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1 January,  The 2015 New Year’s Eve celebrated at Goganian Club

A record number of 340 guests gathered at Goganian club in Heliopolis on Wednesday 31st December 2014 to celebrate the New Year in a lively and cheerful atmosphere.

The club’s garden which was covered with “Zamalek style” mats was tastefully decorated with B- lights, Christmas ornaments, balloons and candles in a cosy & festive atmosphere. Guests were pampered with an excellent choice of mezze and main course dishes as well small gifts and raffle prizes. D.J. Alain took care in keeping up the guests on their feet on the dance floor all night long, celebrating the arrival of the 1st day of the New Year.

Goganian’s club board and it’s ladies committee is to be specially commended for the excellent hosting of the event which was jointly organized with HMEM Nubar Cairo in perfect settings.  The tables’ set up & decoration, the menu, the raffle prizes, the music as well as the cheerful guests have all guaranteed the joyous celebration of the last night of 2014.

2 January, Christmas and Gaghant Baba at HMEM Nubar Alex

3 January, AGBU Cairo’s AVC Hybrid Chess classes 2nd term to resume on Friday 12 January

AGBU’s Armenian Virtual College (AVC) Winter term classes will start online on 12th January 2015. The first on-site hybrid class will be held on Friday, 16th January at 11:00 am at AGBU Cairo’s Chaker Cultural Center in Heliopolis.

The 1st term has seen the participation of 10 students. The percentages of grades are distributed as follows: 20% for participation, 20% for assignments, 30% midterm exam and 30% for the final exam. All the participants have passed the term successfully.

For the next term, the role of the on-site teacher will be split between the two current students of your hybrid class: Vartan Shoushanian, an AVC Chess graduate of 2 terms, and Eddie Kassabian, a veteran chess player. Kevork Avanian will be in the teaching team on consultation basis.

6 January:  Khetoum 2015 celebrated at HMEM Nubar Cairo

HMEM Nubar Cairo celebrated Khetoum on Monday 5th January 2015 in style and elegance with around 120 guests gathered at the club house in a festive atmosphere, dancing all night long to the tunes of DJ Alain in a shipshape decorated interior and a scrumptious food service.

The night ended at around 2:30 am with the raffle prizes in good spirits after a fabulous night full of enjoyment and delight in which the dance floor was kept busy from start till end by the ecstatic frenzied presence who spent a memorable night in a blissful and euphoric atmosphere.

3 January, Gasghant Baba visits Dziadzan’s choir

As every year, AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan children’s choir members received Santa Claus during their rehearsal of Saturday 3rd January 2015, a traditional visit never missed since the creation of the choir.

Maestro Mihran and his wife Mrs. Kohar Ghazelian and AGBU Cairo’s co-opted member Mrs. Roubina Aslanian-Norarevian with the help of Tamar Sabry, have organized the event, greeted Santa Claus along with the children in a festive and cheerful mood.

The children then sang to Santa Claus in order to be worthy of the Christmas gifts which were distributed to them by the mysterious Santa.

31 January, Mid-year vacation camping at HMEM Nubar Cairo

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s youth committee organized a camping for youth aged 10 to 18 at the club during the mid-year vacations from 29 to 31 January 2015. Around 40 youngsters and 10 organizers participated in this event.

Tents were erected in the garden for this 3 day camping which was a fun filled gathering enjoyed by all participants. 

7 February, HMEM Nubar Cairo’s opening of the club’s kids’ garden

HMEM Nubar Cairo held the official opening of its kids’ garden on Friday 6th February 2015 with the presence of club members and fans as well as basketball & football players of all categories.

The garden contains several kids’ games such the trampoline, slides and climbing kids’ house, all built on a rubbery, shock absorbing carpet, in an area next to the new garden made of artificial grass and garnished with new lighting system, tables and chairs.

The opening was held with the presence of His Grace Bishop Ashod Mnatsaganian, the primate of the Armenian Apostolic church of Egypt and the chairmanship of Dr. & Mrs. Viken Djizmedjian, chairman of AGBU Cairo. Present also were the chairmen of Cairo’s Armenian community council and its Executive committee, Messrs. And Mrs. Nubar Simonian and Onnig Belekdanian, Mr. & Mrs. Berdj Terzian, the honorary chairman of AGBU Cairo and AGBU Egypt along with Mr. & Mrs. Hratch Simonian, honorary chairman of HMEM Nubar Cairo as well as Dr. & Mrs. Kevork Yerzengatsian, former chairman of Cairo’s Armenian community Executive committee, Messrs & Mrs. Vahe Varjabedian and Mr. & Mrs. Kevork Avanian who all took a group photo before the opening with the club’s board members, basketball and football players.

After the ribbon cutting, the chairman of HMEM Nubar Cairo, Mr. Jirayr Depoyan, welcomed the guests and thanked all those who contributed in the realization of this project, namely the Armenian Community Council for their contribution of 250000 LE, AGBU Cairo and AGBU Egypt for their contribution of 100000 LE. He also thanked all those who support the club whether by their actions or resources.

Dr. Viken Djizmedjian, chairman of AGBU Cairo and the chairman of the opening day, then took the floor to congratulate the club’s board members for their efforts to improve the infrastructure of the club. According to his words, in 4 years the club has seen four major renovations. In 2012 the complete overhaul of the ailing basketball stands made under the previous board, in 2013 the opening of the football pitch, in 2014 the renovations of the kitchen and in 2015 the new kids’ garden. He encouraged the board to continue its excellent work. He also stressed on the important role that the former AGBU Egypt board members had made in 1956 to buy this land from the inheritors of Boghos Nubar, dedicating it to HMEM Nubar Cairo uniting the HMEM club of Heliopolis and the Nubar club of Shubra in this wonderful land which; according to his words, has become one of the most beautiful clubs of the Armenian diaspora.

A light cocktail was then served to the presence who sat in the new garden to enjoy the new surroundings.

1 March

Montreal’s Tekeyan Armenian Theatrical group “Hay Pem” at HMEM Nubar Cairo

Montreal’s Armenian Theatrical group of Tekeyan “Hay Pem” visited HMEM Nubar Cairo for lunch on Sunday 1st March during their tour in Egypt which comes upon an invitation from the Armenian Patriarchate of Cairo to present their much acclaimed show: The Beast on the moon, which was performed on Saturday 28 February at the Tchaikovsky Cultural Center in Cairo.

The visit was also the occasion to exchange some souvenirs between the chairman of Montreal’s Tekeyan Cultural Association, Berdj “Arto” Manougian and his long time friend Mr. Jirayr Depoyan, the chairman of HMEM Nubar Cairo.

During their stay in Egypt, besides their touristic visits in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Hurghada, the troupe was invited in Goganian club after their performance of Saturday 28th and in HMEM Nubar Cairo on Sunday 1st March, visiting also the Armenian church before their return back home on Sunday 8th March.

1 March, Exceptional winners of AGBU Cairo’s “Creative Armenians” competition

AGBU Cairo’s “Creative Armenians” quiz competition saw the Sayat Nova team of Lousadzine Ghazelian and Gareen Guerboyan as the final winners after a straight triumphant whiz in the three-week competition in which 20 players, aged 14 to 24 participated in this innovative Armenian general knowledge competition about famous Armenians in the fields of arts, culture, music, film and literature.

