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5 January

Stars shine at HMEM Nubar Cairo on Khetoum night

HMEM Nubar Cairo celebrated Khetoum on Wednesday 5th January in a stylish and elegant manner with around 180 persons in attendance to celebrate Khetoum in a gracious festive atmosphere dancing to the “oldy” tunes of the live entertainment of singer George Karkour in a shipshape decorated interior (and exterior) and a scrumptious food service..

“It has almost become a yearly rendez-vous” said Dr. Garo Apkarian, the chairman of HMEM Nubar Cairo SC, “The successes of previous years lead as to organize this gathering every year.  It’s an excellent way to party and celebrate along with family and friends.

On the other Mrs. Koko Nabil, the driving force behind the team-work organization of the event stated “Once we announced the event, in the space of a week we registered 100 reservations”, “We had to cover part of the garden to accommodate the 180 guests who had ultimately registered for this year’s event compared to the 100 mark of last year”.

The night ended at around 2:30 am with the famous tombola in good spirits whether for the regular winners or the always-grudging losers..

6 February

HMEM Nubar clubs and Egyptian Armenian community institutions re-open for normal activities

After the troubling events in Egypt which took aback the local Armenian community’s activites, matters are starting to get back to normal within all local Armenian clubs and institutions. During the recent events, none of the community institutions was affected with any damages, whether churches, schools, clubs or cemeteries except from some broken windows at the Kalousdian school.

HMEM Nubar Cairo, which was open throughout the past few days’ events during non-curfew hours, has had its Sunday lunch back to service today 6th February. The same for HMEM Nubar Alex, which according to Dr. Garbis Tossounian was open today for all club members to gather as usual on this day of the week. HMEM Ararat, St. Therese and HMEM Gamk also had their doors open today during non curfew hours.

AGBU Cairo offices in Cairo will re-open tomorrow Monday and all January’s social welfare, monthly pensions and medicare beneficiaries will soon be able to collect their dues.
The situation is the same for all Armenian institutions of Cairo and Alexandria, all trying to serve and attend to the local community members each in its own way and capability.

19 February

Homenetmen Ararat’s U-11 football tournament

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s U-11 football team participated in Homenetmen Ararat’s football tournament from 15 to 19 February with the participation of 5 teams: H.O.C, Al Dar, HMEM Nubar Cairo, PAOK Hellenic and the hosts Homenetmen Ararat,  The team drew against PAOK 1-1 and lost to HOC 0-4, Al Dar 2-3 and to Ararat 1-2 coming out 4th of the tournament which was won by H.O.C.

The tournament was an excellent occasion for the youth to come together and play their favorite sport amid the cheers of parents and spectators under an “official tournament” umbrella giving these matches much credit and excitement.

The team players of HMEM Nubar Cairo were: Harry Sultanian (Captain), Jirair Karageuzian, Hagop Baltayan, George Aram Apigian, Nubar Simonian, Armen Apkarian, Serge Kiloyan, Raffi Mosaad, Maxim Kehyeyan, Arek Simonian, Alex Yani

Team Coach : Captain Dory Abdel Salam. Team Manager: George Simonian

19 February

AGBU Cairo’s 2011 Medicare program registers 317 members

AGBU Cairo has started delivering the membership cards of its 2011 Medicare program which is entering its 11th year of existence in servicing and supporting the Egyptian Armenian community.  This year 317 memberships were registered including 51 from Alexandria, 17 less than last year due to the passing away of several members and the non renewal of some others. No registration requests were rejected this year, 6 new ones were accepted.

27 February

Armen Varjabedian, champion of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s 2011 pool tournament

Armen Varjabedian was declared champion of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s  pool tournament today Sunday 27th February by defeating Chris Simonian 3-1 after an exciting high level match.

In the semi-final matches which were also played today, Armen Varjabedian defeated the 2010 title holder Kevok Sakayan 3-2 and Chris Simonian, the revelation of this tournament, defeated Arto Miskdjian with the same 3-2 score.

