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The year’s highlights
– HMEM Nubar Cairo basketball team wins the Cairo district basketball championship and qualifies for the national basketball league.
– The team also wins the Lebanon cup beating al Ahly, Al Shorta and the Maronite clubs.

HMEM Nubar Cairo basketball team players with the Dervishian cup, the Lebanon Cup and the qualification cup for the Egyptian 1st division league

HMEM Nubar Cairo scouts movement: Hayg Tellalian is appointed as scouts master besides being Cubs master (Akela) after the emigration of Nubar Apakian

8 December 1962
HMEM Alexandria beats Semouha 66 – 61 and becomes 3rd of the Egyptian basketball federation’s Alexandria district tournament.

Friday 19 January
AGBU Cairo: Lecture at the Union’s premises. Lecturer Mr Ara Boyadjian on the Nubian antiquities.

Wednesday 24 January
AGBU Cairo: General Assembly and elections

Friday 26 January
AGBU Cairo: Lecture at the Union’s premises. Lecturer Mr Dikran Babiguian

Friday 9 February
AGBU Cairo: Lecture at the Union’s premises. Lecturer Mr Garbis Merjanian

Saturday 10 February
HMEM Nubar Alexandria defeat Palestra with 67/56 in the Alexandria district basketball championship.

Monday 5 March
HMEM Nubar Cairo trip to Alexandria organised by the youth committee on the occasion of Bairam feast

Wednesday 7 March
HMEM Nubar Alexandria trip to Mariut on the occasion of Bairam feast

Tuesday 20 March
AGBU Cairo: celebration of Mothers’ Day. Lecturer Mrs Isgouhi Daderian

Sunday 1 April
HMEM Nubar Cairo: trip to the Red Sea

Saturday 14 April
HMEM Nubar Cairo: for the first time, Dinner Dansant with the Nile Diamonds.

Monday 16 April
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Sham El Nessim celebration, Traditional oriental breakfast – Covered tent for kermesse games – Lunch and inter-members football tournament

HMEM Nubar Alexandria: Sham El Nessim celebration, Egyptian breakfast, games, lunch and live entertainment in the evening

Sunday 6 May
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Trip to Ismailia in the Canal Club

Monday 14 May
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: Excursion to Agami on the occasion of Bayram

Tuesday 16 May – Sunday 21 May
HMEM Nubar Alexandria scouts movement: Camping in Port Fouad, Ismaila, Portsaid and Cairo with HMEM Nubar Cairo scouts

Thursday 26 May
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: celebration of “Hampartsoum” (Ascension)

Friday 15 June
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: opening of the renovated pergola.

Saturday 30 June
HMEM Nubar Cairo trip to Alexandria to participate in the basketball tournament organised by HMEM Nubar Alexandria

Saturday 30 June & Sunday 1 July
HMEM Nubar Alexandria four-team basketball tournament between HMEM Nubar Alex, Cairo, Gamk and Ararat. Results unavailable

Saturday 14 July
HMEM Nubar Cairo: basketball match between HMEM Nubar Alexandria and HMEM Nubar Cairo on the occasion of the glorious revolution

Wednesday 1 August
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: inter-members competition in basketball, volleyball, table tennis, tennis and French boule

Sunday 26 August
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: great open-air dancing night with Cha-cha and Meringue dance competitions . Prizes for best solo and best couple dancers.

Sunday 16 September
HMEM Nubar Alexandria trip to Alamein

Thursday 27  September
HMEM Nubar Cairo: four-team basketball tournament around the late Jirair Dervishian cup. Live entertainment with the Nile Diamonds band.

Friday 28 September
HMEM Nubar Cairo defeat the team of Police in the Cairo district basketball federation  tournament with 58/54.

Tuesday 2 October
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Wins the Cairo district basketball tournament after defeating Gieziret Badran 73/59. Best players: Sebouh and Zaven. The team qualifies for the national basketball league.

Saturday 6-7 October 1962
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Jirayr Derwishian Cup basketball tournament
HMEM Alex – Maronite  45 – 42
Final: HMEM Nubar Cairo – HMEM Alex  63 – 56
HMEM Nubar Cairo champion

20 – 21 October 1962
HMEM Nubar Cairo wins the “Lebanon Cup” organized by the Maronite club
HMEM Nubar Cairo – Al Ahly  48 – 45
Final: HMEM Nubar Cairo – Al Shorta  51 – 40

Saturday 10 November
HMEM Nubar Cairo: opening of the winter season with a grand ball dinner and live entertainment with the Nile Diamonds band at the club’s pergola.

Sunday 11 November
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: trip to Mariut in the villa of the Vartsbedian family. Games for children and adults.

Sunday 9 December
HMEM Nubar Cairo trip to the Red Sea.

Friday 14 December
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: Grand ball evening  at the club. Live band – dance competition

Saturday 22 December
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Grand ball dinner at the club with the Nile Diamonds band at the pergola – dance competition: Cha-cha, roumba and tango.