The final was held on Friday 27th February between the Toumanyan team of Lorig Dertadian and Perla Avanian against the Sayat Nova team which cruised to the final after 4 rounds of matches, the toughest of which was against the Gomidas team of Paylag Torossian and Mesrob Ghazelian. Their perfect draw 32-32 score in the semi final necessitated a re-match on Friday 20th February to determine the finalist.

The multiple choice questions were all asked from a 100 page book prepared and published by AGBU Cairo especially for this event (Click here to download the book) and distributed to the competitors. The questions were asked on a screen with a possibility of 4 answers. Bonus points and help options such as votes of the audience and dropping answers were all part of this fun filled educational quiz.

The two winners received two Samsung Galaxy 4 tablets while the two runners up received 5 inch HD mobile phones each. All participants received USB flash memory sticks. A special additional Blue tooth earphones were given also to the Gomidas team for their excellent results.

AGBU Cairo’s “Creative Armenians” quiz was made possible thanks to the collective efforts of Dr. Arpi Khatcherian who gathered the facts and information from different sources drafting them in an appealing manner after many months of hard work, Ms. Anais Djizmedjian, who compiled and corrected the final text to this admirable final Armenian informative workbook, as well as Rubina Aslanian who along with Dr. Arpi  Khatcherian drafted the questions with the coordination of the AGBU Cairo board through its chairman, Dr. Viken Djizmedjian who set the form and rules of the competition. The book was designed by Shahe Lousararian.

5 March, AGBU Egypt closes its down town offices and moves to Heliopolis

AGBU Egypt has now closed its downtown offices of Emad El Din street definitively, moving its remaining files and documents to the current four-story headquarters of 26 Mourad Bek street in Heliopolis which is the operational offices of AGBU Cairo since 2003.

AGBU Egypt is now occupying the third floor of AGBU Cairo’s Heliopolis building and its Chaker Cultural Center which was inaugurated in February 2010.

AGBU Egypt and AGBU continue to serve the Armenian residents of down town Cairo on Fridays of every week from their specially dedicated offices at the Armenian Patriarchate on Ramses street.

29 March, The documentary Operation Nemesis screened at AGBU Cairo

A captivating documentary entitled Operation Nemesis, on the assassination of the masterminds of the Armenian Genocide was projected at AGBU Cairo’s Chaker Cultural Center in Heliopolis on Saturday 28th March 2015.

The exceptional documentary gave a detailed account, with some rare pictures and video footage, of the trial of the masterminds of the Armenian Genocide and the subsequent planning and assassination of each of the criminals.

The projection was preceded by an introduction about the Nemesis Operation by AGBU Cairo’s and AGBU Egypt’s Honorary Chairman, Mr. Berdj Terzian.

The quality and the value of the documentary was appreciated by all those present at this extremely interesting screening.

30 April, AGBU Cairo’s General Assembly: Elections of a new board and internal regulations approved

AGBU Cairo held its annual General Assembly at its Chaker Cultural Center in Heliopolis on Wednesday 29th April 2015.

Elections of the new board of AGBU Cairo took place on this occasion. 10 candidatures for board membership had been received for the 9-person AGBU Cairo board from: Avanian Kevork, Balayan Mardiros, Belekdanyan Onnig, Djizmedjian Viken, Karagozian Hagop, Kassabian Khatchig, Ketchedjian Berdj, Michaelian Chris, Terzibashian Roupen and Simonian George.
Outgoing members who had not re-submitted their candidatures were Deuvletian Norayr and Tchetchenian Missak.

After welcoming the presence, the chairman of AGBU Cairo, Dr. Viken Djizmedjian opened the meeting with the lecture of the previous General Assembly’s minutes and AGBU Cairo board’s 2014 activities’ report which was presented by Mr. Mardiros Balayan, the board’s general secretary.

Through this presentation, AGBU Cairo announced that in 2014, AGBU Cairo’s Chaker fund had spent 1 Million 843 611 LE (compared to 1,581,542 LE in 2014) on the fund’s projects.

460 858 LE were spent on cultural projects (such as: Arek Arabic & Deghegadou Armenian newsletters, Dziadzan children’s choir, Armenia and Armenians in the Egyptian press project, published books, events at the Chaker Cultural Center, AGBU Egypt website, etc..). This amount includes also the honoraries and salaries of all specialists conducting these projects, as well as honoraries of the 5 non-Armenian researches preparing projects, thesis and magistrate degrees on Armenia related subjects.

488 614 LE were spent in 2013 for social support (64 persons) and medical care to persons in need of such aid, 213 256 LE were spent on educational support for the tutorial fees of 38 students (65 909 LE for school fees and 147 251 LE) for university fees), 15 000 LE for retired Armenian teachers, and 236 900 LE as financial support to different Armenian organizations and institutions.  423 745 LE was spent on the Medicare project’s 284 members.

The 2015 budget was then presented by AGBU Cairo’s vice-chairman, Mr. Onnig Belekdanian, who also presented the 2014 expenditures account in detail.

The General Assembly read and approved the modified existing internal regulations of AGBU Cairo which govern the activities and assistance programs of our Union.

Elections of the new Executive board of AGBU Cairo board were then held and votes of the presence were cast and counted.

The elections resulted in the following winners as members of the next mandate of AGBU Cairo’s Executive board:

Avanian Kevork, Balayan Mardiros, Belekdanyan Onnig, Djizmedjian Viken, Karagozian Hagop, Ketchedjian Berdj, Michaelian Chris, Terzibashian Roupen and Simonian George.

The board’s next meeting on Wednesday will see the appointment of the Executive panel and will discuss nominations of co-opted members who will be assisting the elected board.

14 May, AGBU Cairo’s elected board appoints the executive panel, the auxiliary members & working committees

AGBU Cairo’s newly elected board which succeeded in the elections of the chapter’s General Assembly of 29th April, appointed the panel of its board on the occasion of its first meeting of 6th May appointing also in its next meeting of 13th May 2015 the members of its various committees. The meeting was also the chance to assign three new auxiliary members increasing thus the youth presence within AGBU Cairo’s executive committee.

After the re-appointment of the former panel, the Executive board of AGBU Cairo is formed of the following members:

Chairman: Dr. Viken Djizmedjian
Vice-Chairman: Onnig Belekdanian
General Secretary: Mardiros Balayan
Treasurer:  Kevork Avanian

Honorary Chairman: Berdj Terzian

Members: Chris Mikaelian, Berge Ketchedjian, Dr. George Simonian, Roupen Terzibashian   and Hagop Karagozian.  Auxiliary Members: Onnig Garibian, Gary Kehyayan, Arpi Khatcherian, Rubina Aslanian, Annie Ohanessian, Hraztan Kalenian, Vaché Artinian and Saro Belekdanian.

As for the working committees, the composition is as follows:
Educational committee: Mardig Balayan, Hagop Karagozian and Arpi Khatcherian
Cultural committee: Chris Mikaeilian, Hrant Keshishian, Aline Djizmedjian and Rubina Aslanian
Social assistance committee: George Simonian, Missak Tchetchenyan, Kevork Avanian, Annie Ohanessian and Saro Belekdanian
Medicare committee: Berge Kecthedjian, Onnig Belekdanian, Annie Ohanessian
Youth committee: Roupen Terzibashian, Gary Kehyayan, Hraztan Kalenian and Saro Belekdanian
Media and press committee: Mardig Balayan, George Simonian and Arpi Khatcherian.


