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6 January

Khetoum delight at HMEM Nubar Cairo..

HMEM Nubar Cairo celebrated Khetoum on Thursday 5th January in style and elegance with around 120 persons gathered at the club house in a festive atmosphere, dancing to the “oldy” tunes of the live entertainment of singer George Karkour in a shipshape decorated interior and a scrumptious food service..

“The successes of previous years led us to eventually organize this event  this year as well, in spite of the strenuous times we’re having”  said Dr. Garo Apkarian, the chairman of HMEM Nubar Cairo SC, “It’s an excellent way to party and celebrate among family and friends.”

Mrs. Koko Nabil, the driving force behind the team-work organization of the event said “Once we announced the event, in the space of several days we registered 100 reservations, unfortunately we had to turn down further requests because of the limited space of the club house”, “The Ladies’ Committee did a tremendous job in organizing this event in just few days. The decoration, food, presents and organization was all taken care by each one of them with utmost commitment” continued Mrs. Koko.

The night ended at around 2:00 am with the tombola in good spirits and mood after an excellent night out full of enjoyment and delight.

 21 January

AGBU Cairo contributes with 30 000 LE to Cairo University’s Armenian Studies Center

As an appreciation and support to the efforts of the Armenian Studies Center of Cairo University’s  Faculty of Arts in spreading Armenia related culture and  history to Arabic speaking researchers and students, AGBU Cairo contributed in the center’s 2011 activities with a sum of 30 000 Egyptian Pounds.

Among the activities organized by the Center in 2011, a seminar on “Armenia in Western and Eastern Sources” which was held on 14th and 15th November with the cooperation of the Armenian Embassy in Egypt. The two-day seminar featured many Armenian, Egyptian, Syrian and Lebanese historians who were invited to lecture to the local intellectuals, historians and students.

The Armenian Studies Center has published three books in Arabic in 2011: “The Armenians of Iran”, “England and Armenia” and “Trade and Economy between Arabs and Armenia”.

The Centre which was inaugurated in 2008 offers courses of Armenian language, literature and history to non-Armenian Egyptian students. In 2011, five such students have registered in these bi-weekly courses which are tutored by Dr. Varoujan Kazandjian.


29 January

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s and Homenetmen Ararat’s united U-12 basketball team starts league matches

The united selection of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s and Homenetmen Ararat’s U-12 basketball team started its Egyptian basketball league matches last Friday 27th January against Misr Petroleum losing the match 36/42. This was followed on Saturday by a narrow loss from Madinet Nasr 21/22 and a win on Sunday 29th against Heliolido 22/21.

The team’s last two matches will be held on Friday against Nasr City and Ghabaon. The team coach is captain Maged and the team administrators Roupen Simonian and Arto Serabian.

It is to be noted that Homenetmen Ararat and HMEM Nubar clubs of Cairo had agreed in September 2011 to form two united U-12 and U-14 basketball selections to participate in the corresponding Egyptian National Basketball Championships of 2011-2012. It was agreed to name the U-12 joint selection of the two teams “HMEM Nubar”, and that of the U-14 team “Homenetmen Ararat”, since participation in the championship conditions the registration of listed clubs only. Each of the two selections is formed from 6 players of each club.

The U-14 team has already played its matches in October and November last year and had scored 3 wins out of its 5 group matches.

The players of the U-12 united team: Noubar Roupen Simonian, Raffi Saad, George Aram Apikian, Armen Garo Apkarian, Chris Hayg Assadourian, Jirayr Hagop Karageuzian, Maxime Gary Kehyayan, Ari Berdj, Yar Karim Mekhtigian, Chris  Kazandjian, Edouard  Robert and Alex Serdelian.


The Arabic Edition of George Bournoutian’s book “A Concise History of the Armenian People” published

The valuable  book of the famous historian and author George Bournoutian: “A Concise History of  the Armenian People” has just been published in Arabic by the Egyptian Lebanese Publishing House in Cairo thanks to the cooperation and sponsorship of AGBU Cairo through Satenig Chaker Fund. The book, which was translated by Sahar Tawfik, revised by Dr. Mohamed Refaat Al Imam and supervised by Berdj Terzian, comes in 478 pages including maps and photos, made its debut at the 43rd Cairo International Book Fair which opened on 24th January 2012.

Before the publication of the Arabic edition, AGBU Buenos Aires had published the Spanish version of the book, followed by a Turkish version published by the Aras publishers of Istanbul in December 2011.  With over 20,000 copies sold in five different editions, a sixth updated English edition will go to press shortly. The book has been adopted as the main text at a number of colleges, universities and high schools teaching Armenian history.

“A Concise History of the Armenian People”, was commissioned by AGBU in 1993-1994. Originally published in two volumes as “A History of the Armenian People”, this much-praised book, which was the first history of the Armenians from ancient times to the early 1990’s, was printed three times before going out of print. That circumstance, plus recognition of the increasing political importance of the region at the time, necessitated a fourth revised and updated edition, renamed “A Concise History of the Armenian People”, in which the two volumes were combined into one, with considerable extra information. Examining the history of the Armenians in relation to the rest of the world, the book’s main purpose is to familiarize Armenians and non-Armenians alike with a people whose history and culture is absent from most history courses and texts.

“A Concise History of the Armenian People” is available from the “El Dar El Masreya El Lebnaneya” for the price of 55 Egyptian Pounds through its offices at 16 Abdel Khalek  Tharwat street in Cairo. Tel: 23910250 and email: Copies for certain libraries, organizations, research centres and media houses may be freely obtained from the AGBU Cairo offices in Heliopolis.

12 February

Armen Varjabedian champion of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s 2012 pool tournament

Armen Varjabedian was declared champion of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s 2012 pool tournament on Sunday 12th February by defeating Vasken Movsessian 4-2 after an high level exciting match.  Armen made an excellent come back after being 0-2 down to lift his 5th trophy of the tournament, confirming his merit as the best player of the championship. All through the different stages he played with coherence and unfailing consistency, sure of his knack and ability. On the other side Vasken who showed great skills and talent, skimmed very close to the title especially in the third game after his strong 2-0 lead.

Armen Varjabedian had cruised his way consistently to the final by beating Viken Djizmedjian 3-1 Mike Nabil 3-0 and Vahe Varjabedian 3-2, whileVasken had defeated George Simonian 3-1, Hrayr Dertadian 3-1, Noubar Kouyoumdjian 3-0 and Yousry Youssef 3-0.

In the tournament’s hall of fame, besides Armen’s 5 wins, Kevork Sakayan has won the title 4 times and Hagop Kalishian 3 times.

The cup was offered by Mr. Jirayr Dertadian.

The Full results of the tournament
The semi-finals: Armen Varjabedian / Vahe Varjabedian 3-2, Vasken Movsessian / Yousry Youssef  3-0.

The quarter finals: Armen Varjabedian / Mike Nabil 3-0, Yousry Youssef/ Chris Simonian  3-2, Vasken Movsessian / Noubar Kouyoumdjian 3-0, Vahe Varjabedian / Arto Miskdjian (ww Arto)

The second round results: Mike Nabil / Simon Depoyan 3-0, Vahe Varjabedian / Jean Ghazaria 3-0, Kevork Sakayan / Noubar Kouyoumdjian 1-3, Hagop Karagoezian / Yousry Yousef 1-3, Vasken Movsessian / Hrayr Dertadian 3-1, Arto Miskdjian / Khoren Kalenian (yet to be played). Bye from this round last year’s finalists: Armen Varjabedian and Chris Simonian.

