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The year’s highlights
The restart of the scouts` movement at the HMEM Nubar Cairo club after more than 12 years of stoppage by Mrs. Shoghig Garibian and Dr. Viken Djizmedjian. The movement continued until 1992.
– AGBU’s Groung choir first year proves to be a huge success
– HMEM Nubar Cairo renovates its basketball playing ground.
– In August, HMEM Nubar Cairo basketball players travel to Montreal & Toronto in Canada.
– After the incidents and cancellation of the St.. Therese basketball tournament in November, Egyptian Armenian basketball tournaments are stopped from being held for around 7 years.

Friday 5 January
AGBU Cairo participates with its Geroung choir in the “paradon” of the Artistic club at the AUC’s Ewart Memmorial hall

Saturday 25 – Monday 26 January
AGBU Cairo: Trip to Alexandria for the Groung choir members for their first outing in Alexandria

Sunday 26 January
AGBU Cairo: Groung choir pilot recital in Alexandria at the English Girl’s College in Shatbi conducted by Maestro Hayg Sarkissian. .

Tuesday 2 February
HMEM Nubar Cairo Executive board forms a youth committee formed of: Viken Djizmedjian as chairman, treasurer: Arto Aslanian, members: Vasken Ekserdjian, Taline Touloumbadjian, Marlo Simonian, Maral Doevletian.

Sunday 26 February
HMEM Nubar Cairo youth committee:
Rally Paper at the Heliopolis region with 15 stops and the participation of 21 cars and teams.
Lunch prepared by the committee: Manti & Topig

Sunday 11 March 1984
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Cocktail-reception for youngsters & their parents for the:
Re-start of the scouts movement at the club (after a 12 years stop).
The re-launch of the movement is made under the supervision of (Akela) Shoghig Garibian and (Scoutmaster) Viken Djizmedjian.
Scouts are supervised by Viken Djizmedjian and Vasken Ekserdjian. Cubs by Mrs. Shoghig Garibian & Arto Aslanian ,
Guides by Marlo Simonian & Maral Doevletian, Brownies by Taline Touloumbadjian.

Friday 17 March
HMEM Nubar Cairo Scouts movement’s first weekly gatherings of its four sections.
These gatherings of Friday mornings at 10:30 would last around 8 years; until May 1992.

Friday 23 March
AGBU Cairo General Assembly and elections. President: Vahan Chechenian, Vice-president: George Mikaelian, Secretary: Norair Doevletian, treasurer: Mardiros Balayan. Members: Berdj Terzian, Hovhannes Denkdjian and Garo Apkarian.

Friday 30 March
AGBU Cairo: Geroung choir participates in a musical evening at the Sayed Darwish hall with several songs; Tele’et ya mahla nourha, El henna, Antsrev yegav and Marmar zamani

Saturday 31 March
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Start of the renovation works of the Basketball playground, works include:
– Overlaying of the sandy basketball playground with tiles.
– New benches opposite the spectators’ stands and behind the boards.
– New electrical wirings and spot lights.
– New goals & grass for the football pitch.
– New patio next to the Scouts Khetsig and the football pitch.
The renovation works are supervised by eng. Kiki Arakelian.
Overall cost 28 000 LE
The basketball team uses the St. Therese club for its training sessions.

Sunday 14 April
AGBU Cairo: Geroung choir’s second recital at the Belekdanian Hall conducted by Maestro Hayg Sarkissian. Piano: David Hales & Gassia Doevletian. Dehol: Roupen Terzibashian.
On the program: Ov Hayots Ashkark, Bakhra, Yar ge gonads, Arten Moutn Engel e, Volor molor, Sari siroun yar, telo, Dele Yaman, Sari sol, Garmir vart, Hay merig.
A reception is followed at the Goganian club for the members of the choir.

Sunday 13 May
HMEM Nubar Cairo Opening of the renovated Basketball playground under the auspices of Arch. Zaven Chinchinian, Paul Kilidjian, Avedis Chakedjian and club president Krikor Shahbenderian.
Invited for the opening ceremony the former presidents of the HMEM Nubar Cairo club: the 1st president, Hovhannes Keheyan, the wife of late Haygazoun Kurkdjian, Hagop Jamgotchian & Hagop Ekserdjian.

Saturday 26 May
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Grand Ball dinner at the Cairo Concorde Hotel animated by the Merry Devils Band and the Paris Show – 2000.