12 April,  Egyptian Armenian sports teams gear up for the 6th Pan-Armenian games

Cairo’s Egyptian Armenians sportsmen will be participating in three disciplines in the 6th Pan-Armenian Games to be held in Yerevan from 2 to 13 August 2015: Men’s basketball; and for the first time, women’s basketball and football.  The selected sportsmen of men’s basketball and football are players of HMEM Nubar Cairo, Homenetmen Ararat and St. Therese, while the women’s basketball selection is formed of players of the abovementioned first two clubs.

Cairo’s Armenian sports delegation will be formed of 45 players. The men’s basketball team will be formed of 15 players, while the girls’ basketball team and men’s football team will be formed of 12 players each, in addition to one coach and one manager for each squad.

Trainings for the big event of next summer are already underway since early March. AGBU Egypt will be presenting each of the 3 teams’ preparations in the coming few weeks.

The sports delegation’s travel and stay expenses in Armenia is sponsored by the Armenian Patriarchate of Cairo along with a minor sponsorship support from AGBU Cairo for the additional players of the men’s basketball team.

Cairo’s men’s basketball team all set for the 6th Pan-Armenian games

Cairo’s Egyptian Armenians sportsmen will be participating in three disciplines in the the 6th Pan-Armenian Games to be held in Yerevan from 2 to 13 August 2015: Men’s basketball and; for the first time, women’s basketball and men’s football.

In its last meeting of 18 May 2015, after receiving written requests from HMEM Nubar Cairo and Homenetmen Ararat, the “Kaghakagan” has decided to increase the number of representatives of each club by 3 players; one in each discipline.

The men’s basketball team is the first of the three teams representing Cairo to have its selection of players chosen and ready for the big event of next August. In the last Pan-Armenian Games of 2011, the Cairo team, after topping its group with 3 wins from 3 matches, had ended its games in 6th position out of 24 participating teams after some outstanding performances.

Cairo’s men’s basketball selection is formed of:
George Torossian (coach)
Armen Baltayan (team manager)
Players from Homenetmen Ararat:
Tony Michel, Edward Michel, Norair Mekhtigian, Taniel Kurkdjian, Alex Bohdjalian, Avo Michael and Garo Edouard
Players from HMEM Nubar Cairo:
Alain Karkour, Peter  Terzian, Paul Terzian, Hraztan Kalinian, Aram Apigian, Saro Belekdanian and Vartan Terzibashian
Players from St. Therese: Ramy Sarkis, Robert Avedissian and Hedra Hany.

After the decision of 18th May it is expected to have the names of the additional representatives of HMEM Nubar Cairo and Homenetmen Ararat known within the next week.

The team coach George Torossian is confident in the team’s abilities: “Even though we’re missing some great players in this year’s selection because of different reasons, but I am sure the team will be achieving excellent results like in the 2011 games”. He added that “The team spirit is exceptional, the players enjoy playing together in such a selection and that each and every one of them is adamant to give his best. They have a strong will power and I am sure that the end result will be superb”.

18 May, AGBU Cairo re-prints the book “Armenians in Egypt in the 19th Century”

19 May, HMEM Nubar Alexandria renovates its sports dressing rooms

With the approach of the summer season’s Egyptian Pan Armenian basketball tournaments, HMEM Nubar Alexandria has completed the renovations of the sports dressing rooms of the club.

The showers, toilets, tiles and the interior of the dressing rooms have been renovated and the walls repainted and refurbished.

These renovations have been made possible thanks to the club’s resources and the financial help of AGBU Cairo.

1 June,  The opening of the 2015 summer season at HMEM Nubar Cairo

The traditional opening of the 2015 summer season at HMEM Nubar Cairo was held on Sunday 31 May at the club’s garden with the presence of more than 150 guests who attended the evening in a pleasant and enjoyable friendly atmosphere.

The chairman of the club Mr. Jirayr Depoyan opened the event with words of welcome to the guests, who were then invited inside the club house for the buffet dinner. The delicious salad bar, which was prepared and catered by the ladies’ committee as well as the main dishes, were arranged inside the club house while the tables and seats outside in the garden.

12 June, HMEM Nubar Alex opens its 2015 summer season

The opening of the summer season at HMEM Nubar Alex was held on Friday 12th June at the club among club members and guests who enjoyed the summer breeze, nice food and music in a cozy atmosphere.

A salad bar and an open buffet food service was offered to the guests thanks to the collective efforts of the ladies committee of the club

19 June

Egyptian Armenian girls’ basketball selection gets set for the Pan-Armenian games

Egypt will be participating with a girls’ basketball team in the Pan-Armenian Games which will be held in Yerevan from 2-13 August 2015.

The torch of the games which was lit in Shushi on 8th May by the President of Nagorno Karabakh Bako Sahakyan has taken its first stop in Cairo on Friday 19th June where it was blessed at the St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Apostolic church with the presence of the local sportsmen who will be participating in the games. The torch will then tour some of the participating countries of these games.

The girls basketball team will be formed of 14 players, seven from HMEM Nubar Cairo and seven from Homenetmen Ararat.

The players are:
Aline Yousry, Alyssa Depoyan, Aspe Djizmedjian, Carine Bohdjalian, Catherine Iradian, Caroline Edwar, Gareen Guerboyan, Marina Simonian, Melissa Kurkdjian, Nairy Hagopian, Nanar Kalenian,  Nanor Zohrabian, Sandra Mounir, Tania Kurkdjian.
The team coach is Marlo Simonian and the team manager Sosse Guerboyan-Bayramian.

The team manager Sosse Guerboyan asserted that the team is training hard to achieve good results in the games and that trainings are held alternately in the clubs of Homentemen Ararat and HMEM Nubar Cairo. Some friendly matches are also planned ahead of the games so that the first participation of the team in the games be an honourable one.

16 July, AGBU Cairo’s photo contest: A great success and some brilliant photos

It was an excellent finale for AGBU Cairo’s photo contest. With the organization of the photo exhibition and the ceremony of winners’ announcement and prizes’ distribution, the 50 days long competition came to its conclusion today 15th July at AGBU Cairo’s Chaker Cultural Center in Heliopolis.

The photo contest which was launched on May 29th included 7 categories and saw the participation of 13 amateur Armenian photographers. The participants had sent their photos; 55 in total, according to the detailed rules and deadlines set for the competition.

The final exhibition started with the photo display at the entry hall where the pictures which had entered the competition were exhibited by category and shown also on a large led TV Screen. The attendance was given voting cards at the entry and was required to choose and mark the best photo of each category while mingling and sipping the offered snacks and drinks.

At 8:00 pm the presence entered the theater hall and watched a final slide show of the photos presented by Herastan Kalenian for reviewing their choices of the best photos before dropping their voting cards in the ballot box.

The jury which was formed of Alik Michaelian, Product designer and graduate of GUC’s Faculty of Applied arts and professional photographers Garo Varjabedian and Tawfik Dajani counted the votes and determined the four best photos of each category. After studying each of these photos, they made their experts’ choice and selected the best photo of each category handing the envelopes with the winners’ names to the chairman of AGBU Cairo for announcement and distribution of the money prizes and certificates.

