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Thursday 3 January
HMEM Nubar Alex: Sports day: Friendly basketball match HMEM Alex /Gamk

Sunday 10 February
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Fun day: Inter-members table tennis tournament – kermesse – games – lunch.

Friday 28 March
AGBU Cairo General Assembly and elections at HMEM Nubar Cairo Club
Chairman: Hagop Ekserdjian, vice-chairman: George Mikayelian, Secretary: Norair Deuvletian, treasurer: Mardig Balayan. Members: Vahan Chechenian, Hovhannes Denkdjian, Hagop Pamboukdjian

Monday 7 April
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Sham El Nessim celebrations:
Breakfast – Kermesse – Lunch – Football Tournament Organised by the “Yerdasartats” of the club, special tombola, gifts

Friday 18 April
AGBU Alex: General Assembly & elections at the Headquarters.
Chairman: Dr. Garo Ansourian, vice-chairman: Nazaret Kartalian, secretary: Minas Bandoyan, treasurer: Garo Eserian, member: Vrej Seferian

Sunday 3 June
HMEM Nubar Cairo: From 5-8 pm Elections of the Executive Board of the club
Chairman: Krikor Shahbenderian, 1st vice-chairman: Herant Toufaian, 2nd vice-chairman: Simon O. Simonian, secretary: Heratch Simonian, treasurer: Bodos Apkarian. Members: Berdj Terzian, Antro Varjabedian. Co-opted members: Kevork Proudian, Vahe Varjabedian, Jirair Depoyan.

Monday 16 June
HMEM Nubar Alex: Start of Tennis and Badmington lessons for men and women categories with trainer

Friday 27 June
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Summer season opening, open buffet prepared by the “Dignants Hantsnakhoump” of the club
HMEM Nubar Alex: Scouts movement: “Kharouygahantes”, Certificates, prize distribution and rank upgrades for guides and scouts Under the auspices of Mr. & Mrs Arto Djerderian

Friday 25 – Sunday 27 July
HMEM Nubar Alex: Basketball Tournament
Cup offered by Mr. & Mrs. Simon O. Simonian. Medals offered by Mr. & Mrs. Vart Alexanian
25 July: Gamk – Near East 56 – 48
26 July: HMEM Nubar Alex – Gamk 45 – 44
HMEM Nubar Cairo – Ararat 48 – 52
27 July: Ararat – HMEM Nubar Alex 53 – 39
Winner: HMEM Ararat

Saturday 26 July
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: Grand Bal dinner at the “ Au Prive” Night Club
Raffle 1st prize: Airline ticket Cai – Kopenhagen – Frankfurt – Cairo offered by SAS

Friday 28 – Sunday 30 August
Gamk Basketball tournament
Under the auspices of Arch. Zaven Chinchinian & Mr. & Mrs. Antranig Mesrobian.
Cup offered by Mr. & Mrs. Levon Kaghtatsian. Medals offered by Mr. & Mrs. Vart Alexanian.Cup offered by Mr. & Mrs. Levon Kaghtatsian
28 August: HMEM Cairo / Near East 91-63
29 August: Gamk / HMEM Alex 67-49. HMEM Cairo / Ararat 64-51
30 August: Final HMEM Nubar Cairo / Gamk 70- 52
HMEM Nubar Cairo Champion

Tuesday 2 September
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Start of Table tennis training sessions with coach Ashraf

Friday 5 to Sunday 7 September
HMEM Nubar Cairo: The 1st Inter-clubs U-20 Tournament
Cup offered by : Mr & Mrs Antro Varjabedian
Medals offered by: Mr. & Mrs Vart Alexanian
5 September: HMEM Nubar Cairo / St. Therese 51 – 44
6 September: Ararat / St. Therese 40 -39
7 September: Ararat withdrew and was replaced by St. Therese
HMEM Nubar Cairo / St. Therese 58 – 55 after two extra times
(normal time 45 – 45, 1st five min, extra time 51-51

Tuesday 16 September
HMEM Nubar Alex: Scouts athletic games: 60m – 100m & 200m races – long and high jump – Hurdles

Friday 19 to Sunday 21September
Near East Basketball tournament
Under the auspices of Arch. Zaven Chinchinian & Mr. & Mrs. Hovagim Sirkedjian. Cup offered by Mr. & Mrs. Heratch Simonian. Medals offered by Mr. & Mrs. Vart Alexanian.Cup offered by Mr. & Mrs. Levon Kaghtatsian
Final 21 September: HMEM Nubar Cairo / Gamk 52 – 27
HMEM Nubar Cairo Champion

Sunday 28 September
AGBU Alexandria: Speech by Rev. Isahag Ghazarian: “The life of His Holy Highness Vasken Aratchin”
Friday 3 – Sunday 5 October
HMEM Nubar Cairo Basketball Tournament: Late Shahen Shamlian Challenge Cup
Under the Auspices of: Mr. & Mrs. Avedis Chakedjian
Cup offered by: Mr. Herair Shamlian
Medals offered by Mr. & Mrs Vart Alexanian
3 Oct: Ararat / Near East
4 Oct: Ararat / HMEM Alex and HMEM Nubar Cairo / Gamk
5 Oct: Final: Ararat beats HMEM Nubar Cairo (result unavailable)

Sunday 19 – Monday 20 October
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Bayram feast lunch and inter-members’ football tournament
Friday 31 October
AGBU Alexandria: Lecture by Mr. Barkev Mazloumian on “The role of the Lazarian’s in the Armenian Liberation movement”

Sunday 2 November
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Women’s sport day – Basketball tournament between HMEM Nubar Cairo, Heliolido and Heliopolis Sporting clubs.

Sunday 9 November
AGBU Alexandria: Lecture by Maestreo Yetvart Hagopian on “Armenian Patriotic songs” with solist Mrs. Margaret Hagopian

Friday 14 – Sunday 16 November
Ararat Club Basketball tournament
Final Ararat – HMEM Nubar Cairo 64 – 66
HMEM Nubar Cairo Champion lifting its 45th Cup

Sunday 30 November
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Open day bazaar and Veterans / U-17 basketball match

Sunday 23 Novmber
AGBU Alexandria: Day Trip to Alamein cemeteries

Friday 12 December
HMEM Alexandria: Inter-members chess championship

Wednesday 24 December
AGBU Alexandria: Reveillon Grand Banquet Dinner at the newly renovated Cecil Hotel

Wednesday 31 December
HMEM Nubar Cairo: New Year party and dinner: Tombola – Cautillon
Entrance and dinner 8 LE, Youth 5 LE.