Armen Varjabedian, the 2009 champion has won the club’s pool championship for his 4th time. All through the different stages until the final he played with coherence and unfailing consistency. Chris Simonian was the surprise new comer in the hall of fame this year. He cruised his way consistently to the final by beating Khoren Kalinian, Jirayr Depoyan, Noubar Kouyoumdjian and Arto Miskdjian. A difficult path indeed, which shows his absolute worth in reaching the final.

In the tournament’s hall of fame, besides Armen Varjabedian, Kevork Sakayan has won it 4 times , while Hagop Kalishian who had to withdraw from the quarter –final because of a slight stroke from which he is has almost recovered, has won it 3 times. His absence was very much missed in this year’s final rounds.

The results of the semi-final: Armen Varjabedian / Vasken Movsessian 3-2, Arto Miskdjian / Hagop Kalishian (withdrawal Hagop), Chris Simonian / Noubar Kouyoumdjian 3/2, Mike Nabil / Kevork Sakayan 0-3.

The results of the second round:
Noubar K / Yanni 3-0, Chris Simonian / Jiarayr Depoyan 3-0, Garo Koumtouyan/Mike Nabil 2-3, Raffi B. Arto Miskdjian 0-3, Armen Varjabedian/Vahe Varjabedian 3-1, Yousri / Hagop Kalishian 0-3, Kevork Sakayan/Jean Ghazarian 3-0, Vasken Movsessian / Vasken Iradian 3-0
The results of the first round:
Garen Tourloumbajian / Yousry A. 0-3 , Simon Depoyan / Vasken Iradian 1-3, George Simonian / Arto Miskdjian 0-3, Khoren Kalinian / Chris Simonian 0-3, Hagop Kalishian / Hagop Karagozian 3-0, Garo Apkarian / Jean Ghazarian 2-3, Yanni / Garo Varjabedian  3-1, Jirayr Depoyan / Berdj Avedissian 0-3, Vasken Movsessian / Roupen Simonian 3-0, Vahe Varjabedian / Raffi Nabil 3-1, Armen Varjabedian / Viken Djizmedjian 3-0, Garo Koumrouyan / Noubar Kouyoumdjian 2-3, Mike Nabil / Dikran Arakelian 3-1, Kevork Sakayan / Berdj Soultanian 3-0, Berdj Touloumbadjian / Raffi B. 0-3.

The cup was offered this year by Mr. & Mrs. Noubar Kouyoumdjian.

4 March

Sports Day at the Greek club in Heliopolis

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s U-12 and U-16 boys’ football teams played on Friday 4th March against their counterpart teams of the Greek club’s Paok football teams.

The U-12 teams of HMEM Nubar Cairo won their two matches against Paok’s U-12 with the results of 3-1 & 1-0. The U-16 team of HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated the Paok U-16 team 7-1.

17 March

Dziadzan, Dzaghgastan & Arax choirs commemorate Vartananats

On the occasion of the 1560th anniversary of the “Avarayr” battle, a commemorating event of “Vartanants” was organized by the Armenian Patriarchate of Cairo at the Belekdanian Hall in Heliopolis on Thursday 17th March, with the participation of AGBU Cairo’s “Dziadzan” and Housaper Cultural Union’s “Dzaghgastan” children’s choirs and the Patriarchate’s “Arax” seniors’ choir.

The evening started with the united performance of the Dzaidzan and Dzaghgastan choirs with the accompaniment of pianists Nanor Apikian and Arpi Djanigian. The united choral which embraced 45 children from the two choirs sang 5 songs under the leadership of Maestro Mihran Ghazelian who, in the second part of the evening, was also in command of the Armenian Patriarchate’s “Arax” choir, which sang 15 songs all related to “Vartanants”. The piano accompaniment of Arax was for the first time by the skilled pianist Hayg Avakian, whose professional input was very much appreciated. There were also solo performances by Roupen Saad, Serge Sedefdjian, Sylvia Terzibashian, Ara Koehnelian and Megerditch Avedanian.

The evening was held under the patronage of His Grace Bishop Ashot Mnatsakanyan, Primate of the Amenian Apostholic Church of Egypt with the presence of many constituents and members of the Armeno-Egyptian community of Cairo.


18 March

Friendly U-12 football tournament at HMEM Nubar Cairo

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s U-12 football team won its first football tournament which was held on Friday 18th March at the club with the participation of the Greek Paok club & the Ard El Golf SC. The youngsters of HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated Ard El Golf 2-1 and PAOK 5/1 winning their first title as champions of a tournament.

