time, dancing the night away on the packed dance floor until the early hours of the morning, celebrating the arrival of the 1st day of the New Year.

5 January

Khetoum Celebration at HMEM Nubar Cairo


Around 100 people attended HMEM Nubar Cairo’s Khetoum celebration at the clubhouse on Tuesday 5th January in a stylish and familial atmosphere to spend a memorable evening dancing to the “oldy” tunes of live entertainment in a shipshape decorated interior and a scrumptious food service..

6 January

Dziadzan performs at the January 6th Paradon

As every year, AGBU Cairo’s “Dziadzan” children’s choir participated in the 51st annual “Paradon” of the Armenian Artistic Union (Kegharvestasiradz) which celebrated its 90th anniversary this year. “Dziadzan” performed with 5 songs and entertained the spectators with their seasonal cheery songs and their lively pleasant interactive style.

14 January

AGBU Cairo sponsors “Armenia, Portrait of a People” project

“Arméniens, portrait d’un peuple” is a project initiated by Dr. Hratch Arbach in 2007 with the purpose of making a symbolic illustrative representation of Armenian portraits from different countries where the Armenian Diaspora is dispersed. Arbach has been traveling since 2007. He has photographed Armenians in Damascus – his home town, Paris – where he is currently living, Los Angeles, Geneva, Istanbul, Berlin and several other countries. He has held exhibitions of his portraits in Syria and France. Egypt is the latest addition of these countries.  From 4 to 11 January, Hratch visited Egypt upon an invitation from AGBU Cairo to photograph some of our Armeno-Egyptian community members.

11 February

AGBU Cairo’s Wadi camp wraps up

AGBU Cairo’s Wadi camp ended today after a 5 day action Packed weekend. 10 boys & girls aged 14 to 18 from AGBU-AYA Aleppo and 7 youngsters from AGBU-AYA Beirut participated in this camp.

Thursday is wrap-up day for AGBU Cairo’s Wadi camp after a 5 day action packed excitement and thrill. On Wednesday, the highlight of the day was the talent show at night when the campers competed to show off their dancing, singing and acting skills. Earlier in the day, volleyball and war ball championships were organized, a “Strategy” game and in the afternoon a “Hartsamertsoum” on General knowledge and Armenian issues.

Day 1: AGBU Cairo’s 2nd Wadi camp kicked-off today with spine-tingling excitement for the 57 campers of Syria, Lebanon and Egypt who had come to take part in this 5 day youth jamboree in Wadi El Natroun 70 km outside Cairo.

After the usual welcome and camp rules announcements. The youngsters spent the day playing dodge ball, British bulldog and treasure hunt before preparing a presentation themselves on the importance of being Armenian after a brainstorm session conducted by Dr. Viken Djizmedjian. An important session indeed prepared and shaped by the campers themselves on topics which define their feelings of being Armenian.. A humoristic DVD was also displayed on Armenian long standing traditions.

The second day:  After lunch, the Armenian debate of the day took one hour longer than scheduled because of the intensity of the debate between the Alpha and Omega teams on the topic: Who is more Armenian? It is to be mentioned that most of the campers had their stay on this interesting topic heard from the point of view today’s youth …

Third & Fourth days: On Tuesday, parents of the kids visited the camp and watched their kids competing and playing. Some of them even participated in the Zip Line and High Ropes’ tracks.. In the afternoon, a presentation prepared by Arpi Khatcherian and Rubina Aslanian on famous Armenians was projected and presented to them.

13 February

Sports Day at HMEM Nubar Cairo

In spite of the unusual heat wave, the sports day organized by the youth committee of HMEM Nubar Cairo on Saturday 13th February was a full success.

From noon until around 7:00 pm, the club’s youth played Dodge ball, soccer, basketball, Tug of war and many other games on the music of DJ Armen.

Certificates of participation were given to all those who attended the event. Well done..

14 February

Kevork Sakayan wins HMEM Nubar Cairo’s pool tournament

The final of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s 2010 pool tournament was won by Kevork Sakayan on Sunday 14th February after a high-level technical match against Vahe Varjabedian 4-2 (0-1, 3-1, 4-2). The Cup of the 8th pool tournament was offered by Mr. & Mrs. Berdj Touloumbadjian who remitted the 1st and 2nd place crystal trophies to the two finalists right after the final.

15 February

A Performing Arts Group starts at AGBU Cairo..

The first gathering of AGBU Cairo’s theatrical and a digital filming and performing arts group was held last Sunday 14th February at the newly renovated C.C.C. (Chaker Cultural Center) annex in Heliopolis. The workshops will be held twice weekly for a period of three month. Thursdays were fixed for the theatrical group gatherings and Saturdays for the digital filming workshop, both from 7 to 10 pm.

These artistic gatherings aim to encourage creativity among the Armenian youth by developing an appreciation and enjoyment of performing arts & aesthetic values in a framework of unity & team spirit.

The weekly meetings will be held at the newly renovated C.C.C (Chaker Cultural Center) Annex of the AGBU Cairo headquarters of 26 Mourad street in Heliopolis.

This AGBU Cairo’s cultural project is held under the supervision of Thomas Zakarian.

20 February

HMEM Nubar Cairo club’s trip to Fayoum

HMEM Nubar Cairo organized a trip to Fayoum on Friday 19th February for its members and fans who passed a lovely day on the shores of Lake Karun. 46 participants took part in the excursion which was marked by the lovely weather and pleasant relaxed atmosphere & surroundings.