The mobile photo category was the only category to be decided by an open Facebook vote. 402 People had voted resulting in the win of Rubina Saad’s “Hay Bar” with 139 votes (35% of the total votes). The winners of the other categories were Vartan Terzibashian for the Abstract category, Mané Djizmedjian for the Armenian theme category, Dzovinar Kazandjian for the Digital enhancement and Egyptian theme category, Ayk Zakarian for the Nature category and Aspé Djizmedjian for the People category. Finally the Best overall picture was awarded to Leon Froundjian’s “Sound of night” photo. Each of these winners were given a prize money of 1000 LE and a winner’s certificate. An additional encouragement award was also awarded by the jury to Roxane Kehyayan for her “Luxor sunset” photo and for her excellent set of pictures.

Certificates of participation and appreciation were also given to all the remaining participants: Mike Nabil, Reymond Hany, Nanar & Herastan Kalenian and Marina Simonian.

At the end of the ceremony the chairman of AGBU Cairo thanked all the participants for their efforts in taking such excellent photos. He thanked the jury members for their expert verdicts and the members of the youth committee, who conducted by Roupen Terzibashian and Chris Michaelian and assisted by Herastan Kalenian and Saro Belekdanian spared no effort in making this event such a successful one.  Dr. Viken Djizmedjian thanked also the presence for their support with the promise of new such contests which aim to enhance the hidden cultural talents of our youth.

25 July

The grouping of cities drawn for the collective sports of the Pan-Armenian games

The draw of grouping of cities in the collective sports of the 6th APn Armenian games was held on Tuesday 21st July at Dikran Bedrossian’s chess complex with the presence of representatives of national sports associations and sportsmen and chaired by Terenig Kabrielian.

It was also announced that the full schedule of matches and timings will be declared after the arrival of the delegations to Yerevan.

The draw gave the following results:

Basketball Men (37 citis)
Group 1 (Dynamo): Akhalkalak, Kodelniki, Cairo, Isfahan, Bourj Hamoud
Group 2 (Orange): Los Angeles, Moscow, Buenos Aires, Shoushi, North Sydney
Group 3 (Slavonagan): Teheran, Sydney, Fresno, Montreal, Istanbul
Group 4 (Slavonagan): Glendale, Mousa Ler, Gyumri, Ourmia, Saloniki
Group 5 (Dynamo): Vienna, Glendale Montrose, Antilias, Artig, Arak
Group 6 (Orange): Hollywood, Beirut, tavriz, Bitlis
Group 7 (Dynamo): Yerevan, Toronto, North Hollywood, Alexandria
Group 8 (Orange): Sochi, Athens, Aleppo, Resht

Basketball Women (21 cities)
Group 1 (Y.B.H): Yerevan, Akhalkalak, Glendale Montrose, London, Montreal
Group 2 (Grand Sport): Gyumri, Aleppo, Hollywood, Isfahan, Antilias
Group 3 (Grand Sport): Marseille, Andjar, Cairo, Los Angeles
Group 4 (YB.H) : Teheran, Toronto, Ardik, Vienna
Group 5 (Y.B.H):  Glendale, Stepanagerd, Alexandria, Ararat

Futsal (59 cities)
Group 1: Rosario, Aleppo, Yegaderinpourk, Pirei, Ardashad, Malatia
Group 2: Arnheim, Bourdj Hamoud, Donirostov, Sao Paolo, Heraztan, Tilidjan
Group 3: Yeghvart, Kesab, Nicosia, Moscow, Sbidag, Lion
Group 4: Vienna. Koeln, Valana, Vanatsor, Istanbul, Dyoumen
Group 5: Teheran, Kameshli, London, Voronej, Sassoun, Dzaghgatsor
Group 6: Buenos Aires, Paris, Azov, Tersim, Nor Hadjen, Berlin
Group 7: Gyumri, La Blada, Antilias, Dagonrod, Sydney, Dnjebrobedrovsk
Group 8: Diarbekir, Isy Les Moulineux, Ninodzminta, Abaran, St. Petersbourg, Vlatimir
Group 9: Novocherkasd, Andjar, Ourmia, Strovolos, Cairo
Group 10: Samatia, Battoumi, Shakhdi, Alaverdi, Bukharest, Samatia

27 July

HMEM Nubar Cairo champions of HMEM Nubar Alex’s 2015 Summer tournament

Once again it was HMEM Nubar Cairo’s players who lifted the trophy of HMEM Nubar Alexandria’s 2015 summer tournament, continuing its excellent leading performance in Egyptian Pan-Armenian basketball tournaments.

In the final match, the champions defeated the host, HMEM Nubar Alexandria with the score of 65/46 to win the 1st basketball tournament of the 2015 season.

The tournament had started on Friday 24th July with two matches; the first between Homenetmen Ararat and St. Therese 65-51 (36-19) and the second between HMEM Nubar Alex and Homenetmen Gamk  50-49 (14-19, 27-26, 36-33).

On Saturday 25th July the traditional derby between the two Cairene contenders; HMEM Nubar Cairo and Homenetmen Ararat was played. Before the start of the tournament a solemn minute of silence was held in memory of AGBU Egypt and HMEM Nubar Cairo’s beloved board member Levon Nigolian and his son Anthony. The stand was a sad tribute in respect of the much-loved departed.

The match was marked by the early lead of HMEM Nubar Cairo right from the start of the match to the very end, with a continuous comforting lead but with some moments of curb in the 3rd and 4th quarters (21-16, 36-28, 51-45 and the final score of 71-68). The unbroken reassuring lead of the champs in the four quarters of the match allowed them to withstand Homenetmen Ararat’s challenging moments near the end of the match.

After the match and the friendly and usual “Hard luck” and “Mabrouk” exchange of words between the players, fans and board members of the two teams, the presence shuffled off to the Greek Enosi club where HMEM Nubar Alexandria had organized an enjoyable and congenial Gala dancing dinner on the tunes of DJ Ike. The players and guest kept their feet on the dance floor until the early hours of the morning.

On Sunday 26th July it was time for the final match between the hosts HMEM Nubar Alex and their counterparts of Cairo. A curtain opener match was held between the girls’ team of HMEM Nubar Alex and El Toram team. The hosts were able to win and lift the cup offered by Mrs. Karen Basmadjian Gargoura and Mr. Antro Basmadjian in memory of their late mother Nevart Basmadjian.

Before the final match and the introduction of the players of the two finalists, a minute of silence was held in memory of HMEM Nubar Alex members, Kevork Piligian, Zabel and Nevart Basmadjian.

The final match encounter between the two HMEM Nubars came out in favor of the Cairene club as expected 65-46 (11-10, 34-24, 49-38 & 65-46) after some vigorous resistance from its Alexandrian counterpart.

The men’s Trophy which was offered by Mr.  & Mrs. Garo Varjabedian was handed out after the match to Armen Varjabedian, the captain of HMEM Nubar Cairo. Medals to the winners and runners-up were also distributed.

The tournament was held under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Ashod Mnatsagania, the Primate of the Armenian Apostolic church and the presidency of Dr.  & Mrs. Viken Djizmedjian, the chairman of AGBU Cairo. The medals were offered by Mr.  & Mrs. Vart Alexanian.

Congratulations to the winners and a better luck next time to all the other participating teams. Well done HMEM Nubar Alex for the excellent organization of the tournament and the very successful gala dinner.

