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6 January

AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan children’s choir perform at the January 6 “Paradon”

As every year, AGBU Cairo’s “Dziadzan” children’s choir participated in the Armenian Artistic Club’s annual “Paradon”, which celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. “Dziadzan” performed with 4 songs and entertained the spectators thanks to their seasonal cheery songs and their lively pleasant interactive style.

The Paradon is being organized since 1959 and presents performances staged by the Egyptian Armenian Community’s different institutions and clubs.

18 January

Launch of the book “EGYPTIAN ARMENIAN VIEWS on History, Politics and Cultural Heritage”

A new book entitled “EGYPTIAN ARMENIAN VIEWS on History, Politics and Cultural Heritage” written by Mr. Berdj Terzian, the Chairman of AGBU Egypt, was launched on Sunday 18th January 2009 at the premises of the Armenian Embassy in Cairo, under the auspices of H.E. Dr. Rouben Karapetian, the Ambassador of Armenia in Egypt.

The book gives a bird`s eye view on Armenian history and on the Armenian genocide in particular and its ongoing repercussions on current Armenian affairs. The book is also rich in articles on current political situations that Armenia faces since its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, with in-depth articles on the Nagorno Karabagh question. Furthermore, the book includes cultural articles on the Armenian church, important Armenian figures, Armenian communities in different countries, personal memoirs, etc..

The author, Mr. Berdj Terzian is a prominent Armeno-Egyptian intellectual, whose continuous devotion to Armenian affairs has left a significant imprint in Armenia State or community related matters. The book is a true reflection of his rich and profound “Armenian” knowledge. Mr. Terzian is a member of AGBU District Committee of Egypt since 1964 and its Chairman since 1988, he is the Honorary Chairman of AGBU Cairo, after being its Chairman from 1992 to 2002. He is also the editorial advisor of AGBU Cairo`s “Deghegadou” quarterly magazine  and the monthly “Arev” Arabic supplement for Armenian issues. Mr. Terzian acted as the Chairman of the Executive Board of the Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate in Cairo from 2003 to 2006 and is an active member of the Diocesan Council of the Armenian Church in Cairo since several decades.

25 January

Armen Varjabadian, Champion of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s Pool Tournament

After an exciting three-way final of  HMEM Nubar Cairo`s 7th Pool Tournament which was held on Sunday 25 January, Armen Varjabedian was crowned champion of the competition with reverence. Armen lifted the trophy after beating Yousry Joseph 3-0 and Hagop Kalishian 3-1 in the final round.

Armen`s confident high-level playing technique was undoubtfully the best amongst the 24 players who participated in this tournament. His superior level surely qualifies him to play in higher competitive levels of pool competitions. Well done Armen…

The climax of the final round matches was watched by a large number of club members and pool fans. The exquisite crystal Trophy was offered by Mr. & Mrs. Hratch Sevadjibashian.

1 February

Wadi El Rayan (Fayoum) excursion by AGBU Cairo

AGBU Cairo organized on Sunday 1st February a one day “discovery” excursion to the Wadi El Rayan waterfalls near Fayoum. Around 40 persons participated in this trip, part of them had travelled a day earlier spending the night at the nearby Zad El Mosafer Eco-Lodge.

After visiting the waterfalls, lunch was taken at the New Panorama Shakshouk Hotel where the participants enjoyed a nice relaxing meal on the shores of Lake Karun.

6 February

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s trip to Ismailia

Taking advantage of the mid-year vacations, and following AGBU Cairo’s successful trip to Lake Karun, HMEM Nubar Cairo organized on Friday 6th February another enjoying day trip to Ismailia and Suez Canal’s lake Temsah.

47 participants took part in this day trip which was spent mostly on the shores of the Temsah lake at the lavish Mercure Forsan Island Hotel. After enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Suez canal and Lake Temsah, the participants were served a luxurious open buffet lunch before heading back to Cairo and its busy traffic.

8 February

A sports camp in Hurghada for HMEM Nubar Cairo’s men’s basketball team players

In preparation for the upcoming basketball season which will take off with a basketball tournament on Easter weekend (details of which are yet to be announced), the men`s basketball team of HMEM Nubar Cairo has resumed regular training sessions 3 times a week at the club. A trip to Hurghada is also scheduled for the players of the team from 8 to 11 March to get the players into the swing before the April activities..

The current players of HMEM Nubar Cairo`s men`s basketball team are the reigning champions of the Armeno-Egyptian basketball tournaments. The team has also won in October 2008 HMEM Nubar Cairo`s 50th anniversary basketball tournament beating AYA Aleppo in the final.

15 February

HMEM Nubar Cairo & HMEM Ararat meet for improved inter-clubs relations

An important meeting was held today at the Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate between representatives of HMEM Nubar Cairo and HMEM Ararat clubs with the aim of  resuming inter-clubs basketball tournaments and improving relations between the two Armenian clubs.

The get-together was held upon an invitation from His Eminence Bishop Ashod Mnatsakanian,  Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Egypt, Mr. Antranig Mesrobian, Chairman of the Diocesan Council of Cairo and Mr. Onning Belekdanian, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate. HMEM Nubar Cairo was represented by Dr. Garo Apkarian and Vahe Varjabedian (chairman and vice-chairman of the club respectively), while HMEM Ararat was represented by Mr. Garo Toumayants (chairman of the club) and Vartan Kazandjian.

The meeting was held in a very cordial and friendly atmosphere and all those present agreed that the force of our community is in its unison and harmony. The representatives of the two clubs agreed to open a new chapter of relations and to regulate the holding of these tournaments through a set of rules and regulations in order to avoid conflicts. They decided to entrust Dr. Viken Djizmedjian and Mr. Berdj Miskdjian to draft these regulations which would be submitted for review and approval by all the participating clubs of Armeno-Egyptian basketball tournaments.

10 March

Orphans of Al Rae’ei El Saleh in HMEM Nubar Cairo

The orphans of Beit Al Rae`ei El Saleh (The Good Shepherd`s house) were invited on Friday 6th March at HMEM Nubar Cairo for a sunny day out. The club opened up its doors to the orphans and their supervisors who extremely appreciated this move.

The orphans played at the slides, rode bicycle, danced and played musical chairs. They also enjoyed the performance of a magician. A delicious Mc Donalds meal was also offered to them. Several Armenian parents, children and Sunday school officials were there to help out and joint the activity. The orphans had a superb time and didn’t want to leave.  It was a real memorable day for them.

23 March

AGBU Cairo starts the digital archiving of Armeno-Egyptian artists’ works

After the success of the Armeno-Egyptian artists’ exhibition held at the Atelier d’Alexendrie last November, AGBU Cairo has started an important indexing and digital photographing project of Armeno-Egyptian artists’ paintings, whether held by individuals, private collectors or Armenian institutions.