The group passed the day at the Helnan Auberge du Lac having lunch there and going on boat trips on Lake Karun. By 7:00 pm the group was back to base, on time for the Havakagan match against the Ahly U-20 team.

24 February

Votchkharaseghan for HMEM Nubar Cairo’s men’s basketball team

A Votchkharaseghan was held on Wednesday 24th February at HMEM Nubar Cairo in honour of the club’s men’s basketball team, the champions of the Armeno-Egyptian 2009 season. This traditional banquet was offered by Mr. & Mrs. Berdj Terzian and comes in appreciation of the team’s precious achievement as winners of 4 trophies out of 5 basketball tournaments held last season.

Invited to this gathering were members of the HMEM Nubar Cairo board with their spouses, the club’s men’s basketball team players as well as close friends and family members of the hosts.

27 March

Sports day between the two HMEM Nubars in Alex

From time to time the two HMEM Nubars of Cairo and Alexandria pay each other a visit to strengthen sports and social ties between the two clubs. This time it was HMEM Nubar Cairo’s turn to answer the invitation of its Alexandrian counterpart to play girls’ and U-17 boys’ matches on Friday 26th March 2010.

It was also the occasion to organize a day trip for HMEM Nubar Cairo members and parents to travel along the two teams and pay HMEM Nubar Alex and “Dikran Yergat” a courtesy visit on the occasion of the latter’s Easter bazaar.

The girls of HMEM Nubar Cairo and HMEM Nubar Alex played the first match (57-10) while  in the second HMEM Nubar Cairo’s U-17 boys team defeated Pharos University 47-39.

2 April

Antranig Dance ensemble in Cairo

The dancers and officials of AGBU-AYA Aleppo’s Antranig Dance ensemble arrived Cairo on Thursday 1st April ahead of their much awaited Sunday dance performance at the Ewart Memorial Hall in AUC downtown. After their arrival at around 8:30 pm and after hotel check-in, the dancers and their officials headed for Goganian Club to unwind and dine in the club’s garden.

On Friday morning the delegation headed to the pyramids along with the AGBU Cairo volunteers for some sightseeing and lunch at Andrea pyramids. In the evening they headed for City Stars for some shopping.

On Saturday, they will be visiting the Egyptian museum and Khan Khalili and at night they will be attending the Grand Ball at the Novotel Airport Hotel for some formal dining and dancing on the tunes of DJ Armen.

4 April

Antranig Dance ensemble performance in Cairo

Syria’s AGBU-AYA Aleppo’s Antranig dance ensemble performed yesterday Sunday 4th April at AUC’s Ewart Memorial Hall with luster and distinction in front of around 650 spectators who came to discover and enjoy a spectacle of high caliber coming from a sister Armenian community and AGBU chapter.

5 April

Sham el Nessin at HMEM Nubar Cairo..

With picture perfect weather, HMEM Nubar Cairo club members and guests celebrated the Sham El Nessim feast out in the open in the club’s beautiful gardens, which were partially covered with a traditional Arabic tent, set up to shade off the guests.

AGBU-AYA Aleppo’s Antranig dance ensemble members were also there to mingle with the club’s youth, playing basketball and social games. In the evening they were off to enjoy a Nile cruise organized by the youth of the club.

22 April

AGBU Cairo’s General Assembly

The General Assembly of AGBU Cairo was held on Wednesday 21st April at 8:00 pm at the Headquarters of the Union in Heliopolis. The usual statutory points of the agenda were read and discussed. Items which required the approval of the Assembly have all passed smoothly. The carefully prepared 2010 budget was also approved in the midst of increased activities and different humanitarian programs and aid plans as demonstrated by the projected graphs.

According to the figures, in 2009 AGBU Cairo spent 1 487 085 LE of which 355 561 LE were spent on cultural projects, 107 562 LE as financial support to Armenian organizations, 365 379 LE for social support and care to the needy. 417 339 LE were spent on the Medicare project, 131 810 LE on Educational programs. 30 000 LE were donated to the Armenian Studies center at the Cairo University.

23 April

AGBU Cairo publishes an Arabic newsletter starting from April 2010

AGBU Cairo has started the publication of an Arabic newsletter “Arek” starting from April 2010 as a means of connection and bridging between Armenians and Arabic speaking people around the World by reporting Armenian and Arabic political, cultural, educational, sports news and articles. “Arek” is sent to Arabic speaking individuals and intellectuals, institutions, organizations and embassies in Egypt and around the World.

For more than 10 years (from January 1998, to April 2009), AGBU Cairo; in line with its cultural undertaking, has supported financially the similar Arabic monthly supplement of “Arev” newspaper. After its stoppage, AGBU Cairo is now producing its own publication “Arek” with Dr. Mohamed Refaat Al Imam as Editor in Chief and Berdj Terzian as editorial consultant for Armenian subjects.

25 April

Screening of the “Ashes and Pheonix” documentary film at AGBU Cairo

On the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the Armenian genocide, the documentary film “Ashes & Pheonix”, on the life and works of the German missionary Johannes Lepsius, founder of the “Armenian Relief Organization”, was screened on Sunday 25th April at 7:30 pm in the newly renovated Chaker Cultural Center annex at the AGBU Cairo HQ in Heliopolis.