20 August, 6th Pan-Armenian games: Remarkable results

The Cairo and Alexandria delegations returned to Egypt on Friday 14th August after participating in the 6th Pan Armenian games held in Yerevan from 3 to 14 August 2015.

Cairo’s men’s basketball team was singled out as the team with the most impressive results among the Egyptian teams participating in these games.

The team occupied the 9th position out of 37 participating cities. A result which should be praised in view of the little number of our community members compared to other cities and countries. It is to be mentioned also that Cairo, after qualifying from the group stage, lost in the 16th round to the tournament champions Sochi, the strongest team of the tournament. In the consolidation stage it was able to defeat the strong team of Hollywood 73-72.

The futsal team of Cairo was able to come out with 3 wins out of 5 matches scoring 28 goals and conceding 18 coming out third of its strong group of six teams.

As for the girls’ basketball team of Cairo it came out 3rd of its group of four teams defeating Marseilles and losing to Andjar and Los Angeles.

The Alexandrian men’s and women’s basketball teams were less fortunate in their matches. The men’s team lost to Yerevan, Toronto and North Hollywood while the girls’ team lost to Glendale, Ararat and Stepanagerd.

In tennis Talar Mazloumian won her first round match but had to withdraw due to a back injury.

Considering its few numbers compared with other Armenian communities which count by tens and hundreds of thousands, the results achieved; mainly by our men’s basketball team, are highly to be praised. Also a word of appreciation must be said to the leaders of both Cairo and Alexandria’s Executive councils in making the participation of our delegation possible and trouble-free.

Among the side activities of the Egyptian sports delegation; a trip to Dzidzernagapert, to Dzaghgatsor and to Lake Sevan and a night out for the whole delegation. Another positive aspect of the Yerevan trip was also the donation of each and every member of the sports delegation of a certain amount which was directed to the orphanage organization of Armenian under the supervision of the Ministry of Labor and Social issues.

Besides the games, Mary Mansour occupied with merit the 2nd position in the Miss Pan-Armenia beauty contest organized on 12th August.

Egyptian teams` full results in the Pan-Armenian games

Men`s basketball:
Group matches
Cairo/Isfahan 49/46 ET. (11/6 , 18 /24, 32/32, 37-37)
Burjhamoud / Cairo 92-75 (47-42)
Cairo / Akhalkalak 107/62 (62-27)
Cairo / Koteliniki (Russia) 77-66 (36-22)

Round of 16
Men`s basketball: Sochi / Cairo 81-47 (43-20)

9th position match
Cairo / Hollywood 73-72.  Cairo 9th

Group matches
Stepanagerd / Alexandria 103 – 9
Yerevan / Alexandria 103/22
Toronto / Alex 73-45
North Hollywood /Alex 78/36

Girls` basketball:
Andjar / Cairo 62/46 (34 / 31)
Cairo / Marseille 78/6 (47/4)
Los Angeles / Cairo 97/26
Glendale / Alex 101/11 (55-3)
Ararat / Alex 57/25,
Stepanagerd / Alexandria 103 – 9

Futsal results
Andjar / Cairo 5-4 (0-2)
Cairo / Ourmia 9-0
Cairo / Strogolos 4-0
Parnaoul / Cairo 8-1
Cairo / Novocherkask 10-5

Tennis: Egypt (Talar Mazloumian) / Wasington 6-1, 6-1g

30 August, HMEM Nubar Cairo crowned champions of Homenetmen Gamk’s basketball tournament

Once again HMEM Nubar Cairo was able to prove its lead in the past few year’s Egyptian Pan-Armenian basketball tournaments with some strong results in its matches of Homenetmen Gamk’s basketball tournament which was held from 28 to 30 August 2015.

The final of Sunday saw the strong win of HMEM Nubar Cairo over Homenetmen Gamk 113/35 (24/7, 53/18 & 81/25). The match was the occasion for HMEM Nubar Cairo to field its promising line-up of young players who, along with some of their elder experienced team mates, put forth all their potential and unrelenting enthusiasm to stretch the score furthest in spite of the strong resistance of the very young and promising team of Homenetmen Gamk.

On Saturday the victors had defeated Homenetmen Ararat 66/33 (15/6, 29/17, 46/27) and qualified to the final to play against Homenetmen Gamk which had earlier defeated HMEM Nubar Alex 50/49 (23/21). On Friday HMEM Nubar Alex had narrowly defeated St/ Therese 65/64.

20 September, HMEM Nubar Cairo wins Homenetmen Ararat’s basketball tournament

The seniors’ men team of HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated Homenetmen Ararat 77-56, in the final of the latter’s basketball tournament which was held from 17 to 19 September 2015.

The final day was also the occasion to hold a senior’s girls match between the two teams, which ended also with the victory of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s girls over their Homenetmen Ararat’s counterparts 52-47 after extra-time and after a very competitive close match.

On Thursday 17th HMEM Nubar Cairo had defeated HMEM Nubar Alex 67-31 (24-4, 41-8, 52-17 & 67-31) while Homenetmen Ararat had defeated Homenetmen Gamk 72/38 (21-6, 50-20, 59-30, 72-38).

On Friday the single match of the day was played between HMEM Nubar Cairo against St. Therese 71/35 (21-9, 42-14, 60-27, 71-35).

The final of Saturday was preceded by the girls’ match, which saw the players of HMEM Nubar Cairo lift the cup offered by Mr. & Mrs. Nourhan Kurkdjian.

The three day tournament ended with HMEM Nubar Cairo’s men’s team lifting the tournament trophy offered by Mr.  & Mrs. Vahram Gevregian after a fair game played among friends. HMEM Nubar Cairo took the lead right from the first quarter (25-10) and through to the other quarters (40-26 & 55-36) and to the final score of 77-56.

The 3 day gathering was also the occasion to hold some friendly matches for Homenetmen Ararat’s younger teams: Under 16 girls and boys and Mini basket girls and boys, who played against teams from Al Nasr and Al Zehour clubs.

The tournament was held under the auspices of his Eminence Archbishop Ashod Menatsaganian, Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Egypt and the presidency of Dr. and Mrs. Souren Bayramian Chairman of “Housaper” Armenian Cultural Association. The U-16 girls cup was offered by Mr & Mrs Raffy Meguerdichian.

Well done to the new board of Homenetmen Ararat for the good organization of the tournament and for its insightful management.

28 September, HMEM Nubar Cairo’s trip to Hurghada

During the Aid Al –Adha vacation, HMEM Nubar Cairo organized a trip to the Makadi Royal Azur Hotel near Hurghada during the dates of 22 to 26 September.

47 people participated in this excursion, which was an excellent occasion for all to relax and unwind away from the city hustle during 5 wonderful days. A lively two-day table tennis tournament was also organized among 18 participants. The cup winner was George Antranigian.

The group returned with a promise from the organizers of another trip in the very near future.

5 October, Flower arrangement techniques presented by Suzanne Ishkhanian at HMEM Nubar Cairo

A special presentation on the techniques of flower arrangement was demonstrated by Suzanne Ishkhanian at HMEM Nubar Cairo on Sunday 4 October 2015 at the club’s garden.

Suzanne Ishkanian is a professional specialist and lecturer in this domain and her works and classes have inspired many flower enthusiasts to tag along in this beautiful and natural form of art.

The presence enjoyed the presentation and after acquiring some of the secrets of this art, they were given for take away some of the prepared bouquets.

