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The year’s highlights
– HMEM & Nubar clubs participate in the 1st Pan-Armenian inter-community Olympic games in Beirut.
– HMEM & Nubar Cairo clubs united team participates in the Egyptian federation’s 1st division basketball championship and occupies the 4th position
– HMEM & Nubar clubs appoint new officials for their scouts sections.

6 January
HMEM Nubar Cairo/ Secondo friendly football match 1-1

10 January – 8 February
HMEM & Nubar Cairo clubs participate with one team in the Egyptian federation’s 1st class basketball championship and occupy the 4th position losing the semi-final to the Gezira SC 50-59.
Participating teams of the 1954 championship: Zamalek, Heliolido, YMCA, YMMA, Hellenic, Makkabi, Pro-Patria, Gezira SC, Keravnos & HMEM Nubar Cairo

Saturday 29 January
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: Grand Ball at the Excelsior Hotel in the “La Petite Hutte” ballroom. Entrance fee 35 P.T

27 February 
HMEM Nubar Cairo / Don Bosco friendly football match 2-1 in Nubar club of Shoubra.

8 March
Egyptian Basketball federation Cairo district final match in the YMCA club:
HMEM Nubar Cairo / Gezira SC  52 – 58. HMEM Nubar 2nd.

13 March
HMEM Nubar club / Saliziano football match  1-1 in Nubar club of Shoubra.

13 March
AGBU Cairo General Assembly at headquarters on Emad El Din street

8 April
HMEM Nubar Cairo / National (Al Ahly)  friendly basketball match at HMEM club 29-22

1-4 May
HMEM Nubar Cairo participates in the 1st Pan-Armenian inter-community Olympic games in Beirut. Basketball results:
HMEM Nubar Cairo / Beirut  50-42
HMEM Nubar Cairo / Aleppo  61-46
HMEM Nubar Cairo / Jerusalem  32-12

10 June
HMEM Nubar Cairo appoints the officials of the scouts movement for its two branches:
For the Shoubra branch: Hovhannes Denkdjian with Bedros Balian as scouts master and Varoujan Kergian as Akela (Cubs master)
For the Heliopolis branch: Levon Kalebdjian with Hovhannes Der Bedrossian as scouts master and Miss Nounig Sedefdjian as brownies master.
The overall responsible of the two branches is Toumig Sedefdjian.

Saturday – Sunday 9-10 July
HMEM Alex Zambakdjian Challenge Cup
9 July: HMEM Alex / Makabi  49-37 – Ibrahimia / Palestra  41-25
10 July Final: Ibrahimia / HMEM Alex 41-25

Saturday – Sunday 28-29 July
HMEM Alex : Inter-members basketball tournament
Group1 teams: S. Khandjian, L. Petetrian, Chilingirian, S. Hanesian teams
Group 2 teams: Y. Torossian, Y. Minassian, B. Dostoumian, A. Apisoghomian

Sunday 29 July
HMEM Nubar Alex: Dance Party with “Los Chicos Cubanos”. Entrance and dinner 6.5 P.T

Friday 1 to Sunday 3 October 1955
HMEM Nubar Cairo Basketball tournament on the “Stepan Kesedjian” cup for the 4th year
HMEM Nubar Cairo – HMEM Nubar Alex  40 – 38
HMEM Nubar Cairo –  Near East  63 – 65
HMEM Nubar Cairo winner of the cup

18 December 1955
AGBU Cairo: Grand Ball & show at the Helmeya Palace.
Entrance and show 50 PT, dinner 50 PT

The girls team of HMEM Nubar Cairo