Before the start of the film, AGBU Egypt Chairman and AGBU Cairo Honorary chairman Mr. Berdj Terzian presented Lepsius to the audience and gave a brief overview of his life-long dedication to the Armenian question.

2 May

An inspiring performance by George Kazzazian and his band

AGBU Cairo with the co-operation of the Pro-Helvetica Swiss Cultural Council, has staged an “inspiring” performance of the talented Armeno-Egyptian “Oud” player George Kazzazian in an almost full to capacity Belekdanian Hall in Heliopolis.

Along with George Kazzazian, the following musicians performed on the stage: Albin Brun (Switzerland on the Clarinet, Accoredeon and  Dudug) & Patricia Draeger (Switzerland, on the Accordion and flute), Mohamed Shafik  on the Saxophone and the Clarinet, Mohamed Said on the Violencelle, Medhat Mamdouh on the “Tabla” and a surprise appearance for the last composition “Armenia”: Roupen Terzibashian on the “Davul”.

The one hour performance was a hit by all means: It was the first ever performance for George Kazzazian at the Belekdanian Hall in front of an Armeno-Egyptian audience and an excellent occasion for our community to get acquainted with his music and talents.

George Kazzazian, in recent years, has become an influential musician and composer in the World of music. Besides his home City of Cairo, in the space of several years he has performed in Zurich, Stockholm, Rome, Nantes, Nice, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Delhi, Mumbay, Kashmir, Paris and Yerevan.

It was indeed an excellent occasion offered by AGBU Cairo to enjoy the performance and flair of a fellow Egyptian Armenians gifted musician whose music was hardly known to us.

6 May

The 3 month theatrical and filming workshop rounds up

AGBU Cairo’s theatrical and digital filming and performing arts group will wrap up its workshop next week after 3 month bi-weekly gatherings at the C.C.C. (Chaker Cultural Center) annex in Heliopolis.

These artistic gatherings, which aimed to edify acting and filming skills among the youth, were attended by an average of 20 to 25 apprentices, aged 12 to 30. The workshop which was conducted by Thomas Zakarian aimed in introducing and teaching basics of acting and filming in a framework of unity & team spirit.

16 May

AGBU Cairo to sponsor two “Ari Doun” program participants

For the second year, Armenia’s Ministry of Diaspora is organizing the Pan-Armenian youth program-jamboree “Ari Doun”, gathering 14 to 25 year old Amenian youth of the Diaspora in Armenia, with the aim of giving them the opportunity to visit and be better acquainted with the nature, history and culture of their motherland.

Like last year AGBU Cairo will sponsor two youngsters of AGBU Cairo and HMEM Nubar by covering their travel expenses. Their accommodation expenses will be assumed by the Ministry of Diaspora of Armenia. They will be staying with selected Armenian families during the month of 28 July to 11 August 2010. Last year, six participants from Egypt took part in this program: Levon Artinian and Vartan Shoushanian from Kalusdian school, Aline Terayan and Mary Der Hagopian from Nubarian school (all four sponsored by the Armenian Apostolic Patriarchate). Armen Iradian from HMEM Nubar Heliopolis and Jirayr Soultanian (both sponsored by AGBU Cairo).

20 June

Hranoush Hagopyan meets with the board representatives of AGBU Egypt and AGBU Cairo


During her short visit to Egypt, the Republic of Armenia’s Minister of the Diaspora, H.E. Hranoush Hagopyan met on Sunday 13th June with the board representatives of AGBU Egypt and AGBU Cairo & its sports club; HMEM Nubar Cairo, at the premises of the Armenian Embassy in Cairo.

The meeting which was held with the presence of H.E. Dr. Armen Melkonyan, the Ambassador of Armenia to Egypt, was the occasion for both sides to get a bird’s eye view of the activities of both sides and to propose ideas for possible endeavors of development and benefits for the Armenian Diaspora in general and for our local community in particular.

Later during the day H.E Mrs. Hagopyan met with Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, HE Ahmed Abou Al-Ghait, followed by separate meetings with representatives of the different Armeno-Egyptian organizations of Cairo. Minister Hagopyan had also traveled to Alexandria on Saturday to meet with Alexandrian Armenian community leaders.

18 June

Artist Jirayr Papazian presents the “Gariné” operette at the CCC of AGBU Cairo

Armeno-Egyptian artist and director Jiaryr Papazian gave; on Thursday 17th June, at AGBU Cairo’s Chaker Cultual Center, an interesting account of the story to birth of Dikran Tchouhadjian’s “Gariné” operette which he succeeded to collect, direct and stage recently in Paris.  In his edifying speech, Jirayr enlightened the audience also on the difficulties facing Armenian classic masterpieces to be found, acquired, prepared and presented to Western audience.

In the second part of the lecture, Jirayr Papazian showed the attendance video clips of the “Gariné” operette which, although composed by “The oriental Offenbach” Dikran Tchouhadjian (in 1875) as attributed by music specialists and critics, this masterpiece has never had the chance to be appreciated and presented to a Western audience; in this instance France, and in their own language.