More than 400 paintings have already been indexed and photographed so far including the works of some renowned Armeno-Egyptian artists such as Yervand Demirdjian, Vahram Manavian, Alexandre Saroukhan, Ashod Zorian, Vahan Hovivian, Onnig Avedissian, Arte Topalian, Hampar Hampartsoumian, Puzant Godjamanaian, Simon Shahrikian, Jirayr Palamoudian, John Papazian, Simon Samsonian and Elize Partam. The works of contemporary artists are also being indexed and photographed, such as Hovhannes Denkdjian, Armenouhi Jamgotchian, Nora Ipekian, Hrant Keshishian, Shant Avedissian, Vahe Varjabedian, Sarkis Tossounian,  Aline Djizmedjian, Marie Artinian, Vahan Telpian, Armen Agop and Kegham Djeghalian. Click here for the list of Armeno-Egyptian artists whose works are being archived by AGBU Cairo.

5 April

AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan children’s choir performs at the Suzan Mubarak Cultural Center

On Sunday 5th April, the choir performed at the Suzan Mubarak Cultural Center: “Markaz Al Re’aya Al Motakamela” in Heliopolis. The recital was held in the framework of the cooperation between AGBU Cairo and Mrs. Suzan Mubarak’s  “Al Re’aya Al Motakamela” Union.

The recital of AGBU Cairo’s “Dziadzan” children’s choir led by Maestro Mihran Ghazelian comprised Armenian and Egyptian songs and was attended by dignitaries of both institutions. The hosts have also participated in the recital with several instrumental and vocal solo performances.

The Director General of the “El Re’aya Al Motakamela” Union, Mr. Mohamed Raouf Ismail and the President of AGBU Egypt, Mr. Berdj Terzian, have both stressed; in their courtesy speeches, on the importance of the collaboration between the two unions which have a more or less similar scope of

10 April

HMEM Nubar Cairo Easter tournament: Beriut’s Haigazian University winners of day 1

In the opening basketball and football matches of HMEM Nubar Cairo`s Easter tournament, Haigazian University`s footballers beat Alex`s Boghossian football team 1-0 while the University`s basketball team beat HMEM Nubar Alex 51/28.

Thirty one Haigazian University students along with their officials are in Cairo from 9th to 14th April to play some men`s and women`s basketball and football matches with HMEM Nubar Cairo and Alexandria and to spend some leisure time with their Cairene and Alexandrian young counterparts.

12 April

A “Grand” Grand ball

Around 200 guests were present at HMEM Nubar Cairo’s Gala dinner at the Novotel Heliopolis Hotel on Saturday 11th April to dance the night away until the early hours of the morning. The grand ball was held on the occasion of the club’s Easter tournament which is being held with the participation of Beirut’s Haigazian university basketball and football teams, as well as HMEM Nubar Alex’s basketball and Boghossian’s football teams.

The night had started around 10:00 pm after the evening’s HMEM Nubar Cairo vs HMEM Nubar Alex match which ended in favor of the hosts. After the buffet dinner, DJ Armen, with his excellent choice of music and hits, kept the attendance on their feet boogying all night long, only giving way at around 3:00 am to the rituals of the traditional tombola, the first prize of which was a Cairo-Beirut-Cairo ticket won by Mr. & Mrs. Antranig Mesrobian..

The presence of Beirut’s Haigazian university’s students jazzed up the ball and contributed in increasing its enjoyment levels.

13 April

HMEM Nubar Cairo Easter tournament trophies’ tally: Two for HMEM Nubar Cairo and one for Haigazian

The stands of the basketball court of HMEM Nubar Heliopolis were packed on Sunday 12th April as the finals of the club’s Easter tournament were being held on this special Easter night: Two out of three trophies went to the hosts HMEM Nubar Cairo: the ones of football and ladies’ basketball, and a trophy to Haigazian University’s strong men’s basketball team.

It was yet another memorable evening at HMEM Nubar Cairo, which is constantly on the look for alternative occasions to keep sports activities; and specially basketball, uninterrupted and vibrant at the club. Less than six months after inviting AYA Aleppo teams on the occasion of the club’s 50th anniversary celebrations, three sports teams from Beirut’s Haigazian University are in Cairo to play at the club thanks to an initiative from AGBU Cairo.

The matches of Sunday started at 6:30 pm with the football final between HMEM Nubar Cairo and Haigazian. The match ended with a 2-0 win for the hosts. It seems that the football team of HMEM Nubar Cairo, although inconsistent in its regular trainings, is accustomed in reaping titles and tournaments.. Well done boys..

In the ladies’ basketball match, HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated Haigazian’s baseketballers 54-46. In spite of missing two important key players, namely Maral & Nairy Hagopian, the young ladies of HMEM Nubar really excelled and clinched the trophy after a well deserved win. The progress of the ladies’ team of HMEM Nubar Cairo is on an obvious rise in the past few years. Lacking opposition from local Armeno-Egyptian teams, this was the occasion to prove its real merit..

The peak of the day was the final of the men’s basketball tournament between HMEM Nubar Cairo and the strong Haigazian team which includes some very high class and talented players who play in the Lebanese basketball league. HMEM Nubar Cairo took the lead at the start of the match until the beginning of the fourth quarter when the guests came back in force to grab the final win overcoming HMEM Nubar Cairo 84/81. It was a great match between two great teams. The match was an excellent opportunity for HMEM Nubar Cairo players to play against such a high caliber team. It was the occasion to ascertain its true value matching up with such a strong side.

17 April

The workshop on the Armenian Genocide

Today, on Friday 17th April, a very interesting and interactive workshop about the Armenian genocide was held at the AGBU Cairo for youth, aged between 12 and 16. This workshop comes before the commemoration of April 24th next week.

The workshop which was run by Armin Kredian was divided into two parts. The first part was a PowerPoint presentation about changes in historic and present Armenia, the Ottoman Empire and the Soviet Union, and most important of all, how and why the Genocide was made.

29 April

The AGBU Cairo General Assembly

The General Assembly of AGBU Cairo was held on Wednesday 29th April at 8:00 pm at the Headquarters of the Union in Heliopolis. According to the figures, in 2008 AGBU Cairo spent 1 506 849 LE of which 317 429 LE were spent on cultural projects, 220 758 LE as financial support to Armenian organizations, 332 124 LE for social support and care to the needy. 370 195 LE were spent on the Medicare project, 208 891 LE on Educational programs. 30 000 LE were donated to the Armenian Studies center at the Cairo University.

