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The year’s highlights
– The new HMEM Nubar Heliopolis club in Cairo forms its first Executive board and begins its basketball and scouts activities.
– AGBU Cairo obtains an official status with the Egyptian government.


15 January
AGBU Cairo obtains an official status with the Egyptian Government as a Benevolent Union working under the jurisdiction of Egyptian laws governing the activities of such unions.

18 May
HMEM Nubar Cairo 1st General Assembly and election of new board:
President: Berdj Yacoubian, vice-president: Hovhannes Kehyaian, secretary: Hagop Ekserdjian, vice-secretary: Azad Boghigian, treasurer: Sarkis Spendjian, vice-treasurer: Zaven Kesedjian and Mehridad Boyadjian. Accountant: Garo Neredian.

25th May
HMEM Nubar club’s 1st committee meeting held under candlelight. The club has a deficit of 225 LE and is unable to pay the electricity bill. The committee decides to introduce a series of fund-raising activities:
– To exert efforts to increase the number of the club’s members (60 so far)
– Dedicate Tuesday and Friday evenings as official days for the activity of the club serving food for its members.
– Find donors.
By mid 1960 the following material is donated: 10 umbrellas and tables by Hagop Tchailakian, 60 chairs and 20 tables by Mardig Tatigian and kitchen material by Berdj Yacoubian

The wooden Khetsig of the Shoubra Nubar club is transported to the new HMEM Nubar club of Baron Empain street and raised next to the new stony Khetsig.

HMEM Nubar club Cairo opens its Scouts movement for 4 sectors: Scouts, guides, cubs and Brownies with the affiliation of 100 youngsters. By May 1960 the total number increases to 200.
Mr. Toumig Sedefdjian is appointed as scoutmaster and the club builds its “Khetsig” in June 1960 with a total expenditure of 693.5 LE .

13 – 17 November
HMEM Alex participates and wins the Egyptian basketball Federation’s Alex district four-team “Mizitano” cup beating St. Marc, Palestra and Gamk. Captain of HMEM Alex: Berdj Dostoumian.