20 June

Composer Mihran Toumajan presented at the Chaker Cultural Center

A presentation of the life and works of the prominent Armenian folklore musicologist; late Mihran Toumajan was organized at the Chaker Cultural Center in Heliopolis on Sunday 20th June. The presentation of this eminent conductor, author, and preserver of Armenian music and folklore was made by his nephew Dickran Toumajan, Lecturer of Armenian studies at the Wayne State University of Detroit.

After the presentation of the lecturer by AGBU Egypt chairman, Mr. Berdj Terzian, Prof Dickran Toumajan, took the audience on a pleasant and fascinating jaunt through time, recounting the rich and prolific life of composer Mihran Toumajan, his relation with Komitas Vartabed and the important role he had played in gathering, recording and preserving our heritage of Armenian national folkloric music and songs.

The second part of the evening was prepared by Maestro Mihran Ghazelian who through soloists Sylvia Terzibashian and Roupen Saad, presented six folkloric songs of Mihran Tomajan to the delighted audience who very much enjoyed this light-hearted instructive evening.

1 July

A pleasant trip to Ayn Al Sukhna for HMEM Nubar Cairo club members

A 35 member group from HMEM Nubar Cairo club spent the last weekend; from 27 to 30 June, a four-day relaxing get away holiday at the peaceful resort of Ramada Renaissance Al Sokhna on the shores of the Red Sea.

Several individuals and families joined the group on separate days to enjoy the sun, sea and fresh air. Last year the club had organized a trip to Ras Sidr and the year before to Hurghada.
A nice outing enjoyed by all..

5 July

The opening dinner-party of HMEM Nubar Cairo

The traditional opening of the summer season announcing the “official” opening of HMEM Nubar Cairo club’s doors on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays was held on Sunday 4th July at the club’s garden.

More than 120 club members, fans, friends and children attended the evening in a pleasant tranquil frieendly atmosphere.

The event was entertained by the Egyptian singer George Karkour who sang a variety of Western and Oriental songs drawing many couples on the dance floor to swing on his oldie tunes. The dinner party continued until way past midnight and ended with the traditional raffle prizes around 1:00 am.

25 July

HMEM Nubar Cairo: the first champions of the 2010 season

HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated HMEM Nubar Alex 88/73 in the final match of the 2010 season’s first basketball tournament, winning the first of the five trophies of the season with great merit.

On Saturday HMEM Nubar Cairo had beaten Homenetmen Ararat 74-66 and on Friday HMEM Nubar Alex defeated St. Therese 52-31 in the first match day while Homenetmen Ararat defeated Homenetmen Gamk 72/50 (43/29).

15 August

The Digitized Collection of “Arev” handed over to Armenia’s National Library

Berdj Terzian, Chairman of AGBU Egypt District Committee and Honorary Chairman of AGBU Cairo, handed to Armenia’s National Library an important digitized collection of Egyptian-Armenian Newspaper “Arev” daily editions between 1915 and 2000. The digitization of the collection was realized by AGBU Cairo through its Satenig Chaker fund.

Davit Sargsian, director of the National Library of Armenia, expressed his gratitude for this valuable donation. Also present at the ceremony.

8 August

Hamahaygagan basketball committee denies St. Therese SC from organizing its tournament

In an Emergency meeting today, the Armeno-Egyptian basketball tournaments’ organizing committee decided to deny the St. Therese SC from organizing its basketball tournament this season in application of Article 3 Para 4 of the regulations signed by the five participating teams in July 2009, which stipulates that if a team withdraws from a match it will not be able to organize its own tournament (unless with the approval of the four remaining teams).

The organizing committee also decided to suspend the following players for one match due to expulsions: Tony Francis (Homenetmen Gamk), Hany Adly (St. Therese) and Serge Gordian (HMEM Nubar Alex).

The organizing committee is formed from Messrs. Berdj Miskdjian and Viken Djizmedjian and a delegate from each of the 5 participating clubs. Vahe Varjabedian (HMEM Nubar Cairo), Ara Koehnelian (Homenetmen Ararat), Garbis Tossounian (HMEM Nubar Alex), Krikor Michaelian (St. Theres SC) and Vahe Benohanian (Homenetmen Gamk)

9 August

HMEM Nubar Cairo champions of Homenetmen Gamk tournament

For the second time this season, HMEM Nubar Cairo lifted the Armeno-Egyptian basketball tournaments’ cup by defeating the hosts HMEM Gamk 67/51 after a fitting performance in spite of the many injuries in both camps. The two teams had to resort to all of their listed contestants in order to overcome their shortfall of players.

HMEM Gamk started the game with surprising power and enthusiasm ending the first quarter in its favor 20/16 but soon HMEM Nubar Cairo reversed the course of the game to its direction winning the 2nd quarter 36/31, pushing further more in the 3rd: 50/38 until the final whistle 67/51. It was a fair game and a fair result. HMEM Gamk displayed a superb form and a clear improvement thanks to the input of the elders led by Zaven Leylekian and the admirable form of the younger ones.

In the opening matches of Friday HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated HMEM Nubar Alex 80/60 while Homenetmen Gamk defeated St. Therese in the other match by forfeit after the stoppage of their match due to a brawl among players in the 3rd quarter.

For the second match HMEM Gamk advanced in the first quarter against St. Therese 17/10, and ended the first half 29/23 in their favor. In the 5th minute of the 3rd quarter when the hosts were leading 34/27 the game took an un unfortunate turn when the players took on each other after some rough plays from the two sides. St. Therese withdrew and referees declared the hosts winners of the match..