The board of AGBU Cairo saw no major changes except for the treasurer’s position, Mr. Misak Tchechenian, who after more than 17 years of meticulous and faithful services as treasurer has opted to give up his function. He will continue to be an active member of the board contributing with his experience and valuable knowledge. Auxiliary member, Miss Sona Markarian has also chosen to leave for personal reasons. The new treasurer to replace Mr. Tchetchenian is Mr.  Kevork Avanian. Mr. Roupen Terzibashian was also appointed as a new auxiliary member. It is to be noted that Mr. Berdj Terzian is the Honourary chairman of the board since April 2007

The new AGBU Cairo board is now formed of the following persons:

Dr. Viken Djizmedjian, Chairman 
Onnig Belekdanian, Vice-Chairman
Mardiros Balayan, Secretary
Kevork Avanian,Treasurer

Norayr Deuvletian,  Missak Tchetchenian, Chris Michaelian, Berge Ketchedjian, Dr. George Simonian

Auxiliary Members
Onnig Garibian, Gary Kehyayan, Hagop Karagozian, Arpi Khatcherian, Rubina Aslanian, Ani Ohanessian, Roupen Terzibashian

1 May

Great “Kermesse” at HMEM Nubar Cairo

A great ’’kermesse’’ was held at HMEM Nubar Cairo club on Friday 1st May. The games were ready and running from 11:00 in the morning until around 8:00 in the evening. There were about 12 competitions with prizes and 6 amusement games hired from a private entertainment company. Special tents were raised for the occasion to shelter the games and competitors. The setting reminded us of the club’s sixties’ and seventies’ gala games held at the club on Sham El Nessim.

The youth of the club who had been preparing for the event since several days along with their elder organizers were in charge of the kermesse games which were real fun, specially the sponge throwing, which had the human targets wet to their knees.. The amusement games drew also lots of fans: There was a 9 meter climb and slide tower, a 2 meter rolling ball, a trampoline, a safari train, a jumper, a disc hockey game and several kids’ rides.. A variety of prizes were on display according to the number of tickets won by the participants.

A BBQ meal service was also served throughout the day, along with some nice music from DJ Armen.

10 July

HMEM Nubar boys and girls mini-basket teams clash

In this mini clash, the boys and girls mini-basket teams of HMEM Nubar Cairo faced each other in a defying challenge which finally turned to the boys’ side at their encounter of Friday 10th July.

The mini-basket match was played on the “big” basketball court and was coached by Sevan Dertadian (for the mini girls) and by Armen Baltayan (for the mini-boys team).

 13 July

A premiere: The rules of the Armeno-Egyptian Basketball tournaments signed by the 5 clubs

The first ever set of rules regulating the Armeno-Egyptian basketball summer tournaments was signed yesterday 12th July  by the representatives of the five clubs which participate in these tournaments: HMEM Ararat, HMEM Gamk, HMEM Nubar Alex, HMEM Nubar Cairo and St. Therese.

This agreement and signature of rules can be considered as a premiere and an important milestone in the history of these games.

The regulations, which were drafted by Viken Djizmedjian and Berdj Miskdjian, were sent beforehand to the executive boards of the five clubs for review and approval. The final version was signed at HMEM Gamk club in Alexandria on Sunday 12th July by the representatives of the five clubs:  Vahé Benohanyan, chairman of HMEM Gamk, Garo Toumayants, chairman of HMEM Ararat, Garbis Tossounian, chairman of HMEM Nubar Alex, Vahé Varjabedian, vice-chairman of HMEM Nubar Cairo and Krikor Mikaelian, vice-chairman of the St. Therese club.

An organizing committee formed of one representative from each club will also be formed by next Sunday in order to resolve any situation which might come up during these tournaments which are not provided for in these regulations.  These rules will be valid for the 2009 and 2010 seasons and will be automatically renewed if no modification requests are received by any of the five clubs.

After a “moderate” 2007 and a “cold” 2008 summer season, the future of these games looks bright thanks to the conscientiousness and the commonsensical  approach of all those who participated in the conception and final signature of these rules.  Starting from the Primate of the Armenian Apostolic church,  passing from the authors of the draft regulations Berdj Miskdjian and Viken Djizmedjian, through to the executive boards of the five clubs which approved these rules with the common good of the local Armenian community in their minds, and ending with HMEM Gamk which provided the perfect setting for this final signature…

27 July

HMEM Nubar Alex basketball tournament: Homenetmen Ararat champions

The 2009 season’s first basketball tournament kicked-off on Friday after a one year hibernation period in which Armeno-Egyptian basketball tournaments seemed in a period of indefinite standstill.  Fortunately, after the signature of these tournaments’ regulations, the stoppage is over, and thanks to the lucid approach of clubs’ officials, the five teams are back in action.

In the opening match HMEM Nubar Alex defeated St. Therese 58-49 while Homenetmen Ararat defeated Homenetmen Gamk 68/36 (35/19).

On 26th July Homenetmen Ararat’s basketball team was able to overcome its traditional opponent, HMEM Nubar Cairo on Saturday, winning with the score of 64/62. It was a high-level exciting match, worthy of the HMEM Nubar Cairo/ Homenetmen Ararat famed derby encounters. At the end of the day, the better prepared HMEM Ararat team was able to overcome the players of HMEM Nubar Cairo who were definitely in one of their absolute “off” days.

The match started with a cautious pace with the two teams trying to delve into each other’s tactics and style.. After this preliminary exploration period, HMEM Nubar Cairo took the lead to end the first quarter 15/14, then the second 33/29 followed by the third. Few minutes before the end of the match HMEM Ararat was able to level the score and mark the winning basket at the very last second of the match.

The players and officials of the two teams demonstrated how competitive sports and fair play can go side by side to produce an exciting and correct match enjoyed by all. The excellent spirit of Fair-Play which prevailed among all was the real winner of the day..

On the final day, Homenetmen Ararat defeated HMEM Nubar Alex 61/50 and won the first tournament of the 2009 season after some good resistance from the home team.

The hosts advanced shoulder to shoulder with Homenetmen Ararat in the first two quarters (13/14 and 28/32) only to give way to Homenetmen Ararat in the third quarter (32/40) when their  relatively “aged” players could not make equal with the fitter and younger players of Homenetmen Ararat who ended  the game in their favor 61/50.

Congratulations to Homenetmen Ararat for this win and a better luck to HMEM Nubar Alex next time.

10 August

Cairo defeats Aleppo 75/64 and Gyumri defeats Alex 80/63 in the opening matches of Pan Armenian basketball tournament

After a magnificent performance, the Armeno-Egyptian “Cairo” team defeated the strong selection of Aleppo 75/64 in the group C opener after a superb game in which the players of our selection made an excellent show of technique and determination. Hraztan Kalinian scored 22 points, Saro Erzingatsian 14, Armen Varjabedian 13 and Tony Abboud 7 points. All the players were stars…
In group A Gyumri defeated Alex 80/63. The matches continue tomorrow with Alex playing against Teheran in group A and Cairo against Isfahan in group  C.