The young team of HMEM Nubar which is trained by coach Dorry is on a steady improvement track since it started participating in friendly tournaments and matches with the beginning of this year. After many years of hibernation, the number one sport is back on track on the activities’ agenda of HMEM Nubar Cairo at this age category level, thanks to the enthusiasm of the youngsters and also thanks to the efforts of the coach, the team administrator George Simonian and also to the parents of the young players who are encouraging them to come regularly to trainings and matches.



16 April

AGBU Cairo commemorates the Armenian Genocide

On the occasion of the 96th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, AGBU Cairo screened three short films at its Chaker Cultual Center in Heliopolis, all related to events surrounding the 1915 Genocide.

The first film which was screened last Saturday 16th April was the 1918 Black & White silent movie “The Auction of Souls”. The film is the first movie ever made on a genocide. The film is based on the book “Ravished Armenia”, one of the first documentary memoirs of an eyewitness of the Armenian Genocide written by Arshaluys Mardiganian, giving a detailed account of the terrible experiences she endured during the genocide. The story of the film was presented by Dr. Annie Ohanessian.

The second 30 minute film was a documentary on the life, photo collection and memoires of the German Army officer Armin Wegner, who was one of the most important witnesses of the Armenian Genocide. It is mainly thanks to his photos that the Armenian Genocide is documented in pictures.  His life and deeds to the Armenians was presented by Miss Rubina Aslanian.

The third 12 minute short documentary screened was “The Near East Relief Foundation”. A film which portrays the historic beginnings of the Near East Relief Foundation created with the aim of helping the victims of the Armenian Genocide. Dr. Arpy Khatcherian presented the film to the audience.

24 April

Berdj Terzian receives the St. Sahag – St. Mesrob Medal of Honour

On the occasion of the Easter Mass at the St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Church held today Sunday 24th April 2011 in Cairo, Mr. Berdj Terzian, the known Armeno-Egyptian intellectual and President of AGBU Egypt’s district committee and Honorary Chairman of the AGBU’s Cairo chapter received the St. Sahag – St. Mesrob Medal of Honor according to the Encyclical issued on 27 October 2010 at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiatdin, as decreed by His Holiness Karekin II, Catholicos of all Armenians.

Mr. Terzian has been serving the Armenian Church in Egypt as a member of its Diocesan Council since several decades as a member of the Diocesan Board of Education, as a member of Nubarian School’s Board of Trustees and eventually as the Chairman of the Armenian Apostolic Church’s Executive Committee from 2003 to 2006. Mr. Terzian is known also for his marked contribution in AGBU Egypt and Cairo chapters’ activities for almost 5 decades as member and chairman. He is also known for his vigorous involvement in various Armenian related editorial activities, both in Armenian and in Arabic languages.
Mr. Terzian is especially noted for his relentless activities towards the recognition of the Armenian Genocide through his numerous writings and 2 books one in Armenian and the other in Arabic.

The St. Sahag St. Mesrob Medal is one of the highest orders of the Armenian church and is awarded for significant achievements in academic, educational and pedagogic activities dedicated to the Armenian cause and our Motherland

1 May

Screening of “Aghet, A Genocide..” at AGBU Cairo’s Chaker Cultural Center

In the framework of AGBU Cairo’s commemoration of the 96th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, the “Aghet: A Genocide..” documentary was screened at the Union’s Chaker Cultural Center in Heliopolis last Saturday 30th April. The film is the fourth in the series of Armenian Genocide related documentaries which are being screened on this occasion. It was attended by around 50 guests,- the full capacity of the Center- including some non-Armenians who had come to watch the film through invitations from their young Armenian friends.

This documentary, which was directed by the German filmmaker Eric Friedler in 2010 is an important exceptional film since it presented the Armenian Genocide through various concrete archival documents, and historical sources, compiling the testimonies of German, American, Swiss, Danish, Swedish, and other nationals, including physicians, social workers, teachers, engineers, missionaries, correspondents, and nurses, who had witnessed the Armenian Genocide.