On Saturday HMEM Nubar Cairo was able to defeat Homenetmen Ararat 79/62. HMEM Nubar Cairo took matters in hand right from the start (23/9 lead in the first quarter) continuing its control all through the 3 quarters of the game (39/27 in the 2nd quarter, 56/39 in the third) and finally the big score of 79/62. The champions of HMEM Nubar Cairo never doubted the final win and never let go of their leadership and domination until the end of the match.

Congratulations to the club’s chairman Dr. Garo Apkarian and to the executive board members who spared no effort in supporting the team materially and morally. A big bravo to the team coaches Amr Ashour and Alaa Zahran who knew how to invest the excellent potentials of their players in the best possible way. A statement of gratitude also to the team manager Hagop Karagozian, who, thanks to his expertise and popularity among the players, knew how to empower them  with that winning edge & determination and that very important team spirit.

A final word of respect to the Homenetmen Gamk board and especially to its chairman Vahé Benohanian, who all went through a very grueling and difficult tournament, starting from the clashes of day one, passing through the big scare of the fallen light pole of day 2 to the perfect organization of the final and the final remittance of the late Aram Momdjian Cup.
They were all very wise in all of their actions in spite of the stressful situations they were forced to confront… And in this tournament; unexpectedly, they were really many.. : Vartskernit gadar..

6 September

The Sehour-dinner at HMEM Nubar Cairo club

An early “Sohour-dinner” night was organized by HMEM Nubar Cairo club on the last Sunday 5th September of Ramadan with the presence of as many as 200 club members and guests including AGBU Sydney’s Vahram Papazian theatre group members who will be performing next Thursday at the Belekdanian Hall in Heliopolis.

Traditional oriental food was served on this occasion: Fool, Taameya, besara, koshary, konafa, basbousa, etc.. The event was organized by the ladies of the club and was an excellent authentic Ramadan outing for the whole family..

9 September

AGBU-AYA Beirut’s Antranik basketball teams at HMEM Nubar Alex

On the occasion of AGBU-AYA Beirut’s Antranik basketball teams’ delegation’s visit to Alexandria upon an invitation from the “Al Akademeya Al bahareya” of Alex in Abou Kir, the players and officials of the delegation paid a courtesy and sports visit to HMEM Nubar Alex on Wednesday 8th September and played two friendly basketball matches in both men’s and ladies’ categories.

After the matches, the board of HMEM Nubar Alex offered a dinner-reception to the guests who stayed until late hours mingling with the club’s youth.

The AGBU-AYAAntranig delegation will travel to Cairo on Sunday 12th September to visit its AGBU Cairo’s sports’ counterpart; the HMEM Nubar Cairo club to play some basketball matches and dine before going back to Alexandria.

10 September

Camping at HMEM Nubar Cairo

A Pre-school camping was held at HMEM Nubar Cairo from Thursday 9 to Friday 10th September for youth aged 7 to 15 in the framework of the activities of the newly created “Kids Games Club”. Forty boys and girls participated in the camping

Games, competitions, hartsamertsoum, water fight and many activities were organized for the kids during the two-day camping which was an excellent occasion for the youth to spend some time together before next week’s return to school.

12 September

AGBU-AYA Beirut’s Antranik’s visit to HMEM Nubar Cairo

AGBU-AYA Beirut’s Antranik U-18 boys’ and girls’ basketball teams visited HMEM Nubar Cairo on Sunday 12th September to play basketball matches and to spend some time visiting the club, getting familiar with its premises, members and players.

After spending the day at the pyramids and Khan Kalili and having lunch on a Nile cruise, the AGBU-AYA delegation members were greeted at HMEM Nubar club by AGBU Cairo and HMEM Nubar club board members at around 7:00 pm. The first match was then held, in which HMEM Nubar Cairo’s ladies defeated Antranik 53/45 followed by the men’s match, which ended also in favor of the hosts, HMEM Nubar Cairo, 71/41 over the young visitors.

After the matches, the players of AGBU-AYA  Beirut and HMEM Nubar Cairo gathered for dinner at the club garden. The guests took off to Alexandria at around midnight. They will travel back to Beirut on Tuesday.

15 September

HMEM Nubar Cairo organizes a trip to Beirut, Lebanon

On the occasion of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s men’s and ladies’ basketball teams visit to Beirut to play against AGBU-AYA’s Antranig and Haygazian Universities’ teams during the Adha Holidays, HMEM Nubar Cairo will be organizing a trip to Beirut, Lebanon from Monday 15th to Friday 20th November 2010.

For registration in this excursion, requests should be submitted before 26th September 2010 along with a photocopy of the passport, a personal photo and payment.

The participation cost per person in a triple room is 3000 LE, in a double room 3200 LE and in a single room 3700 LE.

The price includes the airplane ticket Cai-Bei-Cai, the visa and the 4 nights stay at the White Tower Hotel in the Zalka neighborhood, based on Bed and Breakfast. Participation in organized sightseeing tours will be available with separate fees at a later date.

16 September

“Shevaradz Pesatsoun” performed at Belekdanian Hall

In cooperation with AGBU Sydney, AGBU Cairo has organized on Thursday 16th September a theatrical evening presenting Nubar Gharibian’s “Shevaradz Pesatsoun”; a 3-act comedy play performed by AGBU Sydney’s Vahram Papazian theatrical group. The entertaining and comic play was held at a packed Belekdanian Hall which hadn’t witnessed such a presence since quite some time.