The grouping of teams is as follows:
Group A: Tehran, Alexandria, Gyumri, Akhalkalak
Group B: Sochi, Mashhad, Los Angeles, Sisian
Group C: Cairo, Isfahan, Moscow, Aleppo
Group D: Yerevan, Istamboul, Stepanagerd, Tavriz

The Armeno-Egyptian community is represented by two basketball teams; Cairo and Alexandria, formed of a selection of players of our clubs.
Alex team:
Simon Depoyan (CAP), Apraham Tahtabrounian, Varoujan Kazandjian, Hagop Mazloumian, Hrag Mikaelian, Rafik Sarkis, Hany Yaakoub, Hratch Mikaelian, Garo Cancian, Raffy Haladjian
Coach: Krikor Mikhaelilan
Cairo team:
Norair Mekhtikian, Tony Abboud, Edwar Abboud, Mikael Jamgochian, Hraztan Kalinian, Aram Apikian
Ary Erzingatzian, Saro Erzingatzian, Armen Varjabedian, Hagop Sayian (Cap)
Coach: Khoren Kalenian
The technical administrator of both teams is George Torossian

11 August

Second strong win for Cairo against Isfahan at the Pan-Armenian basketball tournament

Once again our Armeno-Egyptian “Cairo” team proved its punch today 11th August, by defeating Isfahan 71/ 55 after a strong match in which our team was able to make an excellent show of determination and vigour. After being 30/34 down at the end of the 2nd quarter, our team was able to tussle back and end the third quarter with a 53/49 lead and increase this advance until the end of the match to end it with a 71/55 win.

Hraztan Kalinian was the star of the match with 40 points scored, followed by Saro Erzingatsian 11, Ari Erzingatsian 8 and Tony & Edouard Abboud 8 points each .  The combination of the best players of our Armeno-Egyptian clubs in a one single team proved to be an excellent formula in reaching greater heights. Bravo boys.

Our second representative “Alex” team was less fortunate against the strong Teheran team (104/43) which is one of the favourites to win the tournament. The chances of our “Cairo” team to qualify to the 8th finals are almost certain before tomorrow’s last group match against “Moscow” at 2:30 pm. The last group match of the “Alex” team will be against Akhalkalak also on Wednesday.

12 August

Cairo ON TOP of group C and a first win for Alex against Akhalkalak

Against all odds and after a breathtaking match, our Cairo team showed its superiority on the “giants” of Moscow winning 71/61 in the last group C match of the 2nd Pan-Armenian basketball tournament to come on top of this strong group and qualify to play for positions 1 to 8.

Our team was on top right from the start leading “Moscow” narrowly all through the four quarters of the game (15-13, 34/33, 51/49 and 71/61). The best scorer of the team was Edouard Abboud with 20 points, followed by Ari Erzingatsian 18 and Hraztan Kalinian 16 points.

Our team will now face Sochi (the champions of 2007) on Friday 14th August at 9h45 am.

In group A, Alex achieved its first win of the tournament today against Akhalkalak 88/51 and will now play for positions 9 to 12 in the 2nd Pan-Armenian basketball tournament in Yerevan. The Alex team overpowered Akhalkalak right from the start and summed up 88 points through Simon Depoyan (22 points), Hagop Mazloumian (20), Varouj Kazandjian and Hany Yaacoub (14 each).


14 August

Pan-Armenian basketball: Sochi defeats Cairo while Tavriz withdraws against Alex

In spite of its 77/95 defeat our Armeno-Egyptian “Cairo” team proved its vigor today 14th August in Yerevan in its match against the very strong Sochi team(the champions of 2007).  Our team presented some top notch quality basketball against the “giants” of Sochi.

Meanwhile in a surprise move, the team of Tavriz withdrew against Alex from its match today, paving the way to our second team to aspire for a better position in the general classification of the tournament.

Tomorrow, Saturday 15th August, the matches continue with Cairo playing against Gyumri for positions 5 to 9 and Alex against Mashhat for positions 9 to 12, both at 9h45 am. Gyumri had beaten Alex 80/63 in the group A opening match.

Follow thr match live tomorrow on this site.

15 August

Pan-Armenian basketball: Cairo beats Gyumri 69/62

Our champions of “Cairo” defeated Gyumri 69/62 today after a hectic match in which tiredness was the name of the game. In spite of playing 5 matches in 6 days, our players were still able to overcome Gyumri in a match which saw some tense moments when Gyumri advanced to almost level with “Cairo: 49/48 at the end of the 3rd quarter. But our players were able to pull back their strength and advance steadily until the end of the match.  Our other representative Alex lost today to Mashhat 33/60.

Cairo will now play against Istanbul tomorrow at 9h45 Cairo time for positions 5th or 6th.

Our best scorers of today’s match were: Hraztan Kalinian 27 points, Edward Abboud 16, Ary Erzingatsian 9.

16 August

Our boys of “Cairo” & “Alex” teams are back after some brilliant performances in Yerevan

Our boys of the two teams of “Cairo” and “Alex” have returned back safely from Yerevan after some very honorable performances in which the “Cairo” team was able to win 4 matches out of a total of 6 it played in the space of 7 days, occupying the 6th position, while Alex came out 11th out of 16 participating teams.

Our players proved that despite being a small community, yet we rank high. In fact, for a small but active community of around 3000, the 6th place obtained by our “Cairo” team and the 11th place obtained by the “Alex” team is by all means an achievement when comparing our results to those obtained by the 14 other teams.

Among the 16 participating teams, Cairo and Alexandria linger at the bottom of the list when it comes to the sizes of Armenian communities in these cities. Yet the realized result is an important indication of the potentials; the least in sports, of such a small but active community.  It’s a hint of how high-ranked we are when it comes to accomplishments and successes, especially when united…            Viken D.

Best scorers: Hraztan Kalinian 22 points, Ary Erzingatsian 20 points, Tony Abboud 10

The Armeno-Egyptian community was represented by two basketball teams; Cairo and Alexandria, formed of a selection of players from our clubs.
Cairo team:
Norair Mekhtikian, Tony Abboud, Edwar Abboud, Mikael Jamgochian, Hraztan Kalinian, Aram Apikian
Ary Erzingatzian, Saro Erzingatzian, Armen Varjabedian, Hagop Sayian (Cap)
Coach: Khoren Kalenian
Alex team:
Simon Depoyan (CAP), Apraham Tahtabrounian, Varoujan Kazandjian, Hagop Mazloumian, Hrag Mikaelian, Rafik Sarkis, Hany Yaakoub, Hratch Mikaelian, Garo Cancian, Raffy Haladjian
Coach: Krikor Mikhaelilan
The technical administrator of both teams was George Torossian

21 August

Renowned mentalist David Lai at HMEM Nubar Cairo

In an unprecedented event, World renowned mentalist David Lai  performed at HMEM Nubar Cairo on Friday 21st August in a unique show never seen in our club. David spend around 2 hours passing from one table to another, demonstrating his skills which kept all those present astonished.