9 October, Day one of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s basketball tournament: Great matches

HMEM Nubar Cairo inaugurated its 2015 Pan-Armenian basketball tournament with two curtain-opener games before the first match of the tournament.

The mini-basket team of the club defeated Al Tayaran 31/25 receiving thus the cup tendered by Mr. Simon Depoyan.  An U-16 girls match followed between HMEM Nubar Cairo and Al Tayaran and saw the straight win of our promising young girls 31/21, winning thus the cup offered by Dr. & Mrs. Hrayr Dertadian.

The third game of the day was the first senior men’s tournament match between Homenetmen Ararat and St. Therese. Homenetmen Ararat, which is building a new young team, is depending on the club’s loyal elements whether in coaching (George Torossian) or captaining (Norayr Mekhtigian) or playing (motivated and reliable young players). The team was able to make a strong come back in the last minutes of the match to defeat St. Therese 45/42, after being led in the four quarters of the match (10/14, 23/27, 34/34 and 45/42). The ever improving team of St. Therese was unable to keep its steady match superiority, giving way to their opponents towards the end of the match to win after an exciting match.

Today the matches continue at 7:30 pm with the U-16 boys’ match, followed at 8:30 pm with the HMEM Nubar Cairo vs. Homenetmen Gamk match, then HMEM Nubar Alex against Homenetmen Ararat.

10 October,  Day 2 of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s basketball tournament: HMEM Nubar Cairo and Homenetmen Ararat finalists

It’s once again HMEM Nubar Cairo and Homenetmen Ararat the finalists of today’s final of the 4th basketball tournament of the 2015 Egyptian Pan Armenian season.

The hosts HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated Homenetmen Gamk 74/50 (39/23) while Homenetmen Ararat defeated HMEM Nubar Alex 45/33.

The two matches were preceded by an U-16 boys match between the youngsters of HMEM Nubar Cairo and Al Zehour club. The game, which was won by the hosts 33/18, raised the players of HMEM Nubar Cairo to the podium to pick up the cup offered by Mr. & Mrs. Hagop Apikian.

Today Saturday 10th October a veterans’ match among the former players of the 5 Egyptian Armenian sports clubs will be played at 7:30 pm, followed by a senior girls’ match at 8:30 pm between HMEM Nubar Cairo and Homenetmen Ararat before the final at 9:30 pm.

The tournament is held under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Ashod Mnatsaganian, the Primate of the Armenian Apostolic church and it is chaired by Mr. Richard Parmakian. The senior men’s cup is tendered by HMEM Nubar Cairo’s board in the sweet memory of Levon Nigolian. The medals are offered by Mr.  & Mrs. Vart Alexanian.

11 October, HMEM Nubar Cairo champion of its 2015 basketball tournament

HMEM Nubar Cairo has lifted the Levon Nigolian cup awarded to the winner of its men’s Pan-Armenian basketball tournament, along with several other cups which were reserved for different age and gender category teams and contested throughout the three days of the event.

The senior men’s team defeated Homenetmen Ararat 77/46 (13/15, 37/25, 64/35 & 77/46), while the senior girls’ team of HMEM Nubar Cairo also overpowered Homenetmen Ararat 36/32 (13/14, 24/25, 30/29 & 36/32 to win this much anticipated exciting game, which is lately attracting an ever-increasing interest due to the improved and closeness of levels between the girls of the two teams.

Well done boys and girls for your efforts in holding on to your previous wins of past tournaments  and lots of respect to Homenetmen Ararat for their excellent competitive sports spirit & venerated resolve and management.

The mutual respect between the two clubs should be an example to Armenian communities elsewhere on how relations can be run wisely and can be so friendly among different institutions of diverse orientations.

Another match which was held on this final day of Saturday 10th October was the oldies’ between the veterans of HMEM Nubar Cairo and a selection of the veterans from the other Cairene and Alexandrian Armenian clubs. The match which had its share of few fun moments ended with the win of the hosts 38/33.

Results and cups won by HMEM Nubar Cairo on previous days:
On Friday 9th October:  The U-16 boys of defeated Al Zehour club 33/18 and won the cup offered by Mr. & Mrs. Jirayr Hagopian.

On Thursday 8th October:  The mini-basket team of HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated Al Tayaran 31/25 to lift the cup tendered by Mr. Simon Depoyan.  The U-16 girls of the club also defeated Al Tayaran 31/21, and won the cup offered by Dr. & Mrs. Hrayr Dertadian.

And finally on Saturday 10th the senior men’s and girls cups, the first offered by the club’s board in the sweet memory of Levon Nigolian while the second senior girls’ cup was offered by Mr. & Mrs. Hagop Apigian.

Before the start of the final match on Saturday, the chairman of HMEM Nubar Cairo, Mr. Jirayr Depoyan made a short speech in which he pointed out the tragic death of the club’s board member and treasurer, Levon Nigolian & his son Anthony last June, asking from the presence to stand for a minute of silence in his memory and in the memory of the club members who passed away during the past year, namely: Messrs. Antro, Dikranouhi and Varoujan Varjabedian, Norayr Deuvletian, Hayg Tellalian, Tavit Garinian, Albert Tchopourian, Hrayr Shahrozian and Margerit Baltayan.

The tournament was held under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Ashod Mnatsaganian, the Primate of the Armenian Apostolic church of Egypt with the high presence of His Grace Krikor Agostinos Kousa, the Primate of the Armenian Catholic Church and was chaired by Mr. Richard Parmakian. The medals were offered by Mr.  &  Mrs. Vart Alexanian.

25 October, AGBU Cairo’s AVC Chess Certification Ceremony and the violin and piano performance

AGBU Cairo Egypt hosted a Cultural Event for its (Armenian Virtual College) AVC-AGBU Chess Certification Ceremony on Saturday, October 24, 2015 in its Cultural Center in Heliopolis.

The program of the day comprised of speeches from AGBU Cairo Chairman, Dr.Viken Djizmedjian and the AVC-AGBU Liaison in Egypt, Mrs. Anna Dolabjian, greetings and Speeches from AVC Development and Hybrid Education representatives in Armenia (online Skype connection), classical music performance and a light cocktail reception.

The event was held in the presence of AGBU Cairo and AGBU Egypt Leadership, a representative from the Armenian Apostolic Church, Armenian Press and other senior members of the Egyptian-Armenian Community. Family & Friends and wider Egyptian-Armenian Community were among audience supporting and cheering the graduates.

“With the graduation of the first AVC-AGBU Chess Hybrid Education generation of players (10 graduates) the Egyptian Armenian Community revives its long-time tradition and marks a new milestone by re-introducing CHESS in its sports portfolio” mentioned Viken Djizmedjian in his opening speech.

The event bore a wider cultural context. The guests’ experience was enriched and elevated by violin and piano classical and Armenian music, performed by a duet of professional musicians – expats from Armenia, Lilit Nahapetyan (violin) and Zhanna Gevorgyan (piano).

The classic miniatures included: Rubinstein – Romance; Engelmann — Melody of Love; Schuman — Slumber Song and Mendelssohn — Song without Words.

“The pilot-run AVC-AGBU Chess Hybrid Education in Diaspora project has seen great success. Represented out of our relatively small Egyptian Armenian Community it has had a class diverse in age and backgrounds reaching, however, synergy with one common passion CHESS!  Alternatively, the volunteer-based consultant/teacher/tutor/student formula was born with juniors learning as students and seniors – learning and educating in parallel. The example will serve as role model for other communities in the Diaspora adapting respectively and developing further.” explained Anna Dolabjian.