Sunday 3 June
HMEM Nubar Cairo General Assembly & elections.
President; Krikor Shahbenderian, vice-president: Herant Toufaian, secretary: Heratch Simonian, treasurer: Jirayr Dertadian. Members: Simon Simonian, Berdj Terzian, Mayk Zadourian, Ara Depoian, Dr. Garo Apkarian, Dr. Viken Djizmedjian, Dikran Arakelian

Sunday 10 June
HMEM Nubar Cairo scouts movement: Excursion to the zoo

Sunday 17 June
HMEM Nubar Alex scouts movement : Kermesse and BBQ.
Opening of the summer season

Sunday 15 July
HMEM Nubar Cairo youth committee:
The 2nd 1984 Helioplolis Rally Paper of 14 stops and the participation of 18 cars & teams

Friday 20 – Sunday 22 July
HMEM Nubar Alexandria Basketball Tournament on the Nazaret Zambakian cup with the participation of the 6 Egyptian Armenian clubs.
Under the auspices of Arch . Zaven Chinchinian & Mr. & Mrs. Mayk Zadourian.
22.7: Final: HMEM Nubar Cairo – HMEM Nubar Alexandria
HMEM Nubar Cairo Wins the tournament (results unavailable)

Friday 27 – Sunday 29 July
HMEM Nubar Cairo & Alexandria Scouts movements:
Three day camping at the HMEM Nubar club in Alexandria. Kait-Bay, circus, excursions, etc..
Thursday 2 – Saturday 5 August
HMEM Nubar Cairo youth committee: 3 day camping at the club

Friday 10 – Sunday 12 August
Gamk Basketball tournament in Alexandria. Since November 1983 Gamk has become HMEM Gamk
10.8: HMEM Nubar Cairo / St. Therse 55-22, Ararat / HMEM Nubar Alex 57-33
11.8: HMEM Gamk/Near East 73-45, Ararat beats HMEM Nubar Cairo
12.8: Ararat beats Gamk

Sunday 19 August – 23 September
HMEM Nubar Cairo basketball players travel to Montreal & Toronto, Canada.
Head of the delegation: Ara Depoian, along with officials: Berdj Terzian, Garbis Kalpakdjian and coach Nabil Morsi. Players: Garo Apkarian, Sarkis Antranigian, Hampo Pareserian, Garo Jamgotchian, Herair Djeghalian, Gary Giragosian, Viken Varjabedian, Heratch Sevardjibashian, Herair Dertadian, Zaven Djizmedjian, Richo Parmakian. Levon & Hagop Karakozian.
Matches in Montreal: HMEM Nubar Cairo / St. Marc 100-48, vs. Toronto 77-76.
Final: Montreal beats HMEM Nubar Cairo 103-70.
Matches in Toronto: HMEM Nubar Cairo / AGBU Montral 65-77, vs. AGBU Toronto 74-67.

Friday 21 – Sunday 23 September
Near East Basketball tournament on the late Artin Torossian cup.
HMEM Nubar Cairo participated with its 2nd team due to the travel of its players to Canada.
21.9: HMEM Nubar Cairo / St. Therese 48-39
23.9: HMEM Nubar Cairo / Ararat 41 -38.
HMEM Nubar Cairo wins the cup with its second team

Friday 28 September
HMEM Nubar Cairo scouts movement: Kermesse at the club with 12 stands. Rabbit race, donkey rides, quizzes & prizes

Friday 12 to Sunday 14 October
HMEM Nubar Cairo Basketball tournament on the Vahram Tossounian cup
Final: Ararat beats HMEM Nubar Cairo 52-47

Friday 28 – Sunday 30 October
Ararat Basketball tournament
28.10: HMEM Nubar Alex / Gamk 46-47, HMEM Nubar Cairo / St. Therese 64-55
29. 10: Ararat / Near East 70-32, HMEM Nubar Cairo / HMEM Gamk 70-37
20.10: Final: Ararat / HMEM Nubar Cairo 60-59

Friday 9 – Sunday 11 November
St. Therese Basketball tournament on the Albert Tutunji cup (CANCELLED)
9.11: HMEM Nubar Cairo beats HMEM Gamk
10.11: HMEM Nubar Cairo / HMEM Ararat 51-45 (match cancelled with 1m 35 seconds remaining) due to riots.
The tournament is cancelled by St. Therese officials.
Tournaments among Egyptian Armenian clubs would stop for 7 years until 1991

Friday 23 November
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Dinner reception (Vochkharaseghan) for the players of the basketball team offered by Mayk Zadourian and the club’s board.

Tuesday 11 December
AGBU Cairo’s Geroung choir participates in AUC’s International day dedicated to Armenia at the university.

Friday 28 December
HMEM Nubar Cairo scouts movement: Christmas Bazaar and opening of the renovated scouts Khetsig under the auspices of Arch. Zaven Chinchinian.

Saturday 29 December
AGBU Cairo: Geroung choir’s third recital at the Gomhourreya theater under the auspices of Minister of Culture Abdel Hamid Radwan.
Choir conducted by Maestro Hayg Sarkissian. Piano: Gassia Doevletian. Dehol: Roupen Terzibashian.