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The year`s highlights
– HMEM Nubar Cairo basketball team continues its winning streak which started in 1970 and wins all the tournaments of 1975


Saturday 24 January
AGBU Cairo: Gala dinner in HMEM Nubar Cairo with live entertainment.

Sunday 20 April
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Pastry bazaar prepared by the club’s ladies committee under the auspices of Mr and Mrs Berge Sedefjian former board member, visiting Egypt.

Monday 5 May
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Traditional Sham El Nessim celebration. Kermesse and games on the covered football pitch.
In the evening, dance party with The Merry Devils band.

Friday 30 May
HMEM Nubar Cairo Opening of the summer season. Open buffet

Friday 4 July – Sunday 6 July
Near East basketball tournament and celebration of its 50th anniversary (1925-1975) on the late Araxi Kupelian cup offered by Mr. and Mrs. Berdj Kupelian. The tournament is under the auspices of Mr. and Mrs. Bedros Vosgerichian.
Friday 4: HMEM Nubar Alex – St. Therese 60-30, HMEM Nubar Cairo beats Ararat (result unavailable)
Saturday 5: HMEM Nubar Alex / Gamk (withdrawal Gamk)
Sunday 5: HMEM Nubar Cairo defeats HMEM Nubar Alex and wins the cup (result unavailable)

Friday 25 to Sunday 27 July
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: Inter-clubs basketball tournament on the Vartan Mousheghian Cup, under the auspices of Mr Vahan Alexanian. HMEM Nubar Cairo champion.

Saturday 26 July
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: Annual Grand Ball in the Yacht Club with the Kamikaze band of Dash’s club

Friday 22 to Sunday 24 August
Inter-clubs basketball tournament organised by Gamk of Alexandria. HMEM Nubar Cairo wins late Arshag Papazian Cup beating Gamk in the final 57/45.

Friday 3 to Sunday 5 October
HMEM Nubar Cairo inter-clubs basketball tournament in memory of late Anoush Proudian under the auspices of her brother Antoine Proudian. The cup is offered by Mr and Mrs Arnold Eyno-Proudian and the medals by Mr and Mrs Vart Alexanian.
Final: HMEM Nubar Cairo / HMEM Nubar Alexandria 65/51

Friday 12 September
AGBU Alexandria Lecture evening by Dr. Prof. Zaven Tolapjian in the auditorium of the Union.

Saturday 27 September
AGBU Cairo Annual gala dinner at HMEM Nubar Cairo club

Sunday 12 October
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: 25th anniversary of the guides movement. Bazaar-kermesse.

Friday 31 October
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: reception for all those who helped in the organisation of the guides’ kermesse and for the benefactors.

Sunday 16 November
HMEM Nubar Cairo opening of the new garden under the auspices of Mr and Mrs Milad and Shaké Nessim.