The first round results: Arto Miskdjian / Hratch Sevadjibashian 3-1, Garo Apkarian / Simon Depoyan 1-3, Jean Ghazarian / Hagop Karagozian 3-1, Kevork Sakayan / Vasken Iradian 3-0, Yosry A. / Raffi Boghossian 3-1, Berdj Touloumbadjian / Khoren Kalinian 2-3, Mike Nabil / Berdj Soultanian 3-2, Chris Simonian / Roupen Simonian 3-0, Vasken Movsessian / George Simonian 3-1, Hagop Karakozian / Raffi Nabil 3-0, Garo Koumruyan / Garen Touloumbadjian WW Garen, Garo Varjabedian / Noubar Kouyoumdjian 0-3, Armen Varjabedian / Viken Djizmedjian 3-1, Herayr Dertadian / Berdj Avedissian 3-0.

13 February

St. Therese SC wins HMEM Nubar Cairo’s both veterans and U-13 football tournaments

Sunday 12th February was the final day of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s veterans and U-13 tournaments which were held from 31st January to 12 February with the participation of 10 teams in the two tournaments. The U-13 tournament was held with the participation of HMEM Nubar Cairo, HMEM Ararat , St. Therese A & B teams,  Ard El Golf, El Dar, Malak and Zeitoun teams while the veterans’ tournament saw, in addition to the above mentioned teams, the participation of HOC and  Patronage.

St Therese was the biggest winner of the day: In the U-13 tournament, St. Therese A defeated St. Therese B, which had defeated HMEM Nubar Cairo’s juniors in the semi-final, while the senior A team of St. Therese defeated Malak 2-0 in the final of the veterans tournament to lift the trophy of the championship.

15 March

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s girls team among the top clubs of Cairo

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s seniors’ girls’ team played two excellent play-off matches with Group A winners Al Ahly SC in the Cairo District Women’s Basketball League’s second round. After two hard fought matches against one of the strongest teams of the country, our team lost with only 13 and 15 points in each of the two matches which were played at Al Ahly and at HMEM Nubar Cairo last Monday 12th March and Wednesday 14th March.

In the first round group matches our team had qualified after being 4th of  group B out of the 8 teams of this group.

The second round of the Cairo District Women’s Basketball League is contested by the following 8 teams who had qualified from the first round:
Gezira, Al Ahly, Heliopolis, El Seid, Al Shams, Heliolido, Meadi and HMEM Nubar Cairo

The group B results:
Wednesday 12.10.11, 7:30 pm: HMEM Nubar Cairo/ Ahly Bank       41/24
Wednesday 19.10.11, 6:00 pm: HMEM Nubar Cairo / Al Zehour       46/54
Wednesday 26.10.11, 7:30 pm: HMEM Nubar Cairo / Heliopolis SC 26/40
Wednesday 2.11.11, 7:30 pm: HMEM Nubar Cairo / 6th October –    38/32
Wednesday 16.11.11, 6:00 pm: HMEM Nubar Cairo / Tayaran   49/44
Wednesday 30.11.11, 7:30 pm: HMEM Nubar Cairo / Al Shams 48/59
Wednesday 7.11.11, 6:00 pm: HMEM Nubar Cairo / Gezira SC 55/30
The players
Marline Simonian, Captain
Sevan Varjabedian – Nairy Hagopian – Tina Mazloumian – Aline Yousry – Nanar Kalinian – Alissa Depoyan – Shooshan Tellalian – Rosanna Lawendy – Aspe Djizmedjian – Marina Simonian – Katherine Iradian
Head coach: Alaa Zahran    Ass. coach: Maged  Manager: Sossi Neredian/Hagopian

1 April

Preserving Armenian Easter traditions at HMEM Nubar Cairo

Hand-painted Easter eggs, homemade Easter baskets and the traditional Easter bread “Tchoeurek” were among the many Easter delicacies put on sale on Palm Sunday 1st April 2012 at HMEM Nubar Cairo club. Easter bunnies, linens, napkins and serving platters were just few of the many Easter decorations and utilities on display beside the famous traditional Armenian food items such as Lahmadjun, Topik, Pastirma, Soudjouk and Kobeba. The ladies committee had done a superb job throughout several weeks of hard work in preparing this outstanding bazaar.

The bazaar remained open until late in the afternoon and was attended by around 250 guests in spite of the windy and sandy hot weather.

1 April

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s U-13 football team 3rd in Paok SC’s tournament

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s U-13 football team ended up third, grabbing the bronze medal of the Greek club Paok’s football tournament which was held from 15th March to 1st April 2012 with the participation of 8 teams. The team won its first match against hosts Paok 5-1, lost to St. Therese B & HMEM Ararat 2-3 & to St. Therese A 3-6, then defeated El Dar B & A teams 3-2 and 5-4 and St. Therese C 3-2 .

The tournament was held with the participation of HMEM Ararat, HMEM Nubar Cairo, St. Therese A , B & C, El Dar A & B and hosts Paok.

The team is coached by captain Dorry and managed by Armen Baltayan

The full results of the tournament:

1- HMEM Nubar 5 vs Paok 1
2- HMEM Nubar 2 vs St Therease (B) 3
3- HMEM Nubar 2 vs Arararat 3
4- HMEM Nubar 3 vs El Dar (B) 2
5- HMEM Nubar 6 vs St Therease (C) 3
6- HMEM Nubar 3 vs St Therease (A) 6
7- HMEM Nubar 5 vs El Dar (A) 4

8 April

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s Khetoum dinner party at Goganian

HMEM Nubar Cairo SC celebrated Khetoum on Saturday 7th April at Goganian club with the presence of around 120 club members and guests.

Besides the good food and live music, the evening was characterized by the remarkable raffle prizes which were drawn at the end of the evening. Two plane tickets to Rome and Beirut offered by Alitalia and Middle East Airlines, a Nile cruise, a 4-day hotel voucher in Hurghada at Forte Arabesque, accommodation and several dinner vouchers were among the prime prizes drawn.

18 April

AGBU Cairo’s General Assembly: 1M 406 656 LE spent in 2011

AGBU Cairo held its annual General Assembly at its Chaker Cultural Center in Heliopolis on Wednesday 18th April to present and approve its 2011 expenditures and activities reports and to obtain the General Assembly’s consent for the planned budget of 2012.

After welcoming the presence, the chairman of AGB U Cairo, Dr. Viken Djizmedjian opened the meeting which started with the lecture of the previous General Assembly’s minutes and AGBU Cairo board’s2011activities’ report which was presented by Mr. Mardiros Balayan, the board’s general secretary.

Through this presentation AGBU Cairo announced that in 2011, AGBU Cairo’s Chaker fund has spent 1,406,656 LE on the fund’s projects among which the following main expenditures can be mentioned:
370 558 LE were spent on cultural projects (such as: Arek Arabic & Deghegadou newsletters, Dziadzan children’s choir, published books, events and film projections at the Chaker Cultural Center, AGBU Egypt website,, etc..). This amount includes also the honoraries and salaries such as the important “Armenia and Armenians in the Egyptian press” ongoing project, editing and article writing fees for Deghegadou and Arek Arabic newsletters, researching fees for specialists and Armenian related studies and researches who are now five in number including Dr. Mohamed Refaat Al Imam .