Among the tricks he performed yesterday:  metal bending, mind reading, card magic and telekinesis. In most of his tricks he used mentalism, a subdivision of magic dealing with the mind. David’s style of magic was really different.

David’s performance was elegant, professional, and extremely entertaining. This unprecedented event was held courtesy of Garo Varjabedian.


1 September

Homenetmen Gamk tournament: HMEM Nubar Cairo champions

On the first day of Homenetmen Gamk tournament and after the hitch of the HMEM Nubar Alex tournament, HMEM Nubar Cairo is back on victory road defeating Homenetmen Ararat 73-67 (32-27) after a gripping match worthy of the derbies of these two clubs.

Although highly competitive, the match was played in an excellent fair-play spirit. At the end of the day HMEM Nubar Cairo proved to be the better team, playing with resolve and a strong determination to win this time around.  The team proved to some dubious minds that hiccups happen.. and winning doesn’t come easy, specially against such a strong team as Homenetmen Ararat.

After leading most quarters of the match, the players of HMEM Nubar Cairo came back strongly in the fourth quarter of the match to win and qualify for the final on Sunday. HMEM Nubar Cairo was the better team of the day. Well done boys and hard luck to Homenetmen Ararat.

The matches of Friday had ended with the following results:
Homenetmen Gamk/St. Therese 51/38 and HMEM Nubar Cairo/HMEM Nubar Alex 67/22

On Sunday 30th August HMEM Nubar Cairo beat Homenetmen Gamk in the final 117/52 (56-25).

On this final day, the HMEM Nubar team, having hardly found the time to recuperate from the previous days’ strong matches against Homenetmen Ararat on Saturday (73-67) and HMEM Nubar Alex (67/22) on Friday, continued its high level performance and defeated Homenetmen Gamk 117/52 to lift the 2nd trophy of the season.

17 September

A dinner reception to honour the Armeno-Egyptian basketball selection

A dinner reception was held on Thursday 17th September at the St. Therese club in Heliopolis to honour our brave boys of “Cairo” and “Alex” teams who have represented our community with great courteousness and brilliance at the basketball tournament of the Pan-Armenian Games held in Yerevan from 9 to 16 August 2009.

The organising committee in charge of our successful venture in Yerevan hosted this gathering under the auspices of the Armenian Apostolic & Catholic Patriarchates of Egypt, inviting also the newly appointed Ambassador of Armenia to Egypt, H.E. Mr. Armen Melkonian as well as sponsors and board members of clubs and institutions who have participated in this mission. The “Cairo” team was able to win 4 matches out of a total of 6 played in the space of 7 days, occupying the 6th position, while Alex came out 11th out of 16 participating teams.

The Cairo and Alex teams were formed of players from Homenetmen Ararat, Homenetmen Gamk, HMEM Nubar Cairo and St. Therese clubs.

Despite the size of our Armenian community, yet the realized sports and especially moral result is an important indication of the potentials of our small but active community.  It’s a hint of how high-ranked we are when it comes to accomplishments and successes, especially when united… The harmony and friendship among players and officials was the greatest success of this endeavour.

A point specifically expressed in the closing words of delegation officials Berdj Haladjian and Krikor Michalian who; on behalf of the players; expressed the youngsters’ wish to see this team continue to train together and play matches before the next Pan-Armenian Games in two years time. An important undertaking indeed

2 September

Successful trip and performance of the “Dziadzan” choir in Aleppo

AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan children’s choir returned from Aleppo last Sunday 30th August after a pleasant & lucrative trip and a successful performance in Aleppo, Syira.

Twenty nine members from the Dziadzan choir, including Maestro Mihran & Mrs. Kohar Ghazelian and pianist Nanor Apikian, in addition to 16 parents participated in this delightful trip to Aleppo from 25 to 30 August; an excellent occasion indeed to discover and strengthen ties with other Armenian communities of the Middle East in general and Aleppo’s rich community in particular.

The concert was held on Saturday 29th August at AGBU Aleppo’s Nadjarian school Hall. The children of the choir sang with ease and excellence and deserved the cheers and applause of the 300 or so spectators who attended the concert.

Besides the concert and its rehearsals, AGBU Aleppo organized many sightseeing trips and recreational activities for the children who also had the chance to meet and make friends with many youngsters of their age, something which kept them longing to stay lot more than the planned 6 day trip. They parted with gloomy faces hoping to see them again one day, but delighted for an exceptional and outstanding trip which will surely remain in a prime spot of their childhood memories.

1 October

Votchkharaseghan at HMEM Nubar Cairo

A Votchkharaseghan was held on Thursday 1st October at HMEM Nubar Cairo club offered by Mr. & Mrs. Hratch Simonian and Mr. & Mrs. Berge Touloumbadjian in honor of the basketball team of the club. Invited to this gathering were members of the HMEM Nubar Cairo board with their spouses, the club’s senior basketball team players as well as close friends and family members of the hosts. Present also former club players and members: Onno Alexanian, Arpen Apkarian and Alex Tavitian.

This gathering was the occasion to celebrate the last win of the club’s men’s senior team of the HMEM Gamk basketball tournament held from 28 to 30th August.


3 October

Pre-Back-to-school friendlies

On the last day of the summer vacations, the three basketball teams of HMEM Nubar Cairo played several friendly matches in preparation of the club’s next Friday’s basketball tournament in which the three teams will be paying.

The ladies and U-17 teams of the club went to “Nadi El Qahera” to play against their counterpart teams of the “Cairo” club. Our boys of U-17 lost 44-56 while our girl’s team won with the uncontested straight score of 51-32. Meanwhile, back in our club, the seniors team of HMEM Nubar Cairo was playing against the U-18 of the Heliopolis SC defeating them 64/54.  A busy sports day indeed…


8 October

The Armeno-Egyptian basketball committee meets to discuss several issues

The first meeting of the basketball committee which was appointed by our community`s 5 Armeno-Egyptian clubs was held yesterday at the St. Therese club to confer about some issues concerning the regulations of these tournaments and HMEM Nubar Cairo’s tournament which starts tomorrow.