The film was presented at the Chaker Cultural Center by Dr. Arpy Khatcherian and was commented at the end of the screening by Mr. Berdj Terzian, chairman of AGBU Egypt.

8 May

Tribute in honour of Mr. Berdj Terzian

Around 90 people gathered at the Belekdanian Hall today Sunday 8th May to honour Mr. Berdj Terzian, the distinguished Armeno-Egyptian intellectual and President of AGBU Egypt’s District Committee as well as the Honorary Chairman of the AGBU’s Cairo chapter, on the occasion of his bestowment of two important appreciations: The St. Sahag – St. Mesrob Medal of Honor, one of the highest orders of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiatdzin, which is awarded for significant achievements in communal, educational and literary activities dedicated to the Armenian people and to the Motherland.  And the other: AGBU Central Board’s decision to award Mr. Terzian the “AGBU Honor Member” title, which is dedicated to persons “who have rendered extraordinary services to AGBU” according to AGBU’s By-laws.

The cocktail reception which was organized by AGBU Cairo, was attended by His Grace Bishop Ashot Mnatsaganian, Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Egypt, His Grace Bishop Monsignor Krikor Augustinos Coussan, Primate of the Armenian Catholic Community in Egypt, H.E. Dr. & Mrs. Armen Melkonian, the Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to Egypt, numerous members of the Cairo Diocesian Council and many board members of our local Armenian institutions, clubs & organizations as well as some close friends and relatives of Mr. Terzian.

After an introductory address by AGBU Cairo’s chairman Dr. Viken Djizmedjian and the reading of the Pontifical Encyclical by Reverend Father Hagop Hagopian, Pastor of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Cairo, the congratulatory letters of AGBU’s President Mr. Berge Setragian addressed to Mr. Terzian for both occasions were read before the presentation of the AGBU’s Certificate of “Honor Member” to Mr. Berdj Terzian by the chairman of AGBU Cairo Dr. Djizmedjian. Following this, Mr. Onnig Belekdanian, the vice-chairman of AGBU Cairo and member of the AGBU Egypt District Committee,  presented to Mr. Terzian,- on behalf of the Board of AGBU Cairo, a commemorative plate as an expression of tribute.

Words were then addressed by Mr. Norayr Deuvletian, in his capacity as friend and route companion of Mr. Terzian for nearly 5 decades, HE. the Ambassador Dr. Armen Melkonian, His Grace Bishop Monsignor Krikor Augustinos Coussan and His Grace Bishop Ashot Mnatsaganian. They all praised the work and deeds of Mr. Terzian giving accounts of personal and communal experiences that they had shared with him, stressing mainly on his important work in different fields for the good of our local community in particular, and for our Motherland in general. Finally Mr. Berdj Terzian took the floor to express his gratitude to His Holiness Karekin II, the Catholicos of All Armenians and to Mr. Berge Setragian, the President of AGBU and to the members of the AGBU Central Committee conveying his personal appreciation for the bestowment of these two significant distinctions. Mr. Terzian thanked also the presence and the orators for honouring the event with their presence and through their speeches.

14 May

Hrant Dink’s documentary screened at AGBU Cairo

The last and 5th film of AGBU Cairo’s line of commemorative documentaries of the 96th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide was screened today Saturday 14th May 2011 at the Union’s Chaker Cultural Center in Heliopolis.

The “1.5 Million + Hrant Dink” one hour documentary, was about the life and impact of Hrant Dink on the Armenian question in Turkey and Worldwide. The 2nd part of the documentary was about the Turkish Armenian community and the influence of Armenian related petitions on their everyday life. The documentary shed also the light on the meaning of being an Armenian living in Turkey.

The documentary was presented by Dr. Arpi Khatcherian and was commented after the screening by Mr. Berdj Terzian.

The previous screened documentaries on the Armenian Genocide were “The Auction of Souls”, a 1918 Black & White silent movie, the first movie ever made on a genocide. The film is based on the book “Ravished Armenia”, one of the first documented memoirs of an eyewitness of the Armenian Genocide written by Arshaluys Mardiganian, giving a detailed account of the terrible experiences she endured during the genocide. The story of the film was presented by Dr. Annie Ohanessian.