359 494 LE were spent in 2011 for social support and care to 63 beneficiaries in need of such aid, 100 171 LE were spent on educational support for 26 students and their tutorial fees, 12000 LE for retired Armenian teachers and 159 035 LE as financial support to different Armenian organizations and institutions.  325 333 LE were spent on the Medicare project’s 318 beneficiaries.

6 May

 AGBU Cairo presents an overview of AGBU’s summer programs

A small youth gathering was held at AGBU Cairo’s Chaker Cultural Center on Saturday 5th May 2012 in order to present an overview of all the programs made available by AGBU for its youth.

The presentation started with a briefing from Dr. Viken Djizmedjian, the chairman of AGBU Cairo about AGBU’s history, aim and organization.  Dr. Arpi Khatcherian, who had participated in the past in two of these programs, then made a detailed presentation of the opportunities which are made available for AGBU’s youth:

– The summer internship programs in New York, Moscow and Yerevan.

– The Musical Armenia project which is a musical educational program for Armenian youth allowing them to explore and enhance their musical knowledge in Armenianto  :

– The summer camps in France, Yerevan and New York.

– The Antranik Scouts camp in Armenia.

– Discover Armenia trips.

7 May

 AGBU Cairo honors Mrs. Araxi Deuvletian

A reception was held in honour of Mrs. Araxi Deuvletian on Sunday 6th May 2012, on the occasion of her retirement as AGBU Cairo’s “Deghegadou” Armenian quarterly magazine’s editor in chief after 9 years of benevolent and devoted services. The get-together was held at St. Therese SC’s open air roof restaurant.

The reception was offered by AGBU Cairo and was held in the presence of its board members, writers of the magazine and the contributors who had sustained and supported the quarterly magazine in recent years.

Words of tribute and praise were said in respect of Mrs. Deuvletian by her colleagues of the magazine Mrs. Anjig Ganimian, Mrs. Shaké Markarian; the current editor in chief, by Messrs. Berdj Terzian, the chairman of AGBU Egypt and Viken Djizmedjian, the chairman of AGBU Cairo. They all praised her devotion, seriousness, professionalism and modesty throughout her 9 years of volunteer work for the magazine.

At the end of the evening, Mrs. Deuvletian received a commemorative engraved crystal plate from AGBU Cairo’s chairman in gratitude of her long years of devoted work for the magazine. Mrs. Deuvletian thanked AGBU Cairo, her colleagues and the presence for this gathering, and wished;- through her humble words, AGBU Cairo and the editorial team of the magazine every possible success.

13 May

AGBU Cairo supports Egyptian university graduates in preparing Armenian related thesis

In its 2012 budget, which was announced on the occasion of its General Assembly held on 18th April 2012, AGBU Cairo revealed the continuation of the provision of allowances in 2012 to 4 Egyptian university graduates who are preparing their masters degrees on Armenian related subjects.

The subjects which have been chosen by these graduates are the following: “Yacoub Artin Pasha and his role in Egyptian affairs”, “The US and the Armenian question”, “Great Britain and the Armenian question” ,  “Tsarist Russia and the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire”, “and the “Armenians in Istanbul”.

Since 2002 AGBU Cairo has been supporting 7 such graduates in preparing their masters’ and doctorate degrees as well as their supervisor by giving them monthly allowances for an average of two years until the final presentation of their thesis. AGBU Cairo plans, after the evaluation and revision of these papers, to publish them for public knowledge. This important work is supervised by the Egyptian historian Dr. Mohamed Refaat Al Imam with the support of AGBU Cairo with the aim of preparing a group of new Egyptian historians who study and pursue Armenian related subjects.

19 May

 AGBU Cairo issues a booklet on its publishing works

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Armenian book printing, AGBU Cairo has published a booklet supplement of the April 2012 issue of its quarterly Armenian magazine “Deghegadou” to depict its activities and undertakings in the field of publishing from 1996 until today.

These publishing undertakings, which constitute one of the sectors of AGBU Cairo’s Satenig Chaker Fund’s cultural activities, were made possible thanks to the defunct’s generous donation  in July 1976, six years before her demise in May 1982. The fund which was created in her name, was made operational only in 1996, and is being utilized for the service of our community in the fields of social & medical support, education, culture, youth and sports.

The booklet portrays the publishing works of AGBU Cairo’s Chaker Fund in the fields of: Printed books, media (printed and digital), digital archiving of printed press, as well as publications in the fields of musical, artistic and historical researches and studies.

The booklet was prepared by AGBU Cairo’s honorary chairman Mr. Berdj Terzian, and printed thanks to his kind contribution.

8 June

AGBU Cairo publishes two piano works of Hrant Keshishian

AGBU Cairo published during the month of May 2012, two piano works of the Egyptian Armenian artist and composer Hrant Keshishian. The first is “Let’s Play the Piano”, a publication dedicated to beginners of piano, containing twelve musical compositions which consist of a variety of rhythmic and melodic patterns of different sonorities essential for piano beginners.

The second published piano work is “The Revolutionary Sonata”, a 15 minute composition in three movements.

The paperbacks are available at the AGBU Cairo offices or through the composer Hrant Keshishian.

10 June

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s opening of the 2012 summer season

The traditional opening of the summer season at HMEM Nubar Cairo was held on Saturday 10th June at the club’s garden with the presence of more than 160 guests who attended the evening in a pleasant and enjoyable friendly atmosphere.

The event which was organized by the ladies committee of the club was held under the tunes of Ohan Djanikian, whose usual kind contribution is very much appreciated. Besides the delicious salads and the main dish of Kebab and Kofta, the highlight of the event was the calorie full extravagant pastry buffet…

The evening ended at around 12:30 am with the traditional raffle prizes presented by Dr. George Simonian with the help of (all) the children present at the club…

11 June

HMEM Nubar Alex’s opening of its 2012 summer season

As every year, HMEM Nubar Alex S.C. held the opening of its 2012 summer season on Sunday 10th June among its familiar faithful faces and fans of the club. The Ladies committee had done a great job in preparing the buffet for the guests who very much enjoyed the food, the music and specially the friendly atmosphere which reigned during the gathering.

HMEM Nubar Alex’s summer season opening dinner buffet is a long-established practice; just like HMEM Nubar Cairo’s.

25 June

HMEM Nubar Alex’s scouts’ “Kermesse”

The scouts’ movement of HMEM Nubar SC of Alexandria organized its “Kermesse” on Sunday 24th of June at the club’s premises with the presence of around 120 guests who attended the evening in a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere.

“The event was very successful” declared Dr. Garbis Tossounian, the chairman of the club and the leader of the scouts movements. “The scouts, guides, cubs and brownies, they all participated in the organization of this event. Also some scouts and guides from other scouts movements, such as the Scoutes D’ Alexandrie and Wady El Nil came to share with us this special day. We organize this kermesse once every two years.”

About the scouts movement of HMEM Nubar Alex, which can be considered as the only uninterrupted Armeno-Egyptian scouts activity of our community since its creation, Dr. Tossounian continued: “Since the founding of the scouts movement in our club by Hovhannes Chorlian in 1933 and the girl guides movement by Zabel Basmadjian in 1953, the different executive boards of HMEM Nubar Alex have been very adamant to continue the movement throughout so many years uninterrupted, and this, in spite of the diminishing numbers and the many challenges which our Alexandrian Armenian community has started facing in recent years. The scouts’ activities are held on Fridays at the club, and besides these regular meetings we hold outings and campings every year in places such as Marsa Matrouh”.