The meeting was attended by Garo Toumayants & Ara Koehnelian from Homenetmen Ararat, Krikor Michaelian from St. Therese, Vahe Varjabedian from HMEM Nubar Cairo as well as Dr. Viken Djizmedjian.  Being unable to attend, HMEM Nubar Alex and Homenetmen Gamk were kept on conference call on the issues which were discussed.

11 October

HMEM Nubar Cairo champions of its basketball tournament

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s basketball tournament kicked-off on Friday. A first day marked with the very high number of attendance for the day’s two matches.

In the opening match St. Therese defeated the U-17 team of HMEM Nubar Cairo 65/45 (27/21) and in the second, Homenetmen Ararat defeated Homenetmen Gamk 67/31 (38/9). For this first day, the fans of the four competing teams had to content with a rather quiet set of matches in what can be described as a normal predictable outcome for the day’s scheduled matches. Between the two matches “The cheer girls” of HMEM Nubar Cairo presented a 5 minute cheer-show.

After a busy 2nd day of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s October basketball tournament in which 3 matches were played, the results of the day went the favorites’ way. HMEM Nubar Cairo and HMEM Ararat defeated their opponents; St. Therese & HMEM Nubar Alex respectively to qualify to the final of Sunday.

The ladies team of HMEM Nubar Cairo started the day’s line-up of matches by defeating HMEM Nubar Alex 65/10 and lifting the first trophy of the tournament. The champion ladies will play a friendly match on Sunday at 8:00 pm against Al-Zehour club.

In the men’s tournament HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated St. Therese 76/55 (38/20) and HMEM Ararat defeated HMEM Nubar Alex 67/39 (41/22).

On the final day HMEM Nubar Cairo overcame Homenetmen Ararat with the strict score of 65/47 in the final of the club’s basketball tournament on Sunday.  A strong win indeed and a significant score difference unseen since some time in the derbies of the two clubs.

The champs proved their superiority throughout the four quarters of the game. During the match they never looked under threat from Homenetmen Ararat which definitely was playing below its known level and far from the strong performances of its last two tournaments.

What really counts at the end of the day is the excellent spirit of friendship, joy and fair-play which prevailed today and throughout all the matches of this tournament. A much neeeded spirit for our small but active community. Vartskernit gadar polorit.

The tournament was held under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Ashod Mnatsaganian and Mr. & Mrs. Antranig Mesrobian, chairman of the Diocesian Council of Cairo. The men’s cup was offered by Mr. & Mrs. Hratch Simonian, while the ladies’ cup by Dr. & Mrs. Viken Djizmedjian, chairman of AGBU Cairo.

15 October

Rose Papasian paintings donated to AGBU Cairo

Three paintings of the late Egyptian Armenian painter Rose Papasian were donated to AGBU Cairo.

The three paintings were remitted in Geneva, Switzerland, by Ms. Christine and Sima, the daughters of late Rose Papasian to AGBU Cairo board member Mr. Onnig Garibian.

Rose Papasian (born Shahbenderian) was born in Alexandria on 30th January 1935 and started painting at a very early age in Zorian’s workshop. Her early works included mainly women portraits. After her emigration to Switzerland in 1964, she specialized in abstract paintings and later on scenery paintings on oil until she passed away in Geneva on 23 February 1987.

17 October

A Colorful performance by Dziadzan

“Menk Arten Hink Daregan Yenk” was the name of the spectacle/show presented by AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan children’s choir on Saturday 17th October, on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the choir.

The recital was held at the Belekdanian Hall in Heliopolis and was attended by a large attendance who very much enjoyed and loudly cheered the colorful performance of the young choir. The joyful recital included 20 songs, all in Armenian except one in English, about friendship, our motherland Armenia, family bonds, children’s dreams and aspiration. Each of the 20 songs took up a message or an important value of our everyday life.

A slide show tracing back Dziadzan’s recitals throughout their 5 years of existence was prepared and displayed by choir member Aspé Djizmedjian. 18 performances in total in Cairo, Alexandria and Aleppo, Syria.

23 October

Dziadzan celebrates its 5th anniversary with bliss

In a friendly gathering at HMEM Nubar Cairo club on Thursday 22nd October, the young “Dziadzantsiner” of AGBU Cairo’s children’s choir came with their parents and AGBU Cairo board members to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the chorus which has gone a long way since Dziadzan’s dawn only 5 years ago.

The choir took its first steps in 2004 with only 16 members. Slowly it gained the affection & admiration of our small community thanks to the joyful and pleasant style of the choir’s repertoire, choice of songs and the ever improving level of performance.  After 19 performances in 5 years it now boasts 38 members aged 6 to 14.

A DVD of the choir’s recent trip to Aleppo was displayed followed by words from Maestro Mihran and Mrs. Kohar Ghazelian, pianist Mrs. Nanor Apikian and Dr. Viken Djizmedjian.  Several members of the choir took also the liberty to address some words to the gathering expressing their feelings and impressions of the Aleppo trip.

1 November

Homenetmen Ararat tournament: HMEM Nubar Cairo champions

In the opening match HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated HMEM Nubar Alex 67/34 (25/14) and in the second, Homenetmen Ararat defeated Homenetmen Gamk 71/39 (35/19).

On day 2 HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated St. Therese Club 88/51 securing its place in the final of Homenetmen Ararat’s basketball tournament and will now play against the hosts on Sunday in a thrilling final at 9:30 pm.

On the final day of Sunday and after a thrilling match, HMEM Nubar Cairo was able to make a powerful comeback in the last few minutes of the 4th quarter to defeat Homenetmen Ararat 68/67 in an exhilarating game in which the hosts were the ones to lead in most periods of the game only to see the sturdier powerful HMEM Nubar side snatch the cup in the last moments of the game..

The suspense had started right with the kick-off whistle of the referee with Homenetmen Ararat taking the early lead in the 1st quarter 22/15. A lead which was maintained in the 2nd quarter 40/37 and increased at the end of the 3rd 56/45. HMEM Nubar Cairo’s talented players were able to make a heroic comeback in the fourth quarter to decrease the gap then lead the score onward 3 minutes from time and wrap up the score in their favour 68/67.

The winners proved that having a good reserve of talented main and substitute players is a key factor in winning a match. HMEM Nubar Cairo used nine main and substitute players in their game while Homenetmen Ararat fielded the same five players throughout the whole match…

Bravo boys, you achieved a fantastic win and showed a remarkable fighting spirit. Cheers to the coaches Amr Ashour and Alaa Zahran and administrator Hagop Karagozian, you did a great job. A toast also to the club’s board members and fans who did not spare their voices in supporting the players to the end..