The performers of the play acted with ease and expertise entertaining and amusing the audience throughout the 2 hours of the play, which reminded the spectators of the good old days when theater used to be an essential and vital part of our community’s cultural scene.

10 October

HMEM Nubar Cairo champions of its tournament..

The champions of HMEM Nubar Cairo overcame Homenetmen Ararat with the score of 92/69 in the final of the club’s basketball tournament on Sunday.  A strong win indeed and a significant score difference in spite of the good performance of Homenetmen Ararat which played much better than the performances of its last two tournaments of Alexandria.

In the semi-final match on Saturday, Homenetmen Ararat defeated HMEM Nubar Alex (62/45). HMEM Nubar Cairo’s seniors’ girls defeated Strike Academy 36/26 while our U-14 team lost to the guests’ U-16 team 15/29. It’s worth mentioning here that the quest of our seniors girls’ team to organize a girls tournament also remains unanswered since several years..

On Friday, Homenetmen Ararat defeated St. Therese 56 / 47 and HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated Homenetmen Gamk of Alexandria 89/48 and qualified to the final of.

The tournament is held under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Ashod Mnatsaganian and Mr. & Mrs. Antranig Mesrobian, chairman of the Diocesian Council of Cairo, with Mr. & Mrs. Berdj Terzian as honorary guests. The men’s cup is offered by Mr. & Mrs. Berdj Touloumbadjian, while the ladies’ cup by Dr. & Mrs. George Simonian. The U-18 cup is offered by Mr. & Mrs. Berdj Avedissian. The medals are offered by Mr. And Mrs. Vart Alexanian.

1 November

AGBU Cairo celebrated its 100th anniversary

AGBU Cairo celebrated its 100th anniversary of existence on Sunday 31st October at the Belekdanian Hall in Heliopolis with some special proceedings marking this important Centennial Jubilee of our Chapter. The celebration was held under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Ashot Mnatsaganian, Primate of the Armenian Apostolic church of Egypt and His Grace Bishop Monsignor Krikor Augostinos Coussan, Primate of the Armenian Catholic Patriarchate, with the presence of our communities’ highest dignitaries and representatives of different cultural, sports and philanthropic organizations.

The evening started with the national anthems of Egypt and Armenia, after which AGBU Cairo chairman Dr. Viken Djizmedjian started the program with a speech in which he pointed out the principles governing the humanitarian actions and activities of AGBU Cairo and the scope of its deeds throughout the years.

Following this speech, His Grace Bishop Ashot Mnatsaganian, Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Egypt came on stage to read the congratulatory letter of His Holiness Karekin II, the Catholicos of all Armenians, addressed to AGBU Cairo. H.E. the Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to Egypt Dr. Armen Melkonian then read the complimentary and laudatory correspondences of Armenia’s Minister of Diaspora H.E. Mrs. Hranoush Hakopian and the letter of H.E. Mr. Edward Nalbandian, Minister of Foreign Affairs, who was the also the former Ambassador of Armenia to Egypt, both congratulating AGBU Cairo for its 100th anniversary. Then, Mr. Berdj Terzian, chairman of the AGBU Egypt District Committee, read the congratulatory letter of the President of AGBU, Mr. Berge Setrakian, who praised the work of AGBU Cairo throughout its 100 years of existence.

Commemorative plates and certificates were then awarded to the distinctive AGBU Cairo members who have served its board with devotion for more than 20 years and to its veteran members who have completed 20 years of membership in AGBU Cairo.

The 7 AGBU Cairo board members who received the commemorative plates were the following:
Berdj Terzian, Onnig Garibian, Chris Mikaelian, Missak Tchetchenian, Mardiros Balayan, Onnig Belekdanian and Norayr Deuvletian.

The 18 veteran members who have celebrated 20 years of membership in AGBU Cairo were:
Nevart Avakian, Taline Erzingatsian, Aline Djizmedjian, Sonia Hagopian, Marie Tchetchenian, Arshalouys Belekdanian, Nayiri Simonian, Vivianne Simonian, Anahid Khatcherian, Robert Artininian, Manuel Krikorian, Sarkis Khatcherian, Krikor Markarian, Levon Nigolian, George Simonian, Hratch Simonian, Nubar Simonian and Jirayr Depoyan.After receiving his certificate, Dr. George Simonian, on behalf of his fellow veteran members, addressed the audience with a concise speech.

The celebration was also the occasion to grant AGBU’s Garbis Papazian Award to Dr. Mohamed Refaat El Imam through the hands of the award committee representative, Mr. Razmig Tahmazian who had come especially from Austria for these proceedings. Mr. Tahmazian gave a short brief on the Award, which is granted since 1988 to non-Armenians who contribute, through their studies and researches, in the public exposure and promotion of Armenian history, art, literature and language. After the introduction of Dr. Mohamed Refaat El Imam by Mr. Berdj Terzian, the Award winner, Dr. Imam was invited on stage to receive his Award. He then took the stand to thank all those who have stood with him in his efforts in raising public awareness of Armenian issues.

Besides these awards and certificates, soloists Sylva Terzibashian, Lala Nigolian and Rupen Saad sang with great brilliance making their contribution to AGBU Cairo’s celebration through their first-rate performances.