The second 30 minute film was a documentary on the life, photo collection and memoires of the German Army officer Armin Wegner, who was one of the most important witnesses of the Armenian Genocide. It is mainly thanks to his photos that the Armenian Genocide is documented in pictures.  His life and deeds to the Armenians was presented by Miss Rubina Aslanian.

The third 12 minute short documentary screened was “The Near East Relief Foundation”. A film which portrays the historic beginnings of the Near East Relief Foundation created with the aim of helping the victims of the Armenian Genocide. Dr. Arpy Khatcherian presented the film to the audience.

The fourth important presentation was the much acclaimed German 1h30 min. documentary film “Aghet, a Genocide”, which was produced by the German National TV NRD in 2010, and through testimonies and never-released footage it proves the fact of the Armenian Genocide.

25 May

AGBU Cairo holds its General Assembly

AGBU Cairo held its annual General Assembly at its Chaker Cultural Center in Heliopolis on Wednesday 25th May to present and approve its 2010 expenditures and activities reports and to obtain the General assembly’s consent for the planned budget of 2011.

The meeting started with the lecture of the previous General Assembly’s minutes and AGBU Cairo board’s2010 activities’ report.

Through this presentation AGBU Cairo announced that in 2010, AGBU Cairo’s Chaker fund has spent 1,474,470 LE on the fund’s projects among which the following main expenditures can be mentioned:

371,126 LE were spent on cultural projects (such as the following;- among others: Arek Arabic & Deghegadou newsletters, AGBU Egypt website, Dziadzan choir, AGBU Cairo’s centennial celebration, the theatrical and movie editing workshop, George Kazzazian’s concert, AYA Antranig dance troupe’s & AGBU Sydney’s performances in Cairo, Vrej Kassouni’s and Hratch Arbash’s projects, Armenian painters and Hrant Keshishian’s exhibitions, etc..). This amount includes also the honoraries of research projects and salaries such as the important “Armenia and Armenians in the Egyptian press” ongoing project, editing and article writing fees for Deghegadou and Arek Arabic newsletters, researching fees for specialists and Armenian related studies and researches.

337,779 LE were spent in 2010 for social support and care to 62 beneficiaries in need of such aid, 103,425 LE were spent as educational support for 31 students, 9000 LE for retired Armenian teachers and 200,704 LE as financial support to different Armenian organizations and institutions.

401,703 LE were spent on the Medicare project’s 334 beneficiaries and 36,732 LE for youth programs and camp.

The 2011 budget was then presented and approved by the General Assembly. The AGBU Cairo board saw no changes in its members for its next mandate.

4 June

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s opening of the 2011 Summer Season

The traditional opening of the summer season announcing the “official” opening of HMEM Nubar Cairo club’s doors on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays was held on Saturday 4th June at the club’s garden with the presence of more than 120 club members, fans, friends and children who attended the evening in a pleasant friendly atmosphere.

The event was held under the tunes of DJ Armen Varjabesian and saw, besides the delicious buffet and the traditional raffle prizes, the projection of Tatoul Altounian’s & Ara Kevorkian’s concerts on a big screen. Some light contests were also organized with the participation of: Albert & Manouche Tchopourian, Stepan & Christine Varvarian, Vahe & Hermine Varjabedian, Viken & Aline Djizmedjian and Garen & Chantal Touloumbadjian. The prize went to the Tchopourian couple thanks to their famous Rock’n’roll dance..

The evening was ran with proficiency by Mrs. Sevan Dertadian  and was concluded at around 1:00 am by the words of the club chairman Dr. Garo Apkarian who thanked the presence for their attendance and the club’s ladies and  Mrs. Koko Nabil for their hard work in preparing the delicious buffet .

7 June

HMEM Nubar Alex renovates its basketball court & boards

In preparation of the season’s 1st Armeno-Egyptian basketball tournament from 22 to 24 July 2011, HMEM Nubar Alex has started the renovation of its basketball court and boards. “We are renovating the court in order to comply with the new regulations by enlarging the playing area and the 3 points boundaries through paint”, said Dr. Garbis Tossounian, the chairman of the club. “We are also renovating and replacing the fibreglass basketball boards and their connecting supports”.