A very hard luck to Homenetmen Ararat who had came a long way since their last 47/65 loss against HMEM Nubar Cairo in October. We saw a much improved and a far better organized team today, you played extremely well but lost. Better luck next time

7 November

Dziadzan performs in Alexandria

“Menk Arten Hink Daregan Enk” was the name of the recital/show presented by AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan children’s choir in Alexandria on Friday 6th November, upon an invitation from AGBU Alex on the occasion of the choir’s 5th anniversary.

The recital was held at Boghossian school’s Melkonian Hall and was attended by many Alexandrians who very much enjoyed and loudly cheered the colourful performance of AGBU Cairo’s children. As in Cairo’s last performance, the joyful recital included 20 songs, all in Armenian and one in English, about friendship, our motherland Armenia, family bonds, children’s dreams and aspirations. Each of the 20 songs took up a message or an important value of our everyday life.

In the interval, AGBU Europe Board of Directors member Mrs Asdghig Alexanian, AGBU Alexandria chairman Mr. Sarkis Vartsbedian, and Dr. Viken Djizmedjian, chairman of AGBU Cairo distributed the certificates, prizes and cheques provided by AGBU Cairo’s Chaker fund to Alexandria’s brilliant students who had obtained distinctive marks in the 2007-2008 school year.

21 November

Saint Therese tournament: HMEM Nubar Cairo champions

Homenetmen Ararat defeated HMEM Nubar Alex 61/38 and Homenetmen Gamk beat hosts St. Therese 61/54 in the opening matches of the final basketball tournament of the season held at St. Therese from 20 to 22 November 2009.

After a first predictable match the crowds witnessed the gripping St. Therese vs. Homenetmen Gamk in which the Alexandrians succeeded in turning the match in their favor in the last few minutes of the game (19/9 1st, 32/29 2nd, 40/44 3rd and 61/54 final result). It is to be noted that the comeback of Zaven Lylekian in Homenetmen Gamk’s team and the injury of St. Therese’s Hratch Michaleian in the 3rd quarter had some significant bearing on the final outcome of the match.

On day 2 HMEM Nubar Cairo was able to defeat Homenetmen Ararat 78/74 after 3 hours, four quarters, and two extra times… in a thrilling match which will surely remain engraved in the memories of the fans of the two teams. The boys of HMEM Nubar Cairo will now play against Homenetmen Gamk in tomorrow’s final.

HMEM Nubar Cairo took the lead in most periods of the match (17/12 in the 1st quarter and 30/25 in the 2nd quarter). This 5 point difference increased to 10 at the end of the 3rd quarter (50/40). Matters switched to Homenetmen Ararat’s favor in the 4th quarter when several of the top players of HMEM Nubar had to leave the game because of committing 5 fouls (Hrastan Kalinian, Ary Erzingatsian and Simon Depoyan). Homenetmen Ararat displayed some good basketball especially in the 4th quarter and then onwards decreasing the gap gradually, ending the 4th quarter and the match in a 65/65 draw. It is to be noted that this time around HMEM Ararat fielded most of its players unlike their previous match against HMEM Nubar when they fielded 5 players only during the game. A positive change of tactics which proved correct thanks to the good impact the elder and younger (substitute) players of Homenetmen Ararat had on their team today.

After a first extra time which ended also in a draw 68/68, the 2nd extra time started with a scare when HMEM Nubar’s Armen Varjabedian fell and passed out for a minute. After several moments of fright, he rose amid the cheers of the spectators and his fellow players of both teams.

In this fourth quarter, HMEM Nubar Cairo players pulled back their resources and thanks to an inspired fighting spirit, took control of the last minutes of the match beating Homenetmen Ararat 78/74 after a breathtaking hectic match..

On the final day HMEM Nubar Cairo lifted the last trophy of the season by defeating Homenetmen Gamk 86/39 in the final of the St. Therese tournament on Sunday 22nd November confirming its uncontested title of 2009 champions.

On this final day of the tournament, the HMEM Nubar team, having hardly found the time to recuperate from the previous day’s hectic match against HMEM Ararat, fielded all of its 12 players throughout the match in order to give the chance to all to participate in this final cup match.  Congratulations boys.. . As to Homenetmen Gamk, reaching the final of this tournament was in itself an achievement. Although the score was high, you showed some good promising young players. Well done to team veterans Zaven Leylekian and Ara Miskdjian; your participation in this tournament was a great push for your team to reach the final.

Congrats  to all the five clubs’ officials, fans and players. In spite of some extremely fired-up matches there was not a single incident which disturbed the over-all cordial atmosphere of the five tournaments. Fair-Play was the name of the game…

24 November

Opening of the Armeno-Egyptian Artists’ exhibition

An important exhibition of Armeno-Egyptian artists’ works was inaugurated on Monday 23rd November at the “El Hanager Art Center”. The exhibition is a joint undertaking between AGBU Cairo and the Center and will remain open to the public until 29th November 2009.

H.E the Ambassador of Armenia to Egypt, Dr. Armen Melkonian and the President of the “El Hanager Art Center” Dr. Hoda Wasfy cut the ribbon of the launch of this significant one-week exhibition in the presence of His Grace Bishop Ashot Mnatsakanian, Primate of the Armenian Orthodox Church, His Grace Bishop Krikor Augostinos Coussa, Primate of the Armenian Catholic Church in Egypt in addition to AGBU Cairo Board members and its chairman Dr. Viken Djizmedjian as well as Mrs. Astrid Alexanian, Consul General of Austria in Alexandria and AGBU Europe Board member. The exhibition is held under the auspices of the Minister of Culture, H.E. Dr. Farouk Hosny.

About 100 artworks of 38 artists are displayed representing some of the finest works of Armeno-Egyptian artists of different generations. The works have been burrowed from individuals, private collectors and Armenian institutions.  The main theme of the exhibition is the celebration of the birth centenary of the prominent Armeno-Egyptian painter Puzant Godjamanian whose son Mgo has travelled to Cairo for this special occasion.

During the past few months, AGBU Cairo, through the coordinator of the exhibition, Hrant Keshishian and photographer Viken Varjabedian, has been archiving, indexing and photographing Armeno-Egyptian artists’ works. More than 600 paintings and artworks have already been indexed.

The displayed paintings and art works include works of Yervand Demirdjian, Vahram Manavian, Diran Garabedian, Alexandre Saroukhan, Ashod Zorian, Vahan Hovivian, Onnig Avedissian, Arte Topalian, Hampar Hampartsoumian, Puzant Godjamanaian, Simon Shahrikian, Jirayr Palamoudian, John Papasian, Simon Samsonian, Rose Papasian and Elize Partam. The works of contemporary artists are also displayed, such as the ones of Hovhannes Denkdjian, Armenouhi Jamgotchian, Nora Ipekian, Margrit Baltayan, Hrant Keshishian, Shant Avedissian, Vahe Varjabedian, Sarkis Tossounian,  Aline Djizmedjian, Marie Artinian, Vahan Telpian, Shahen Mazloumian, Serge Sedefdjian,  Armen Agop and Kegham Djeghalian.