In the second part of the program, AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan children’s choir, conducted by Maestro Mihran & Kohar Ghazelian and the accompaniment of pianist Nanor Apikian, sang 10 delightful songs, ending the evening with AGBU’s anthem under the applause of the scores of audience who had come to congratulate AGBU Cairo through their symbolic and meaningful presence..

13 November

HMEM Nubar Cairo wins Homenetmen Ararat’s tournament ..

HMEM Nubar Cairo players did it again. After a thrilling match, they defeated Homenetmen Ararat 72-63 (15-16,  34-32 and 48-58) in the final of the season’s 4th basketball tournament after a wavering and exhilarating game in which the hosts had seen their winning hopes coming very close after their ten point lead in the third quarter.

The suspense had started right with the kick-off whistle of the referee with HMEM Ararat taking the lead in the 1st quarter 16/15. A lead which was reversed in the 2nd quarter in favour of HMEM Nubar, 34/32, then reversed once again in Homenetmen Ararat’s favour in the third 58-48.  With the start of the 4th quarter, HMEM Nubar Cairo’s talented players were able to make a heroic comeback to decrease the gap, then lead the score onward comfortably to wrap up the match in their favour 72/63.

Day 1 results: HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated HMEM Nubar Alex 82/33 (21/11, 49/15, 60/26) and in the second, HMEM Ararat defeated HMEM Gamk 66/46 (26/5, 45/20, 57/28).

HMEM Nubar Cairo had defeated St. Therese 83/59 on Friday 12th November; on day 2 of HMEM Ararat’s basketball tournament, securing its place in the final of the competition to play against the hosts on Saturday at 10:00 pm.

After an encouraging start from St. Therese, which went shoulder-to shoulder in the first ten points, HMEM Nubar Cairo took off thereafter taking matters in hand and ending the 1st quarter 31/16, increasing gradually the score difference throughout the different quarters of the match (43-31half time, 67-43 third quarter) ending the match (83/59).

The players of HMEM Nubar Cairo had turned up before the match with black arm bands, in respect of late Dr. Norair Simonian, former player and team administrator of the club, who had passed away earlier in the morning.

20 November

HMEM Nubar Cairo club’s basketball delegation returns from Beirut ..

After a memorable 5 day visit to Beirut, Lebanon from 15 to 19 November 2010; and upon an invitation from The Haigazian University (HU) and AGBU-AYA Antranik Beirut, the men’s and ladies’ basketball players of HMEM Nubar Cairo returned home after an exciting  sports and leisure trip to Lebanon.

Besides the basketball matches, which were held at the Demirdjian Center of AGBU Beirut, the 65-person delegation; comprised of 25 basketball players & officials and 40 accompanying persons, had the chance to visit touristic sites and cities of Lebanon such as Harissa, Byblos, Zahle and Andjar enjoying every bit of the meticulous program prepared by Haigazian University in cooperation with AGBU-AYA Beirut. The younger ones had also their ample share of the night life of Beirut guided by the youth of HU & AGBU/AYA.

The friendly basketball matches were held on Tuesday and Wednesday between the teams of HMEM Nubar Cairo, St. Joseph University, AGBU/AYA Antranik and HU and gave the following results: Men’s matches: HMEM Nubar Cairo vs. St. Joseph 70/67 & vs. HU 45/52 while in the ladies matches: HMEM Nubar Cairo vs. Haigazian 60/72 and vs. AGBU-AYA Antranik B 46/53.

Haigazian University’s sports delegation had visited Cairo in Easter 2009 while AGBU/AYA Antranig’s basketball teams had visited Alexandria and Cairo on 9th & 12th September 2010. The warmth and hospitality shown by AGBU-AYA Beirut and Haigazian University, which took on the difficult responsibility of the program arrangement, made the delegation’s visit to Beirut an unforgettable one.

29 November

Armenian animation at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina..

Armenia’s animation movie industry was at the spotlight yesterday 28th November 2010 at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in a retrospective compilation of 75 years of Armenian animation films, with the presence of a large number of Egyptian and Armenian audience.

Sponsored by AGBU Cairo and the Armenian Apostolic Patriarchate of Cairo and upon an initiative from ASIFA Egypt, the regional chapter of the “Association International du Film d’Animation”, Vrej Kassouni, the director the Reanimania International Film Festival of Yerevan and two of his colleagues were invited to Egypt for a presentation and projection of excerpts of animation films from Armenia at the main Auditorium of The Bibliotheca.

The screening was also the occasion to talk about Armenians and their influence on the Egyptian movie industry through the projection of a 20 minute documentary film about the famous Armeno-Egyptian camera manufacturer of the 40s to 80s “Ohan” and the important role he had played in the initiation of the movie industry in Egypt.

After the screening Mr. Kassouny along with Mr. Mohamed Ghazala, the president of ASIFA Egypt deliberated with the audience about Armenian animation movies, the oriental influence of some of its animation films, and the very old relationship between Armenian artists and Egypt.

4 December

HMEM Nubar Cairo club honors its basketball players..

A dancing dinner party-reception was offered; today 4th December at the Mercado restaurant, by HMEM Nubar Cairo club’s board in honour of its boys’ and girls’ basketball teams on the occasion of the senior’s men’s team victory of the 2010 Armeno-Egyptian basketball tournament.