Besides Dr. Garbis Tossounian, the scouts’ movement’s committee members are formed of young enthusiastic faces, who chose to take up the mission from their forerunners. They are:  Lucie Tossounian, Ike Kalaydjian, Tania Artinian, Vahe Artinian, Aline Kalaydjian, Andre Iskandar, Kareen Jarjoura, Alain Iskandar, Mary Haroutyounian and Helen Haroutyounian.

16 June

Dziadzan’s perfoms with brilliance..

“Happy 20th anniversary Armenia” was the theme of the recital and show presented by AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan children’s choir in Heliopolis on Thursday 14th June 2012. The performance coincided also with the 7th anniversary of the first performance of the Dziadzan choir which was held on 15th July 2005, and founded a year earlier; in July 2004.

The recital, which was held at the Belekdanian Hall, was attended by around 150-200 guests who enjoyed and loudly cheered the jovial performance of AGBU Cairo’s children’s choir. The lively recital included 18 songs, all in Armenian and one in English, about our motherland Armenia, today’s children’s dreams and aspirations.

Certificates of gratitude were also distributed to the former “Dziadzan”tsi-s, some of whom participated in the repertoire with two songs: “We are the World” and “Where-to childhood?”

Maestro Mihran and his wife Mrs. Kohar Ghazelian excelled both as usual with the choice of the theme, words and music of the songs and with their smooth conducting of the choir. On the Piano, Mrs. Nanor Apikian performed with simplicity and expertise. The dances which added a special flavour and charm to the performance were supervised by the ever ready proficient expertise of Mrs. Suzy Hagopian.

Many cheers also to all those who contributed in the performance: Ohan Djanigian for the first-rate sound system, Aline Djizmedjian and Lillit Hovhanessian for the uniforms, Drs. Annie Ohanessian and Arpi Khatcherian for their assistance to the children  and Shahe Lousararian for the beautiful brochure of the event.

15 July

HMEM Nubar Alex’s two-day basketball matches

HMEM Nubar Alex organized a two-day basketball jamboree on 13 and 14 July 2012, gathering the two Alexandrian clubs of HMEM Nubar Alex and Homentmen Gamk in addition to HMEM Nubar SC of Cairo.

Two matches were played on two consecutive days: On Friday 13th July HMEM Nubar Alex defeated Homenetmen Gamk with a one point difference and on Saturday 14th July, HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated HMEM Nubar Alex with the score of 80/60.

Two cups were committed for each of the two matches. They were sponsored by Mrs. Mimig Vartsbedian in honour of late Hagop Vartsbedian. The medals were offered by Mr. & Mrs. Vart Alexanian”.   The tournament was held with the chairmanship of Mr. & Mrs. Nubar Simonian.

24 July

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s trip to Fort Arabesque on the Red Sea

Around 24 persons participated in HMEM HMEM Nubar Cairo club’s trip to the beautiful resort of Fort Arabesque at Makadi Bay near Hurghada. The trip which was organized from 18 to 22 July 2012 was an excellent relaxing 5-day hide-out for all the participants, away from the buzz & hustle of Cairo.

The stay was based on the all inclusive concept of accommodation in superior large rooms organized under the special care of club member Mr. Levon Nigolian.

24 July

Iftar at HMEM Nubar Cairo

A Ramadan Iftar wase held at HMEM Nubar Cairo on Tuesday 24 July. Oriental food like Fool, Taameya, koshary, besara and oriental pastry was served on the tunes of Arabic music.

The evening was also the occasion to hand out the cash prize results of the Euro 2012 betting competition which was won by Armen Apkarian with Harry Soultanian as runner-up.

25 July

The Neredian family donate Saroukhan’s “The snooker player” to HMEM Nubar Cairo

For the pool room of HMEM Nubar Cairo, the Nerdian family donated to the club one of Saroukhan’s paintings; “The snooker player”, which portrays the caricaturist playing snooker in his own way.. The painting is entitled: When Saroukhan plays snooker.

The club wishes to thank the Neredian family for this kind gesture.

29 July

HMEM Nubar Cairo finishes the renovation works of its basketball stands

HMEM Nubar Cairo SC has finished the renovations works of the stands of its basketball court. The works took about two months during which the whole sealing of the stands above the dressing rooms was removed and rebuilt from scratch. The stands were completely emptied  from concrete and re-casted. The original form and look of the stands were kept  but the whole structure was reinforced and renovated.

It is to be mentioned that due to the insecure state of the stands, which had recently shown increasing signs of decaying, damage and failing, only the first three ranks of the stands were open for use during matches and tournaments. The stands exist since the purchase of the club in 1958 when the HMEM Club of Heliopolis (founded in April 1927) and the Nubar club of Shubra (founded in January 1936) united and moved to the current premises.

The renovstion works were realized thanks to the contribution of AGBU Egypt, AGBU Cairo and the financial input from the club. Plans to renovate the inner dressing and storage rooms of the stands are foreseen for next year, followed by an opening and fund raising event.

29 July

AGBU World Games LA: Day 1 results: A win and a loss for HMEM Nubar Cairo

Day 1 of the AGBU World Games went underway today in LA and it was marked with an impressive win for HMEM Nubar Cairo’s girls against Valley 2 with the score of 25/19 (8/13 first half) after a strong performance from the girls of Cairo, In the men’s tournament, HMEM Nubar Cairo lost to the very strong Pasadena 1 39/65 (27/32 1st half)and HMEM Nubar Alex lost to Pasadena 2: 31/46.

Men’s basketball

Group A: Toronto, Valley 2, Pasadena 3, Istanbul 1
Group B: Valley 1, Istanbul  2, Alexandria, Buenos Aires , Pasadena 2
Group C: Cairo, Iran, Pasadena 1, Paris

Women’s basketball
Group A: Pasadena 1, Valley 1, Sydney, Valley 3
Group B: Cairo, Pasadena 2, Valley 2, Toronto, Paris

Group A: Valley 1, Iraq, Sao Paulo 1, Buenos Aires 2
Group B; Alexandria, Alexandria, Istanbul 1, Cordoba, Montevideo
Group C: Paris, Iran , Pasadena 1, Sao Paulo 2, Buenos Aires 1

The Opening Ceremony of the games will be held today Sunday 29th July at the Passadena Community College starting from  5:30 pm with the animation of the Armenian singer Silva Hakobian along with Hovhannes Shabazian and David Foster. The Victory Ball will be held on Saturday 4th August starting from 6:00 pm at the Universal Studios Backlot with the animation of Kev Orkian, Silva Hakobian, Armenchik and Joseph Kriokrian.

The previous XVIIIth games of Montevideo in 2008 had seen the participation of more than a thousand AGBU athletes. This year the games will include: Football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, track & field, swimming and chess – for men and women, ages 16 and over.

With a longstanding history of over 50 years, the AGBU World Games is an international event that takes place every four years since 1955, uniting athletes and guests from AGBU Chapters worldwide. The Games have played a major role in bringing together thousands of Armenian youth from all over the world, nurturing lifelong friendships.

3 August

Trophies’ Ceremony: “The All star team award” for the girls of HMEM Nubar Cairo

During the week of 28 July to 4 August the more than 700 athletes participating in the games had plenty of time to compete, mingle and interact during the different activities of the week. AGBU Cairo and AGBU Alexandria, through their sports teams of HMEM Nubar Cairo and HMEM Nubar Alexandria had a big share of the matches in the sports of basketball, futsal, tennis and table tennis.

After the final of men’s basketball on Friday 3rd August, pedestals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as well as tables decorated with trophies and medals for all the athletes were brought into Pasadena High Schools Boy’s GYM where the Trophy Ceremony took place.