“The ceremony is set also to thank the teachers Kevork Avanian, Vartan Shoushanian, Eddy Kassabian and Khachig Kassabian” announced Viken Djizmedjian, “for their kind willingness, time and efforts in leading the classes” and to congratulate the graduating students (alphabetically): Andranik Hagobyan, Arine Simonian, Daniel Kalalian, Mesrob Gazelian, Raffi Saad and Roger Muro.

“The certification is for AVC Chess Level 1 and 2, which were accomplished last spring.” clarified further Anna Dolabjian. “However, encouraged by their AVC-AGBU online Chess Instructor Vahagn Kalantaryan and Hybrid Coordinator Arpine Tavakalyan the class will be ambitiously going on with the newly introduced AVC Advanced Level 3 with the next term.

Any applicants with adequate knowledge in Chess will be welcome.”

Meanwhile, inspired by the same enthusiasm the group has launched AVC-AGBU Chess Club Egypt, running; on regular basis’ such activities as online puzzles, tournaments and matches with active support from AVC. The club has a Facebook Group and is open for chess players from the Egyptian Armenian Community. “The Club has seen its first arrival with co-patriot Gor Nahapetyan, whose mother and grandmother are the performers of the day.” as introduced by Anna Dolabjian.“Chess is yet another part of Armenian Studies offered by AVC and it is not coincidental. There is this subtle connection between the Armenians and chess. There must be a logical “cognitive” explanation to that.” noted Anna Dolabjian in her short presentation on AVC and the opportunities it unfolds for an Armenian and foreigners. “It’s not only the language that one needs to master. You need to understand the whole culture of a nation to be able to understand and speak the language right. Therefore besides the Armenian Language there has been a wide interest from foreigners towards AVC cultural studies like history, architecture, music, etc.” I encourage the Armenians in he Diaspora” she continued, “to refresh their national knowledge and enhance their feelings of Armenian identity by undertaking various courses offered by AVC.” The latest launch of E-Book series published by AVC online was also presented as a great source information and knowledge on Armenia.

The Skype Call with AVC Armenia was a fulfilling experience for both sides whereby the AVC representatives (Naira Gasparyan, Hasmik Kalapyan, Arpine Tavakalyan and Vahagn Kalantaryan) greeted the Community and congratulated the graduates. The connection culminated with the sounds of Krunk (violin, solo), the song by Komitas symbolizing the Diaspora-Armenia-Diaspora inseparable connection.

The event was crowned with Certification Ceremony for the students and student-teachers. “We would like to thank Roubina Aslanian, AGBU Cairo Committee Member for organizing tirelessly the logistics of the event” concluded Anna Dolabjian after which the guests were invited to the Chaker Reception Hall, where the buffet with fancy Chess Board geometrical designs was awaiting for them to enjoy and continue the celebrations into the evening in a warm atmosphere.

15 November, HMEM Nubar Cairo lifts the last cup of the 2015 basketball season

HMEM Nubar Cairo, the current strongest basketball team of the Egyptian Armenian clubs, has lifted St. Therese tournament’s trophy after defeating the hosts 77/32 (20/8,44/14, 59/18 & 77/32). The match was preceded by a veterans’ mixed game in which the veterans defeated the veterans 55/52..!

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s men’s basketball team had defeated HMEM Nubar Alex on Friday 96/39 (31/11, 54/17, 78/30 & 96/39) while St. Therese had defeated Homenetmen Gamk  51/43 (14/9, 26/17, 34/31 & 51/43).

On Saturday and right before the traditional Cairo derby, the long-time devoted and dynamic manager of St. Therese, Krikor Michaelian was honoured by the club for his faithful services to the club. He was handed a commemorative plate by His Grace Bishop Krikor Agostinos Kousa, the Primate of the Armenian Catholic church in Egypt and by His Grace Bishop Ashod Mnatsaganian, the Primate of the Armenian Apostolic church in Egypt.

The semi-final of Saturday saw the win of HMEM Nubar Cairo over Homenetmen Ararat 59/53 (17/8, 34/19, 49/36 & 59/53) after a commendable performance from the new youngsters of Homenetmen Ararat who are on a steady rise since the way was paved for them to be promoted to play in the ranks of the first team.

The final of Sunday and the win against St. Therese was a confirmation of the recent years’ leading supremacy of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s men’s team on the Egyptian Pan-Armenian basketball scene.  Well done champs.

26 November, A reception for recognition and gratitude by AGBU

AGBU Egypt and AGBU Cairo have jointly organized; on Wednesday 25th November 2015, a dinner reception in honour of 3 of its eminent board members who have served the Union with utmost loyalty for long years. A current practice of AGBU, which aims in venerating those who serve the Union and its goals.

The three members to be honoured were Mr Onnig Garibian, vice-president of AGBU Egypt, who was bestowed by the Central board of AGBU; the title of Honorary Member, for his outstanding services to the Union, late Norayr Deuvletian and Mr Missak Tchetchenyan, both members of AGBU Cairo for many years for their faithful services in the board.

The ceremony which was organized at St. Therese club’s reception hall started with the welcoming words of Dr. Viken Djizmedjian, the chairman of AGBU Cairo, who initiated the get-together with a minute of silence in respect to the memory of late Norayr Deuvletian, who had passed away on 15th June 2015, two days before the scheduled honouring ceremony which was postponed and organized last Wednesday.

The Honorary chairman of AGBU Egypt and AGBU Cairo, Mr. Berdj Terzian then took the floor to pay tribute to the first of the three venerated personalities; Mr. Onnig Garibian, citing his important role and contribution in numerous situations in which decisive interventions were needed to solve crucial matters. He gave examples of his key involvement in solving matters related to the land purchased from the heirs of Boghos Noubar for HMEM Nubar Cairo, the Chaker Villa land division and auction proceedings and his key role in finalizing the difficult paperwork related to the official Arabic nomenclature of AGBU Egypt. Mr Terzian also mentioned the patriotic aspect of Mr Garibian and his significant financial contribution in crucial situations such as the 1988 Armenia earthquake.

The chairman of AGBU Egypt, Mr Onnig Belekdanian then took the floor to read the decision of the Central Board of AGBU and to award Mr Garibian with the title of Honorary Member.

Mr Berdj Terzian then continued with the posthumous award of late Norayr Deuvletian, who throughout 43 years; from 1972 to 2015 has been a faithful member of the AGBU Cairo board as member, secretary, vice-chairman and chairman. Mr Terizan mentioned in his speech the many deeds and contributions of late Norayr whether in AGBU or in other Cairene Armenian institutions. On behalf late Norayr’s family, his daughter Mrs Gassia Djeghalian Deuvletian received the commemorative plate from the chairman of AGBU Egypt, Dr. Viken Djizmedjian.

It was then the turn of Missak Tchetchenyan, the AGBU Cairo board member since 1989 as member, secretary, vice-chairman and finally as treasurer from 1992 to 2009, when with utmost fidelity, honesty and fairness, he run the financial affairs of AGBU Cairo. Mr. Tchetchenyan was then invited by Mr. Terzian to receive his award from the hands of the AGBU Cairo chairman.