Special gifts were distributed to the players in appreciation of their hard work in winning all of the 4 cups of the season..

4 December

Hrant Keshishian’s Retrospective Exhibition inaugurated at the Cairo Opera House..

Hrant Keshishian’s “Retropective Art Exhibition” at the Main Art Gallery of the Cairo Opera House was inaugurated today Saturday 4th December and will last until 9th December 2010. The exhibition opening was held under the patronage of Dr. Abdel Moneem Kamel, the Artistic Director of the Cairo Opera House and the presence of His Grace Bishop Monsignor Krikor Augostinos Coussan, Primate of the Armenian Catholic Patriarchate, the Chairmen and board members of AGBU Egypt and AGBU Cairo, which sponsored the exhibition, as well as many Armeno-Egyptian artists, art lovers and critics.

The retrospective exhibition, includes about 60 paintings representing the basic evolutionary chain of his art which consists of around 2200 art works. Hrant is also a brilliant musician; he has composed more than 80 musical works including 14 sonatas and 10 sonatinas for the piano.

Hrant Keshishian was born on 10th April 1947 in Cairo. He had received his primary education at the Kalusdian school, then the secondary at the Ahmed Lotfy El Sayed school in Giza, graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Zamalek in 1971. He spent 15 years of his life in Armenia from 1974-1979 returning back to Egypt then after in search of artistic self fulfillment, which is, and has been his only concern since his childhood days, regardless of any material gains which his art works could bring forth.

This Retrospective Art exhibition is a coronation of the life-long dedication of Hrant to arts and nothing but arts..

8 December

The AGBU Cairo awards of our community’s bright students

AGBU Cairo awarded today Wednesay 8th December 2010, certificates of excellence and cash prizes to our community’s Egyptian Armenian students who have accomplished distinguished results in the 2009-2010 school year. The award proceedings were held at the HMEM Nubar Cairo club.

The ceremony, which is being organized since 2001 thanks to the Union’s Chaker fund, comes in appreciation to our community’s bright students’ educational achievements.

The evening started with words of greeting from AGBU Cairo chairman, Dr. Viken Djizmedjian who congratulated the students for their personal accomplishments and encouraged them to continue their efforts to seek more successes on both personal and communal levels. He also stressed on the importance of investing such personal distinction; in the future, for the service of others whether at the level of their families, community or even more for their country.

A 30 minute DVD was then shown on a performance by the AGBU sponsored “Nork Hayortats Doun” ‘s young talents of Yerevan.

The presents, the cash prizes and the certificates of recognition were then distributed to the students. This year 12 students were awarded: 3 primary stage graduates: Julia Kevork Avanian 96.88%, Rita Kevork Godoloshian 96.3% and Mané Viken Djizmedjian 92.3%. Two Preparatory stage graduates: Aspé Viken Djizmedjian 93.8% and Hagop Berdj Aslanian 91.4% and 7 university graduates among who 3 with Very Good marks: Alice Shahen Mazloumian, Haro and Arpen Libarid Karkour, and 4 with Excellent marks: George Hagop Gurulian, Talar Vahé Benohanian, Nanor Sahag Zohrabiab and Garo Berdj Aslanian.

The cash prizes and awarded presents were as follows: For the Primary graduates: 100 LE and the book “About Religion and Church”, for the Preparatory graduates: 200 LE and the “Saroukhan” book, for the University graduates with Very Good marks: 800 LE and the book “The Armenian Question”and for those with Excellent marks: 1000 LE along with the book “Armenians in Egypt” both written by Dr. Mohamed Refaat Al Imam.

17 December

HMEM Nubar Cairo holds its annual Christmas Bazaar 2010 ..

HMEM Nubar Cairo club held its annual Christmas & Pastry bazaar on Friday 17th December with the presence of as many as 150 club members, guests and children who came to spend the day in a cheerful and festive atmosphere characterized by the presence of the Japanese song choir specially invited for the day.

Lala Shamamian-Nigolian was the day’s “chairlady” who cut the ribbon in announcement of the opening of the bazaar.

After the shopping `Rush-hour` in which the displayed items were snapped up in no time from the tables into the shopping bags of the ladies, the `shoppers` enjoyed lunch in the garden under the beautiful Cairo sunny weather accompanied with the virtuous voices of the Japanese ladies’ song choir who had come to entertain us; thanks to the efforts of Arpi and Ohan Djainigian, with Christmas songs and surprisingly with some Armenian songs, after some training and tutoring from Maestro Hayg Avakian .

25 December

Gaghant Baba and Christmas carols at HMEM Nubar Cairo club ..

HMEM Nubar Cairo club celebrated Christmas on Friday 24th December in the club’s garden with the presence of club members, fans, guests and children who had come to spend the day in a cheerful and festive atmosphere under the beautiful sunny Cairo weather.

Christmas carols were sung by children and parents on the tunes played by Arpy Djanikian and the sound system provided by Ohan. Telematch games were also organized for the kids by a specialized company, keeping them busy until around 4:00 pm when Santa showed up with his back-pack full of gifts.

31 December

Gaghant Baba visits Dziadzan children’s choir

AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan children’s choir members received Gaghant Baba during their weekly rehearsal of Thursday 30th December, a traditional gathering never missed since the creation of the choir six years ago.