One by one each sport was presented by a former champion, and medals and trophies were handed to individual athletes and entire sports teams. Valley’s basketball teams took the gold in every category while Pasadena women and men’s basketball placed second. Iran was first place in Futsal while Montevideo second.

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s girls’ team received the “The All Star team” award of the games for the excellent performance displayed during the games.

AGBU Cairo & HMEM Nubar Cairo remitted a commemorative plate to the organizers through the hands of Sossi Nerdian- Hagopian, the girls’ team manager.

3 August

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s girls fourth while the men’s team lose to the winners in the 1/4 finals

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s girls occupied the fourth position in the Women’s basketball tournament after playing six matches in six days. Earlier in group matches, the girls of HMEM Nubar Cairo had ended 2nd of their group out of five teams.

In the 3rd& 4th place match, Valley 3 overcame Cairo 33-26. Valley got to an 8-2 lead on consecutive three pointers.  Undeterred, Cairo made it a 4 pt. game on a bank shot by Marina Simonian, 11-7.  Valley returned the favor mounting another rally to extend the lead back to eight, with Cairo pushing back as Valley had only a four pt. lead at halftime.   In the second half, Valley started to get away with lead, extending it to 15 points on a breakaway basket making it, 30-15. Cairo wouldn’t quit, resorting to half- court trap to put pressure on the opposition from the get go. The plan paid-off, as Cairo made an 11-0 run to cut the lead to 30-26 in a strong come back, but time was not on their side. It was an excellent performance indeed for the young girls of HMEM Nubar Cairo.

Cairo’s men’s team, which came up second of its group which included Pasadena, Paris & Iran, ended its trek earlier after reaching the quarter finals losing to the strong Valley 1 team which won the men’s basketball competition.

4 August

The AGBU World Games finish off matches

After 6 days of nonstop matches, the AGBU World Games reach the grand finale today Saturday 4th August with the victory ball celebration at the Universal Studios. The grand finale will see the participation of around 1600 athletes and guests who will gather in a memorable jamboree under the tunes of Kev Orkian, Silva Hakobian, Armenchik and Joseph Krikorian.

The Opening Ceremony of the games was held on Sunday 29th July at the Passadena Community College with the presence of around 5000 spectators. Teams from Alexandria, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Cordoba, Montevideo, Montreal, Paris, Pasadena, Sao Paulo, San Fernando Valley, Sydney, Iran and Toronto are competing in the games.

The athletes competed at the Pasadena High School as well as the AGBU Vatche & Tamar Manoukian school in basketball, volleyball, Futsal, track and field, swimming, table tennis, tennis and chess.

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s girls occupied the fourth position of the Women’s basketball tournament after playing six matches in six days, while the men’s team ended its trek after reaching the quarter finals losing to the strong Valley 1 team which reached the final of the competition.

5 August

AGBU World Games grand finale at the Universal City

On Saturday 4th August Over 1,700 AGBU athletes, coaches, guests and supporters gathered together at the Universal Studios backlot filmmaking location for the extravagant AGBU World Games Victory Ball for a fantastic farewell blast; the culmination point of a week of exciting athletic competitions and social activities that reinforced the strong bonds among the AGBU youth.

The distribution of the sports prizes came next, the winners were called to the podium to receive their awards. The highlight of the evening was the performance of the Armenian singers Joseph Krikorian and Armenchik, who got the gathering on their feet on the three dance floors prepared for the event.

After the classy dinner and the ecstatic delightful evening, at around midnight, it was time for the athletes and guests to say good-bye with the hope of seeing each other again one day

30 August

HMEM Nubar Cairo finishes the renovation works of its basketball stands

8 September

Homenetmen Gamk celebrates its 100th anniversary

Homenetmen Gamk opened the its 100th anniversary basketball tournament and weekend of celebration activities on Friday 7 September with two basketball matches, an opening march of the participating teams and a dinner gathering at Harachtimaser after the end of matches.

The evening started with the game of HMEM Gamk against St. Therese which ended 87/77 in favor of the hosts after a tough match which saw St. Therese taking the lead several times during the game: A lead for HMEM Gamk at the end of the first quarter 20/14, then a switch in St. Therese’s favor at the end of the 2nd & 3rd quarters (41/43 & 61/59) then a final breakthrough for HMEM Gamk 87/77. It is to be mentioned that both teams have shown a marked improvement since their last outing in December 2011.

The five Egyptian Armenian teams then entered the basketball court in an opening parade escorted by flag bearers and club representatives. Commemorative plates and medals were then attributed to the attending dignitaries and club veterans. The opening ceremony was held with the presence of His Grace Bishop Ashot Menatsaganian, the Primate of the Armenian Apostolig church of Egypt and His Grace Bishop Krikor Agostinos Kousa the Primate of the Armenian Catholic church of Cairo and the chairmanship of Mr. & Mrs. Noubar Leylekian. The cup is offered by Messrs Vartan & Harry Kazandjian.

After the exit of the athletes, the second match of the day soon started: HMEM Nubar Cairo vs. HMEM Nubar Alexandria. Cairo took the lead right from the first quarter 32/10 all through the remaining three quarters 50/27, 65/40 and the final 82/51.

HMEM Nubar Cairo will now play against HMEM Ararat on Saturday in the semi-final while HMEM Gamk has qualified directly to the final on Sunday to play against the winner of Saturday’s match.

On the occasion of 100th anniversary of the Alexandrian club Homenetmen Gamk, a line-up of events and sports activities has been planned by the organizing committee for the weekend of 7 to 9 September, to commemorate the centenary of this prominent Armenian club.

“We had planned for this even early this year with a line-up of events and sightseeing tours and programs to welcome our guests and former HMEM Gamk fans from abroad.” Declared Mr. Vahé Benohania, chairman of the club, “But due to the current situation in the country we had to give up these plans due to the very low turnout from abroad.  Besides the basketball tournament which will see the participation of all of the five Armenian clubs of Egypt, we shall be organizing a dinner at the Harachtimaser garden after the games of Friday and Sunday nights and a grand ball at the Hellenic Soter club of Alexandria in which we have invited star singers from Beirut.”

“We shall also be honouring senior members of the club who have influenced the history of our organization.” Mr. Benohanian continued: “We have formed a special committee to plan for the event.It is formed of Messrs. Berge Miskdjian, Hovsep Topalian, Eddy Baharian and Zaven Leylekian”, helped by the website team of Eddy Topalian, Armen Leylekian and Hovsep Ohanian . Srious work has been done to gather and document old pictures and record of the club through a special team formed of Hratch Der Sarkissian (Montreal), Krikor Malezian(Toronto), Yetvart Froundjian(Montreal), Dr.Souren Bayramian(Egypt) and former Khempabed Haroutioun Mateossian from Australia.”

The tournament was held under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Ashot Menatsaganian and the chairmanship of Mr. & Mrs. Noubar Leylekian. The cup is offered by Messrs Vartan & Harry Kazandjian

9 September

HMEM Nubar defeats HMEM Ararat 79/47

HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated Homenetmen Ararat with the score of 79/47 in the semi final of HMEM Gamk’s 100th anniversary basketball tournament on Saturday 8th September after an exciting match especially in its first three quarters which saw the score swinging up and down between the two teams.

