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The year’s highlights
– The founding stone of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s  “club house” is erected. The club house is an 18m X 11m one story building.
– Visit of famous composer Aram Khatchadourian
– Basketball tournament between AGBU Aleppo and Damas teams and HMEM Nubar Cairo and Alex teams
– AGBU Cairo stages Hagop Baronian’s : “Arevelian Adamnapouje” directed by Seti Kotchounian
– Re-start of scouts movement at HMEM Nubar Cairo by Hayg Tellalian

Friday 24 February
AGBU Cairo: Lecture at AGBU headquarters by painter Ashod Zorian on “Perspectives in paintings”

Sunday 26 February
HMEM Nubar Cairo scouts: Theatrical evening at the “Entertsaserah”:
“Yergou Dzayraheghnere” followed by dinner and dance. Entrance fee: 13.5 PT

Sunday 5 March
AGBU Cairo: “Paradon” at the Nile Hall organized by the Youth committee.
On the program: Theatrical show: “Arevelian Adamnapouje” of Hagop Baronian directed by Seti Kotchounian, Opera recital “Don Pietro Karuzzo”, piano and “Gentani Badger”

19 March
AGBU Alexandria: Trip to Mariout at the Vartsbedian villa, participation fee: 20 PT

23 March
AGBU Cairo General Assembly and elections.
Chairman: Haygazoun Kurkdjian, vice-chairman: Hayg Ohannesian, Secretary: Krikor Basmadjian, treasurer: Khatchig Reissian. Members: Mardig Tatigian, Dikran Babigian, Dr. Krikor Der Krikorian. Accountant: Garo Neredian

9 April
AGBU Alexandria General Assembly and elections:
Chairman: Levon Yeghiaian, treasurer: Noubar Kargaian, secretary: Megerditch Nalbandian. Members; Khatchig Mazloumian, Levon Hurmuz, Nazaret Zambakian, Arshavir Goendjian

23 April 1961
HMEM Nubar Cairo: AGBU Cairo puts the founding stone of its new “club house”, an 18m X 11m building. The building’s cost is an estimated 2000 LE.
It is to be used for social activities, and its kitchen will be serving the members of the club for dining occasions and light meals servings,

30 April 1961
HMEM Nubar Cairo club: Visit of renowned Armenian composer Aram Khatchadourian to the club.
Aram Khatchadourian visits Egypt upon an invitation by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture performing 4 concerts in Cairo.

Saturday 14 June
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Swedish exercises show by the “Agre” team of USSR organized by the Egyptian athletics federation.
The show is followed by a dance/dinner party with the “Nile Diamonds Band”. Entrance fee: 25 P.T

24 June
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Grand Ball at the Nile Hilton “Belvedere. Menu de Gala and the “Jazz Band”. Entrance fee: 100 P.T

Sunday 2 July
HMEM Nubar Cairo scouts: Kermesse and Games followed by dance/dinner party with the “Nile Diamonds Band”. Entrance 13.5 P.T

Sat-Sunday 29-30 July
HMEM Nubar Cairo “4-teams’ tournament”
AGBU Damas / HMEM Nubar Cairo 60-61
AGBU Aleppo / HMEM Nubar Alexandria 60-79
Final: HMEM Nubar Cairo / HMEM Nubar Alexandria  90-46
HMEM Nubar Cairo wins the tournament
Ladies’ match: HMEM Nubar Cairo / AGBU Damas  30-36

17 – 19 August
HMEM Alexandria participates and wins Sporting club’s friendly tournament beating the Ibrahimia club in the final

24-25 August
HMEM Alexandria participates and wins Palistra club’s friendly tournament beating St. Marc 60-55 in the final.

Friday 22 September
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Re-start of the scouts movement in HMEM Nubar Cairo after a one year stop.
Hayg Tellalian is appointed as the Akela responsible for cubs, assisted by Miss Maritsa Kasparian and Noubar Apakian

17 December
AGBU Cairo: 50th anniversary celebration at the Nile Hall.