6 December

Opening of the Saroukhan Exhibition at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

An important exhibition on the works of the famous Armeno-Egyptian cartoonist Alexandre Saroukhan was inaugurated yesterday Wednesday 9th December 2009 at 8:00 pm at the Alexandria Library. The exhibition is a joint undertaking between the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and AGBU Cairo and is organized in the memory of the great cartoonist Saroukhan (1.10.1898 – 1.1.1977).

Around 300 people attended the inauguration. Artists, officials, fans and mostly younger generations had all come out of respect and love for this great artist. The exhibition offers amateurs of fine arts an opportunity to see the works of one of the most famous cartoonists of Egypt and the World. Around 100 works are displayed in this exhibition.

Present for this great opening were Maestro Sherif Mohie El Din, Director of the Alex Library Arts Center, the Library’s prominent art consultants Mostafa El Razzaz and Farahat Gomaa who both gave a speech about Saroukhan’s significant impact on cartoon art and the political scene of Egypt in the 2nd & 3rd quarters of the 20th Century.

Present also, the main sponsor and co-organizer of this event AGBU Cairo with several of its board members and its President Dr. Viken Djizmedjian, AGBU Alexandria and its President Sarkis Vartsbedian , AGBU Europe Board member Mrs. Astrid Alexanian and Saroukhan’s family members: the Neredians who have provided all the paintings of the exhibition ..

Many prominent artists such as Farouk Shehata, Sarkis Tossounian, Hrant Keshishian (the co-ordinator of the event), Saber Hegazy, Mohamed Abla, Amr Fahmy, Medhat Nasser also attended the opening as well as many Armenian community members of Cairo and Alexandria plus hundreds of fine arts fans.

AGBU Cairo which is always keen to have our rich Armeno-Egyptian cultural heritage known to local and foreign communities through prestigious organizations (in this case the Bibliotecha Alexandrina), sponsored the organization of the exhibition by printing a 24 page booklet on Saroukhan’s life with samples of his works, and by also printing the banners, the invitations and brochures of the event. AGBU Cairo also assumed the organizational expenses of the event (framing of paintings, wrapping and transport, honoraries of staff, etc..).

The exhibition will remain open until 29th December 2009.

12 December

AGBU Cairo awards bright students of our community

AGBU Cairo awarded certificates of excellence and cash prizes to our community’s Egyptian Armenian students who have accomplished good results in the 2008-2009 school year. The award proceedings were held at the HMEM Nubar Cairo club on Saturday 12th December.

The ceremony, which is being organized since 2001 thanks to the Union’s Chaker fund, comes in appreciation to our community’s bright students’ educational achievements. It is also the occasion to encourage them to broaden their personal successes to wider communal accomplishments.

The evening started with words of greeting from AGBU Cairo chairman, Dr. Viken Djizmedjian who congratulated the students for their personal accomplishments and encouraged them to continue their efforts to seek more successes on both personal and communal levels. He also stressed on the importance of investing such personal distinction; in the future, for the service of others whether at the level of their families, community or even more for their country.

A 30 minute DVD was then shown on a performance by the AGBU sponsored “Nork Hayortats Doun” ‘s young talents of Yerevan.

The cash prizes and the certificates of recognition were then distributed to our bright Armenian students. This year 9 students were awarded: 3 primary stage graduates,  3 IGSE graduates and 3 university graduates.

The awarded prizes are for primary, preparatory and secondary stage students who obtained a 90% mark or more, as well as for university graduates who have obtained “very good” or “excellent” grades. The cash prizes awarded were as follows: Primary final year graduates: 100 LE, preparatory final year graduates: 200 LE, secondary final year graduates: 500 LE, university graduates with Very Good marks: 800 LE and those with Excellent marks: 1000 LE.

14 December

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s 8th pool tournament started

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s 8th pool tournament started last Sunday 13th December and will last until 18th January 2010.

The month long tournament will be featuring some of the best Armeno-Egyptian pool players of Cairo. 28 players have registered to compete for the cup offered by Mr. & Mrs. Berge Touloumbadjian.

The matches will be played on the knock out system on the basis of the “best of 5 matches” system whereby the player winning 3 matches is declared winner against his opponent . The final will be held on Sunday 18th January.

18 December

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s Christmas & Pastry Bazaar

HMEM Nubar Cairo club held its annual Christmas & Pastry bazaar on Friday 18th December with the presence of a big number of club members, fans, guests and children who came to spend the day in a cheerful and festive atmosphere.

The club was packed with people who came to enjoy the sunny Cairo weather and to buy some Home-made delicatessen, confectionaries and Armenian specialties which were on display in the clubhouse, which was beautifully decorated with Christmas ornaments and a big Christmas Tree.

The setting was perfect for a lovely day-out gathering in this festive period of the year. The ladies’ committee of the club and Koko Nabil, the club’s active board member, did a tremendous job to make the day such an enjoyable outing.

After the shopping `Rush-hour` in which the displayed items were snapped up in no time from the tables into the shopping bags of the ladies, the `shoppers` enjoyed lunch in the garden under the beautiful Cairo sunny weather.


24 December

Gaghant Baba visits Dziadzan..

AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan children’s choir members were surprised by an unexpected visit during their rehearsal of Thursday 24th December, when “Gaghant Baba” (or was it a Gahghant Mama?) paid them a visit to sing with them and to distribute some Christmas gifts to the choir members and leaders.

Maestro Mihran Ghazelian and his wife Mrs. Kohar as well as pianist Mrs. Nanor Apikian accompanied the children one by one to sing some of the choir’s old and new songs with the cheerful encouragement of the event organizers.

25 December

Gaghant Baba, Telematch Games and Christmas Carols at HMEM Nubar Cairo

HMEM Nubar Cairo club celebrated Christmas on Friday 25th December in the club’s garden with the presence of a big number of club members, fans, guests and children who came to spend the day in a cheerful and festive atmosphere.

More than 200 parents and children came to enjoy the festive day at the club. Christmas carols were sung by children and their parents on the tunes played by Arpy Djanikian, who had been preparing the “performers” since several weeks for this occasion…  Serge Sedefdjian kept the gathering entertained with Christmas songs throughout the afternoon..

Soon after lunch, and after the telematch games which were organized for the kids by a specialized company, Santa showed up with his back pack full of gifts. This year the ceremony was well under control.. the kids didn’t overwhelm Santa asking for their gifts like previous years. They approached him in order after being called, and with full obedience, presenting an act of merit before taking the gifts prepared for them by Santa..