The match started on a calm tone between the two teams, with HMEM Nubar Cairo taking the early lead after the tip-off whistle, ending the first quarter with the double score of 20/10. Homenetmen Ararat came back in force in the second quarter overcoming their opponent by scoring 22 points against 10 points scored by HMEM Nubar Cairo. Result of the second quarter: 32/30 in favor of Homenetmen Ararat.  In the third quarter, HMEM Nubar showed a sudden surge of energy, reinstating their superiority by winning the third quarter 52/41.  Same scenario in the fourth quarter: A strong performance by HMEM Nubar Cairo countered by an unexpected relinquishing by Homenetmen Ararat whose second quarter’s strong performance had predicted a possible different outcome of the match.

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s team displayed an excellent level of basketball. Their players were at their best. They played with ease and confidence, especially in the first, third and fourth quarters, putting on show a level worthy of their status as the best team of the past few years. Hraztan, Aram, Simon, Peto, Alain, Kegham, Saro, Mike, Garo, Vartan & Polo were all real champs.

Later on at night, the centennial gala dinner was held at the Greek Soter club with the presence of around 240 guests who enjoyed a memorable night prepared meticulously by HMEM Gamk’s organizers. The gathering danced relentlessly  on the tunes of the non-stop outstanding performance of the Lebanese singer Manoug Minassian who was able to entertain the presence in full frenzy until the early hours of the morning.

On Sunday, HMEM Nubar Cairo will play against HMEM Gamk in the final match of the tournament.

10 September

HMEM Nubar Cairo wins HMEM Gamk’s Centennial basketball tournament

with merit

HMEM Nubar Cairo lifted the cup of HMEM Gamk’s basketball tournament by defeating the hosts with a straightforward 84/43 win, lifting 2012’s first Armenian Egyptian basketball trophy, confirming the dominance of this great team of the local Armeno-Egyptian basketball scene. Since July 2009, out of 14 tournaments, HMEM Nubar Cairo has won 12 cups. A brilliant track which reflects the brilliant level of this bunch of exceptional players.

To reach the final of HMEM Gamk’s centennial tournament, HMEM Nubar Cairo had defeated HMEM Nubar Alex on Friday 7th September 82/51, then HMEM Ararat on Saturday with the tough result of 79/47.

HMEM Gamk started the game with enthusiasm taking a short early 8-3 lead, but HMEM Nubar Cairo soon took matters in hand by winning the first quarter 25/13, increasing the gap in the second and third quarters 57/28 and 75/40, to end the match with the trouble-free score of 84/43.

A praise and acclaim to HMEM Gamk and to all those who contributed in the success of the 100th anniversary celebrations of this great club. They spared no effort in ensuring a great three day gathering which required months of preparations and hard work.  In spite of the low turnout from abroad, the final outcome of the club’s centennial celebrations was a real success.  The website, the historical documentation, the opening parade, the speeches, the gala dinner and the award ceremony were all organized perfectly..

Congratulations to HMME Nubar Cairo, the performance of the team was absolutely brilliant in this tournament. The players displayed a game full of skills, determination and excellent harmony. They never seemed affected by the absences of some of their key players thanks to the plentiful back-up of good young players who have all participated in the three games. The players were at their best. They put on show a level worthy of their status as the best team of the past few years. Congratulations to the club’s board and fans and especially to the team members, whether coaches, manager or players.

23 September

A dinner reception for the club’s basketball teams and the outgoing board at HMEM Nubar Cairo

A dinner/reception was held on Saturday 22nd September 2012 at HMEM Nubar Cairo club in honour of the club’s girls’ and boys’ basketball teams. It’s a traditional gathering, which unites the club’s players and board members in a familial atmosphere.

The reception was the occasion also for the chairman of the outgoing board of HMEM Nubar Cairo, Dr. Garo Apkarian to wish good luck to the new board which took office today Sunday 23rd September. The chairman of the new board, Mr. Jirayr Depoyan thanked all those who contribute in the success of the club, whether players, board members, ladies committee or AGBU Cairo for their input, wishing the club new accomplishments. Dr. George Simonian took the floor also to address the presence in Arabic, thanking the coaches and the managers of the boys’ and girls’ teams for their efforts and commitments.

The Votchkharaseghan was tendered by Mr. & Mrs. Hratch Simonian with the coordination of the ladies committee of the club. The dinner was held with the presence of His Grace Bishop Ashot Menatsaganian the Primate of the Armenian Apostolic church and Reverend priest Father Hagop Hagopian along with the chairmen of the Temagan & Kaghakagan committees and AGBU Cairo. Besides the players and board members, close friends and family members of the hosts were also present.

25 September

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s new board holds its first meeting

After the General Assembly of HMEM Nubar Cairo on Sunday 23 September in which a new board took office, the first meeting of the newly elected board was held on Tuesday 25 September to discuss the arrangements of the club’s upcoming basketball tournament which will be held from 5 to 7 October 2012.

The chairman of the former board Dr. Garo Apkarian and his fellow outgoing members were there to hand over all documents and files and to wish the new board members success.

The new board of HMEM Nubar Cairo:
Chairman: Jirayr Depoyan
Vice-chairman: Hagop Karageozian
Treasurer: Levon Nigolian
Chris Simonian
Garen Touloumbadian
Garo Varjabedian
Roupen Simonian
U-30 members: Hraztan Kalinian & Kegham Terzibashian

5 October

Day one results of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s October 2012 basketball tournament

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s annual basketball tournament which coincides this year with the Six of October war’s 39th anniversary took off today Friday 5th October amid the usual public relevance and interest of every year. More than 400 supporters, player and fans of the first day’s four teams came to attend the matches.

In the first match, HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated HMEM Gamk of Alexandria 90-27 (31-10,  53-16 and 75-20) and qualified to the final of Sunday to play against the winner of Saturday’s game Homenetmen Ararat vs. HMEM Nubar Alex.

The second match between HMEM Ararat and St. Therese ended with the score of 52-33 (17-9, 30-17 & 40-25).  Before these two matches HMEM Nubar Cairo’s U-17 boys played against Nadi El Nasr and won 56/54.

The tournament is being held under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Ashod Mnatsaganian, the Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Egypt with the presence of His Grace Bishop Monsignor Krikor Augustinos Coussa, the Primate of the Armenian Catholic community and the patronage of Mr. & Mrs Onnig Belekdanian, chairman of the Executive committee of Cairo’s Armenian community council . The senior men’s cup is offered by Mr. & Mrs. Vahé Varjabedian,  the senior ladies’ cup is offered by Mr. & Mrs. Garo Neredian, the Junior boys’ cup by Mr. & Mrs. Hagop Apigian while the Junior girls’ cup by Mr. & Mrs. Kevork Avanian. The medals are offered by Mr. And Mrs. Vart Alexanian.

6 October

HMEM Ararat defeats HMEM Nubar Alex 67/44 to reach the final

In day 2 of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s basketball tournament, HMEM Ararat defeated HMEM Nubar Alex 67/44 (27-12, 37-17 & 49-26) in a match which had the winning team on the lead throughout the four quarters of the game. HMEM Ararat thus reaches the final of the tournament on Sunday to play against the hosts HMEM Nubar Cairo.

Besides the tournament matches, the united HMEM Nubar Cairo/HMEM Ararat U-14 boys’ team played a friendly against Petrosport winning the match 49/13. The girls of Madinet Nasr SC succeeded in defeated the girls of HMEM Nubar Cairo 52/47 winning the cup offered by Mr. & Mrs Garo Neredian.

