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The year’s highlights
– The HMEM Nubar Cairo united basketball team starts trainings in the newly bought club on the Baron Empain street in Heliopolis, even before its official inauguration.
– HMEM Nubar Cairo club occupies 6th place out of 11 of the Egyptian Federation’s first division Cairo Basketball championship
– Start of fund raising activities for the new HMEM Nubar Cairo club with a grand ball on the S.S. Sudan boat

31 January
AGBU Cairo: First of a series of lectures by Mr. Arshag Boyadjian to be continued throughout 1957 on Armenian matters held at AGBU Headquarters under the auspices of Arch. Mampre Sirounian.
The lectures are organized by the youth committee of AGBU Cairo.

17 February
HMEM Alex: Day trip to King Mariout (participation, travel and lunch 5 P.T.)

Wednesday 3 April
AGBU Cairo: General Assembly and new board elections.
Chairman: Haroutioun Markarian, vice-president: Dr. Yetvart Djizmedjian, secretary: Herant Koutnouian, vice-secretary: Herant Jamgotchian, treasurer: Mihran Etmekdjian. Members; John Batmanian, Zaven Kesedjian, Garbis Kehyaian, Aram Movsessian.

February  – May
HMEM Nubar Cairo basketball team participates in the Egyptian basketball federation matches:
28 February: Keravnos – HMEM Nubar Cairo 36 – 40
10 March: Heliolido – HMEM Nubar Cairo  28 – 50
Remaining match results unknown

After a series of matches the HMEM Nubar Cairo club occupies the 6th place out of 11 of the 1st division Egyptian Federation Basketball championship with 15 points.
Classification: 1. Gezira SC 30 pts. 2. Keravnos 24 pts. 3. Heliolido 24 pts. 4.Zamalek 24 pts. 5. Maronite 18 pts.  6. HMEM Nubar Cairo 15 pts. 7. YMCA 12 pts. 8. National 6 pts. 9. Ararat 6 pts. 10. Hellenic 6 pts. 11. Pro-Patria 0 pts.

Saturday 1 June
HMEM Alex: Grand ball dinner at the Excelsior Hotel (entrance, dinner and show 95 PT)

July 1957
The HMEM Nubar Cairo united basketball team start their trainings in the newly bought club on the Baron Empain street in Heliopolis

Sunday 4 August
Nubar Club scouts gala event and dinner at Goganian club. Kermesse, shows, dance and dinner (entrance fee: 13.5 P.T)

3-4 August
HMEM Alexandria organizes the 11th pan-Armenian athletic games in the Alexandria stadium with the participation of around 3000 Egyptian Armenian athletes and supporters.

Lady Baden Powel (wife of Worldwide scouts movement founder and president) visits HMEM scouts

Saturday – Sunday 28-29 September
HMEM Alex: Ganimian Challenge cup basketball tournament

28 September
HMEM Nubar: 1st fund raising event for the new HMEM Nubar club on the Baron Empain street in Heliopolis: Grand ball dinner on the S.S. Sudan (entrance and show: 50 P.T. Dinner: 60 P.T.)