AGBU Egypt Activities

Social Services


AGBU Egypt chapter offers numerous services to Egyptian Armenians regardless of their political affiliation or religious rite. These services have been made possible mainly thanks to late Mrs. Satenig Chaker who has donated a considerable amount of her wealth to AGBU.
A fund was created in her name and it is the main source of the realization of the activities and services provided by AGBU in Egypt.

Medicare program

Is a medical insurance system which provides a financial coverage of 50% of the medical expenses of the participants of the program.


Medical expenses for the needy

Covers the medical and surgical expenses for people who are in need.

Monthly pension

The Satenig Chaker Fund allocates a monthly pension for the retired or disabled people who are in financial need.


Educational Grants

AGBU Egypt chapter offers also numerous educational grants & services to the local Armenian community through the Chaker fund. The Fund covers the tutorial fees and expenses of many students in Armenian schools and students in different universities in Egypt.

Every year, the Fund distributes prizes to distinguished Armenian students of Cairo and Alexandria in schools and universities who receive academic degrees with a grade of 90% or higher.

– The Fund gives an annual grant to the “Student foundation for Social support” of the Egyptian universities.

– It allocates a pension for retired Armenian teachers who served in Armenian schools for twenty-five years or more teaching the Armenian language.

– It also extends grants to Egyptian students who prepare their Master or Ph.D. degrees in subjects related to Armenian history, culture or art. The fund also extends grants to professionals who make studies or researchers in these fields.

Cultural Activities

AGBU Egypt chapter gives special importance to encourage projects related to Armenian culture by creating and funding activities which aim to preserve, maintain and spread out our precious culture.

– The Chaker fund covers the publishing expenses of books related to the Armenian culture or history. It has published, over the last ten years, more than sixty books related to the Armenian culture and heritage.

– The Fund successfully accomplished the project of transforming all the issues of the two daily Armenian newspapers “Arev” and “Housaper” as well as the bi-weekly “Chahakir” into microfilms.

– The Fund has started a new project called “Armenia and Armenians in the Egyptian press 1878-1923”, which consists of assembling all of the articles published in Egyptian newspapers, periodicals, or magazines during that period.

– The Fund purchases books related to the Armenian culture, and donates them to different public or university libraries.

– It covers all the publishing and distribution expenses of the AGBU Cairo’s periodical “Deghegadou”.


– It covers most of the expenses for the publication of the monthly periodical “Arev” in Arabic.

The Fund covers the travel and accommodation expenses of distinguished Armenian lecturers, musicians, or artists invited by the AGBU to lecture or to perform in Egypt for the Armenian community and Egyptian public.



The Fund covers the expenses of the AGBU children`s choir “Dziadzan”, founded in 2004, which performs on many different occasions. The choir is conducted by Maestro Mihran Ghazelian assisted by his wife Kohar. Pianist: Mrs. Nanor Apikian.



Sports & Youth Support Sports & youth


is another topic which is of much importance to AGBU Egypt.

– AGBU Cairo contributes in the traveling and accommodation expenses of AGBU Egypt’s sporting sector: the Homenetmen Nubar clubs’ sports players who participate in AGBU world games.

AGBU Cairo allocates a budget for the travel and accommodation expenses of the Armenian players representing Egypt in the pan-Armenian games that take place in Yerevan.

– AGBU Cairo covers also the expenses for the participation of youngsters in AGBU scouts camps abroad.

Allocations to clubs & organizations

AGBU Cairo, through the Chaker fund, participates financially in the renovation of different Armenian clubs and organizations in Egypt.

– AGBU Cairo helps financially in the renovation and repair works of the “Aydzemnig” home for the elderly.

The Aydzemnig home for the elderly has a prime position in AGBU Cairo`s assistance plans for Armenian institutions.