7 October

HMEM Nubar Cairo lifts the 2nd trophy of the 2012 season after beating HMEM Ararat 70/48

Two out of two for this 2012 season, and 12 out of 14 since July 2009; that’s the upshot of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s champs in reaping Armeno-Egyptian basketball tournament trophies in the past three years.  An excellent trail indeed for the champions of HMEM Nubar Cairo, who lifted the Vahe Varjabedian cup today after a strong and clear out win against HMEM Ararat in Sunday’s final of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s basketball tournament.

The hosts led their way to the final 70/48 win through strong relentless four quarters prevalence (24/9, 46/20 & 60/33) wittingly letting loose of their tight grip in the final quarter in which HMEM Ararat was able  to pick-up some lost ground.

HMEM Nubar Cairo showed once again that they are currently on top thanks to their good stock of essential and substitute players.  HMEM Ararat, thanks to their emerging young players can surely achieve more in the coming tournaments.

Before the final match, the U-14 girls and U-14 boys of HMEM Nubar Cairo played against their counterparts of Heliolido SC winning the two games 26/17 and 28/8 respectively,  to lift the two trophies offered by Mr. & Mrs. Kevork Avanian and Mr. & Mrs. Hagop Apigian.

Before the start of the final match Mr. Jirayr Depoyan praised the sponsors of the tournament and cup donors for their support. He thanked also Mr. Onnig Belekdanian, the chairman of the Executive committee of Cairo’s community council for his patronage of the event, as well as the chairmen of AGBU Egypt, Mr. Berdj Terzian and that of AGBU Cairo, Dr. Viken Djizmedjian and their respective board members for their support to the club and its activities.

The final was held under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Ashod Mnatsaganian, the Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Egypt with the presence of His Grace Bishop Monsignor Krikor Augustinos Coussa, the Primate of the Armenian Catholic community and a large number of spectators and fans who had come to cheer their favourite team.

12 October

Lecture and film on Saroukhan’s caricature at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Around 300 people attended the lectures and movie on Saroukhan organized by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina on Thursday 11th October in homage of this great Armeno-Egyptian caricaturist.

The lecture was held under the auspices of Dr. Ismail Serag EL Din, Head of the Bibliotheca with the attendance of Ms. Lamia Abdel Fattah, Head of Libraries sector and Ms. Rania Kalawy, Head of Art & Multimedia Library and a large number of caricaturists and library goers as well as a number of Armenians of Alexandria.  The lectures were made possible thanks to the coordination of Dr. George Simonian with the officials of the Bibliotheca.

AGBU Cairo contributed in the event by delegating the artist Hrant Keshishian who presented the different scopes of the caricatures of Saroukhan and the vision & wisdom of his works. Besides Mr. Keshishian, lectures were given by Mr. Garo Neredian who talked about the pr-revolution political caricatures of Saroukhan during the years 1945 to 1952 and director Mr. Moataz Ragheb who presented and projected the documentary prepared by the Egyptian ministry of culture on Saroukhan’s career and works.

3 November

AGBU Cairo awards the bright students of Alexandria

AGBU Cairo awarded on Friday 2nd November, certificates of excellence, presents and cash prizes to Alexandria’s Armenian students who have accomplished distinguished results in the 2011-2012 school year. The award proceedings were held at Boghossian school’s Melkonian Hall in Alexandria. The event was held right after the performance of AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan children’s choir.

The awards, which are awarded since 2001 thanks to the AGBU Cairo’s Satenig Chaker fund, comes as an appreciation and encouragement to our community’s bright students’ educational achievements.

This year 9 Alexandrian Armenian students were awarded: 4 primary stage graduates: Julia Artin Tossounian (99%), Melany Topalian (98.4%), Sevan Hrayr Mardigian (97.7%) and Serdj Christian Tossounian (94%). 2 secondary stage graduates, Arshag Levon Papazian and Karine Armen Kavoukdjian and three university graduates: Ivan Garbis Misgdjian with a “Very good” mark and Hovig Artin Khantsian and Irin Robert Balian both with “Excellent” marks.

The awards were handed out to the students through Mr. Moushegh Basmadjian, chairman of the executive committee of the Alexandrian Armenian church’s community council, Mrs Asdghig Papazian-Alexanian, member of AGBU Europe Board of Directors, AGBU Alexandria chairman, Mr. Sarkis Vartsbedian, and the chairman of AGBU Cairo, Dr. Viken Djizmedjian and Mr. Nazaret Kartalian, treasurer of the AGBU Alex board.

Besides the certificates, the cash prizes and the awarded presents were as follows: For Primary stage graduates: 100 LE and the book “About Religion and Church”, for Secondary stage graduates: 500 LE and the book of “Saroukhan”, while for university graduates with Very Good grades: 800 LE and the book “The Armenian Question” and for those with Excellent grades: 1000 LE along with the book “Armenians in Egypt” both written by Dr. Mohamed Refaat Al Imam.

3 November

Dziadzan sings and dances in Alexandria

AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan children’s choir performed in Alexandria on Friday 2nd November by singing and dancing at Boghossian school’s Melkonian hall in a performance organized jointly by AGBU Cairo and AGBU Alexandria.

“Happy 21st anniversary Armenia” was the theme of the recital which was attended by around 100 guests who enjoyed and cheered the jovial performance of AGBU Cairo’s children’s choir. The performance was held with the presence of Rev. Priest Der Krikor Mouradian from the Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria, Mr. Moushegh Basmadjian, chairman of the executive committee of the Alexandrian Armenian church’s community council, Mrs Asdghig Papazian-Alexanian, member of AGBU Europe Board of Directors, AGBU Alexandria chairman, Mr. Sarkis Vartsbedian, and the chairman of AGBU Cairo, Dr. Viken Djizmedjian.

The lively recital which was presented to the audience by AGBU long time member Mr. Nazaret Kartalian, included 15 songs, all in Armenian about our motherland, children’s dreams and aspirations. Each song took up a message or an important value of our everyday life.

Maestro Mihran Ghazelian and his wife Kohar excelled as usual with their brilliant conducting of the choir. The dances, which added a special flavour and charm to the performance were supervised by the ever ready Mrs. Suzy Karkour-Hagopian who received a special recognition award from the hands of the chairman of AGBU Cairo, Dr. Viken Djizmedjian.

Many cheers also to all those who contributed in the performance: The children and their committed parents who continue to support the choir at its 7th year of existence, the boardsof AGBU Cairo and AGBU Alexandria for the organization of this event, the ladies’ committee of HMEM Nubar Alex and its board for organizing the lunch service at the club,  Mrs. Shoushan Ganimian, the principal of Boghossian school, Ike Kalaydjian for the sound system, and Shahe Lousararian for the beautiful brochure of the event.

After the recital, certificates of recognition, prizes and cheques were distributed to Alexandria’s Armenian students who had obtained distinctive marks in the 2011-2012 school year.

8 November

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s girls’ basketball team defeat 6 October SC 41/39 in the Egyptian first division league

The girls of HMEM Nubar Cairo were able to defeat 6 October SC 41/39 in their third match of the Egyptian League basketball after a strong competitive match held at El Seid club on Wednesday 7 November. HMEM Nubar Cairo’s girls’ team is participating in the Egyptian basketball Federation’s 2012-2013 women’s first division championship for the second consecutive year, . The club was drawn in group A with the teams of Gezira SC, Tayaran, Nasr, Meadi and El Ghaba.

Last year the team was able to qualify to the final play-off matches after occupying the 4th position out of the 8 teams of the group. The team lost its play-off matches against Al Ahly  with 13 and 15 points difference.