The closing words of His Grace Bishop Ashod Mnatsaganian, the Primate of the Armenian Apostolic church of Egypt came to congratulate the decorated personalities on their awards and to commend AGBU for its tradition in honouring its committed members.

7 December, An enlightening evening for acknowledgement and appreciation hosted by AGBU Cairo

AGBU Cairo organized on Sunday 6th December 2015, at the Belekdanian hall in Heliopolis a ceremonial event to honour the bright students of Cairo’s Armenian community awarding them certificates of excellence, presents and cash prizes for their distinguished results in the 2014-2015 educational year.

The event was held in the presence of a large presence including, His Grace Bishop Ashod Mnatsaganian, the Primate of the Armenian Apostolic church of Egypt, the chairmen of Cairo’s Armenian Community Council and its Executive Committee, chairmen and members of the AGBU Egypt and AGBU Cairo boards and parents, relatives and friends of the honoured students, as well as members of AGBU’s Central Board of Directors; Messrs. Vasken Yacoubian and Yervant Zorian and AGBU Europe Board member Mrs. Asdghig Alexanian.

The evening started with the opening words of Dr. Viken Djizmedjian, the chairman of AGBU Cairo, who welcomed the guests and congratulated the graduate students and their parents for their excellent results. He then introduced to the presence Dr. Yervant Zorian, the founder and president of AGBU’s Armenian Virtual College (AVC) who was the guest of honour of this yearly event.

Dr. Zorian gave a captivating presentation entitled “Education and Innovation” to demonstrate the role of the internet and multimedia as a modern tool in educating and reuniting Armenians worldwide and its important role in preserving the Armenian identity. He also talked about the different programs offered by the AVC in teaching Armenian language, history and culture through online classes and e-books.

Dr. Yervant Zorian, who is also the chairman of the AGBU Silicon Valley chapter and member of AGBU’s board of directors, seized the occasion to honour Mrs. Anna Dolabdjian-Terayan, the AGBU – AVC Liaison in Egypt to award her the prestigious title of AVC Ambassador for her role in spreading knowledge and awareness on the Armenian identity through AVC’s online study programs (language, history, culture and chess). It is to be noted that since the appointment of Mrs. Dolabdjian by AGBU and AVC three years ago, the number of Egyptians participating in these courses has increased impressively. Also thanks to her enthusiasm and passion, she was able to form AVC’s first collective online chess classes (Hybrid classes), with ten graduates who have recently formed a chess fans club, to gather and play the game once a week at AGBU Cairo’s premises.

The award proceedings then started. The awards, which are distributed since 2001 thanks to the AGBU Cairo’s Satenig Chaker fund, are considered as an appreciation and encouragement to our community’s bright students’ educational achievements.
This year 17 students were awarded: 10 primary stage graduates: Arin Simonian, Alain Parmankian 94.39%, Rita Kevorkian 95.3%, Pierre Zerdelian 96.56%, Arek Simonian 96.95%, Kareen Dertadian 97.19%, Lori Chilingirian 97.63%, Garo Sarkissian 98.15%, Lara Tchamkertenian 98.46% & Gloria Megerditchian 98.76%.
Three preparatory stage graduates: Mesrob Ghazelian 91.80%, Perla Avanian 91.91% & Vartouhi Krikorian 94.66%.  Three secondary stage graduates: Gareen Guerboyan  92%, Paylag Torossian 93.50% & Sevag Sakayan 98.50%. There was also one university graduate with “Very good” mark Ragui Sarkis.

The awards were handed out to the students through the board members of AGBU Cairo. Besides the certificates and books, cash prizes were also awarded:  For Primary stage graduates: 200 LE, for Preparatory stage students: 400 and for Secondary stage graduates: 1000 LE. The cash prizes are for these categories are for those who have obtained marks of 90% and more. For university graduates with “Very Good” grades the prize is 1500 LE and those with “Excellent” marks, it is 2000 LE.

21 December, Zoravar Antranig’s 150th birth anniversary celebrated by AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan children’s choir

AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan children’s choir celebrated the famous Armenian Hero “Zoravar Antranig” ‘s 150th anniversary on Sunday 20th December 2015 with a fine concert at the Belekdanian hall in Heliopolis with 21 songs and poems dedicated to this great hero.

The performance was attended by around 150 guests and dignitaries headed by His Grace Bishob Ashod Mnatsganian, the Primate of the Armenian Apostolic church of Egypt, His Excellency Dr. Armen Amelkonian, the Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia in Egypt, Reverends Fathers Kapriel Vartabed and Hagop Hagopian, the chairmen of Cairo’s Armenian  Community Council and other Armenian cultural institutions and  clubs as well as parents and enthusiast of Armenian music.

The 25 Dziadzan choir members and their artistic conductor Maestro Mihran Ghazelian and choir leader Mrs. Kohar Ghazelian all excelled in the production of the recital which included 11 patriotic songs, 10 poems and a short movie of the life and deeds of Zoravar Antranig.

A special 32 page program was carefully prepared by Maestro Mihran to outline Zoravar Antranig’s life and heroics and to include the wordings of some of the songs sung by the choir.
A big applause to all those who contribute with AGBU Cairo and its 11 year old Dziadzan children’s choir in the success and progress of the choir, which thanks to the efforts of Maestro Mihran and his wife Kohar, is playing an important role in the preservation of Armenian identity awareness in the younger generations through music and culture.

A big thank you also to the sideline organisers of yesterday’s concert; namely Mrs. Marie Kevorkian for her great help in arranging the uniforms, the former Dziadzantsi, Roupen Saad for his editing of the projected video and also for the professionals Ohan Djanigian for the sound system and Shahe Lousararian for the design of the booklet.

26 December, The Christmas Bazaar of HMEM Nubar Cairo

The traditional annual Christmas bazaar of HMEM Nubar Cairo was held on Friday 25th December 2015 at the club with the presence around 200 guests and children who came to spend the day in a cheerful and festive atmosphere.

The Christmas food & decoration bazaar was opened at 1:30 pm by Mrs. Seta Saroukhan-Nerdian, who cut the ribbon giving the green light to the rash entry into the chamber of goodies in the club house.  Besides the notorious Armenian food & delicious treats there were some Christmas decorations and superb knick-knacks. On sale there were many delicious items like the ever thriving sudjuk & pastrami, the palate- tempting Tchoerek, Kété, Sou-Boeurek and Topig and  the excellent choice of the pastry section of jams, Christmas cakes, muffin and cookies, which all went out of stock in no time in spite of the abundance of the quantities.

Well done ladies committee of HMEM Nubar Cairo, whose members worked hard during the past few weeks to ensure the success of this event.

Soon after the delicious lunch prepared by the newly appointed chef, the infamous gift distributing Gaghant Baba showed up to the joy of the children.

29 December, AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan children’s choir at the Aidzemnig elderly home

AGBU Cairo’s children choir Dziadzan paid a special visit to the Armenian home for the elderly “Aydzemnig” on Friday 29th January  2017 to perform and cheer up its resident on the occasion of the new year.

The choir, conducted by Maestro Mihran and his wife Kohar Ghazelian sang some of their latest recital’s songs which they had performed on 20th December 2015 dedicated to the Armenian Hero “Zoravar Antranig”. Some of the choir members performed and sang solo entertaining the elderly and their relatives and guests.