The team
Marline Simonian, Captain, Sevan Varjabedian – Nairy Hagopian – Tina Mazloumian – Aline Yousry – Nanar Kalinian – Alissa Depoyan – Shooshan Tellalian – Rosanna Lawendy – Aspe Djizmedjian – Marina Simonian – Catherine Iradian
Head coach: Alaa Zahran    Ass. coach: Maged  Manager: Sossi Neredian/Hagopian

10 November

Dr. Herminé Varjabedian’s lecture on Homeopathy

An interesting lecture on Homeopathy was given by Dr. Herminé Varjabedian on Friday 9th November at HMEM Nubar Cairo with the aim of having the presence acquainted with homeopathy treatment; a system of medicine which aims at triggering the body’s natural system in healing through natural products.

Dr. Herminé explained in her lecture the difference between homeopathic treatment and conventional treatment, how homeopathic medicine is prepared and administered according to specific guiding principles, treatment plans and even according to the character of the person to be treated.

After the end of the two- hour lecture which got the presence captivated and fascinated to learn more about this unconventional form of treatment, the audience left with a promise from Dr. Herminé for another lecture about homeopathy and vaccinations.

11 November

United HMEM Nubar Cairo & HMEM Ararat 5th of their group in the Egyptian basketball U-14 championship

The united HMEM Nubar Cairo/ HMEM Ararat U-14 basketball team which participated in the Egyptian basketball Federation’s U-14 championship under the name of HMEM Nubar, ended up 5th of its group out of 7 after its last much on Sunday 11 November against Kahrabaa which withdrew.  The team was drawn in group C with the teams of YMCA, Etisalat, Madinet Nasr, Al Ahly, Al Zehour & Karhabaa.

The schedule and results of matches
14.10.12, 8:00 pm Madinet Nasr, HMEM Nubar Cairo-HMEM Ararat / YMCA  25/44
21.10.12, 8:00 pm, Etisalat club, Etisalat / HMEM Nubar Cairo-HMEM Ararat  48/17
1.11.12, 8:00 pm, HMEM Nubar SC, Madinat Nasr /HMEM Nubar Cairo-HMEM Ararat   48/15
4.11.12, 5:00 pm, YMCA, HMEM Nubar Cairo-HMEM Ararat / Al Ahly  26/70
8.11.12, 6:30 pm, Kahrabaa SC, HMEM Nubar Cairo-HMEM Ararat / Al Zehoor 33/23
11.11.12, 6:60 pm, Al Zehoor, HMEM Nubar Cairo-HMEM Ararat / Kahrabaa 20/0 (withdrawal Kahrabaa)

The players of the team:
Harry Sultanian -Hagop Baltayan -Nubar Simonian-George Apikian -Maxim Kehyaian -Serge Koloyan -Ashod Koehnelian -Armen Avedissian -Chris Assadourian -Yar Karim -Edward Rober -Roupen Jamgotchian -Ari Der Nerssesian -Alain Koloyan – Garen Torossian
Team managers : Armen Baltayan & Hagop Sayan
Coach  : Ayman Ghonim

16 November

HMEM Ararat announces the postponement of its basketball tournament

After the sudden death of Captain Ahmed El Saharty, the coach of HMEM Ararat who passed away tonight Friday 16th November, the board of HMEM Ararat informed the participating teams of the postponement of its basketball tournament which had started today. The tragic death of Captain Saharty, occurred today after coaching his team HMEM Ararat against HMEM Gamk and leaving the club.

The tournament had started today with two matches: HMEM Ararat vs. HMEM Gamk 79/51 and HMEM Nubar Cairo vs. St. Therese 101/ 58.

The news of the passing away of Captain Ahmed EL Saharty comes as a terrible blow to all those who have known and dealt with this respectable man.  May God rest his Soul in peace.

12 December

Armenian bright students awarded by AGBU Cairo

AGBU Cairo awarded on Wednesday 12th December 2012, certificates of excellence, presents and cash prizes to Cairo’s Armenian students who have accomplished distinguished results in the 2011-2012 school year. The award proceedings were held at HMEM Nubar Cairo SC in Heliopolis. The awards, which are awarded since 2001 thanks to the AGBU Cairo’s Satenig Chaker fund, comes as an appreciation and encouragement to our community’s bright students’ educational achievements.

This year 18 students were awarded: 6 primary stage graduates: Hagop Armen Baltayan (92%), Mesrob Mihran Ghazelian (92.4%), Serge Antoine Kiloyan (92.4%) Perla Kevork Avanian (94.7%), Roupen Garbis Jamgotchian (94.8%) and Vartouhy Manuel Krikorian  (96.4%). 1 Preparatory stage graduate; Paylag Ivan Torossian (92.5%), and 3 secondary stage students; Mary Vahan Der Hagopian (94%), Lucia Samy Mirzayan (94.3%) & George Nagy Botros (American diploma). Also 8 university student graduates were awarded: Antoine George Taza & Aline Yosri with “Very good” marks and Alik Chris Michalian, Alain Jean Ghazarian, Rita Puzant Zakarian, Joseph Karnig Baldjian, Valentina Shahen Mazloumian & Caroline Jirayr Shoushanian all with “Excellent” marks.

The awards were handed out to the students through the members of the AGBU Cairo board. Before the award proceedings a presentation was made by the chairman of AGBU Cairo Dr. Viken Djizmedjian and co-opted board member Dr. Arpi Khatcherian on the internship programs offered by AGBU.

Besides the certificates, the awarded presents and the cash prizes were as follows: For Primary stage graduates: 100 LE and the book “About Religion and Church”, for Secondary stage graduates: 500 LE and the book of “Saroukhan”, while for university graduates with Very Good grades: 800 LE and the book “The Armenian Question” and for those with Excellent grades: 1000 LE along with the book “Armenians in Egypt” both written by Dr. Mohamed Refaat Al Imam.


10 December

St. Therese announces the cancellation of its basketball tournament

St. Therese announced the cancellation of its 2012 basketball tournament which had been previously postponed. The cancellation came as a result of the current situation of the country as announced by the club.

It is to be noted that this year only three tournaments were played so far; the ones of HMEM Nubar Alexandria, HMEM Gamk and HMEM Nubar Cairo.

21 December

The Christmas Bazaar of HMEM Nubar Cairo

The traditional annual Christmas & Pastry bazaar of HMEM Nubar Cairo was held on Friday 21st December at the club among club members, guests and children who came to spend the day in a cheerful and festive atmosphere. The Christmas ornaments’ and pastry bazaar was opened at 1:00 pm by Miss Sona Markarian, who cut the ribbon to the entry of the bazaar inside the club house. On display there were many goods and traditional Armenian & Christmas food provided and prepared by the ladies committee of HMEM Nubar Cairo who have worked relentlessly throughout the past few weeks for the success of this bazaar.

Soon after the BBQ lunch, the supersized Gaghant Baba showed up amassing the children around him; and even more their mothers. After the distribution of the gifts, the tombola results were then announced under the witty comments of both the losers and the winners.
29 December

Gaghant Baba’s visit to AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan choir

AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan children’s choir members received Gaghant Baba during their weekly rehearsal of Saturday 29th December, a traditional visit never missed since the creation of the choir.

Maestro Mihran Ghazelian and his wife Mrs. Kohar accompanied the children to sing some of the choir’s old and new songs in honour of Gaghant Baba who distributed some Christmas gifts to the choir members and the conductors.