Concerning the program of the tournament, Dr. Tossounian declared that it will be announced sometime during next week right after sending out the invitations of participation to the four Armeno-Egyptian clubs.

22 June

HMEM Nubar Cairo and Homentmen Ararat veteran footballers end their group matches with losses

In their last group matches last Monday and Wednesday, HMEM Nubar Cairo’s and Homenetmen Ararat’s veteran footballers lost their encounters against Mar Sayed Salam 1-4 and El Dar 0-4 respectively, making it clear that our Armenian representatives’ participation in the tournament was for enjoyment rather than achieving results.. The pleasure of recalling the good old days and enjoying playing football was not enough to keep up with the more trained and serious teams such as Patronage, HOC, El Dar and the rest of the bunch..

Out of their 5 played matches HMEM Nubar Cairo drew in 2 and lost in 3 (St. Therese B 0-3, Patronage 4-10, Mar Sayed Salem 0-4, draws against HOC 1-1 and Paok 3-3), while Homentmen Ararat lost in 5 (Ard El Golf 1-6, St. Therese 1-2, Malak Mikhail 2-4, Mar Guirguis 3-6 and Ard El Golf 0-4).

The tournament, which is organized by Homenetmen Ararat, is for players aged 35 and above and is being held from 23 May to 29 June 2011 with the participation of 12 clubs divided into two groups of six teams.

The tournament is being held on Mondays and Wednesdays, and will have its final played on Wednesday 29th June.

25 June

AGBU Cairo screens a documentary on the Armenians of Jerusalem

Continuing the series of introducing different Armenian communities of the Diaspora, an interesting documentary of the ever decreasing Armenian community of Jerusalem was screened at the Chaker Cultural Center of AGBU Cairo in Heliopolis on Saturday 25th June at 8:30 pm.

The 50 minute documentary shed the light on the Armenian quarter of Jerusalem and on the decline of one of the World’s most ancient Armenian communities (1600 year-old) which holds the World’s second largest collection of ancient Armenian manuscripts. The documentary gave reasons behind the decline of the Armenian community of Jerusalem (from 35,000 in 1948 down to the current 3000) and explained the volatile relations between the Armenians and the occupying Israeli authorities. The film made the tour of the ancient Armenian churches of Jerusalem and explained the land and territorial property problems which the Armenians are facing there nowadays.

The 50 minute documentary was preceded by a presentation of the film by Dr. Annie Ohanessian. After viewing, Mr. Berdj Terzian commented on the evolution and the current state of Jerusalem’s Armenian Patriarchate.

1 July

HMEM Nubar Alex SC’s opening of its 2011 summer season

As every year, HMEM Nubar Alex S.C. held the opening of its 2011 summer season among its familiar faithful faces and fans of the club. The Ladies committee had done a great job in preparing the buffet for the guests who very much enjoyed the food, the music and specially the friendly atmosphere which reigned during the gathering.

“We postponed the opening for a week because of the sad decease of our club’s dedicated member Araxi Seferyan-Tavitian who had passed away on June 18th” said Dr. Garbis Tossounian, chairman of HMEM Nubar Alex SC; “The dinner-reception was held at the pergola next to the basketball court which was recently renovated. We now have brand new boards and a court which is re-adjusted to the new measurements of the game. In March we had also refurbished the back fence which had partially collapsed because of water seepage in the bordering street. These renovations were made possible thanks to a contribution from AGBU Cairo”. “We are now ready to host 2011’s first Armeno-Egyptian basketball tournament in 3 weeks”, concluded Dr. Tossounian.

HMEM Nubar Alex’s summer season opening dinner buffet is a long-established practice; just like HMEM Nubar Cairo’s, a tradition that should never cease.

17 July

HMEM Nubar Alex cancels its basketball tournament

HMEM Nubar Alex announced that it would cancel the organization of its basketball tournament, which was scheduled to be held from 22 to 24 July 2011. The tournament was the 2011 season’s first Armeno-Egyptian tournament.

The chairman of HMEM Nubar Alex; SC Dr. Garbis Tossounian, stated that the reason of the cancellation was because of some security concerns and because of the unstable situation of the country. “It was a decision of the board, a difficult one indeed, since the tournament is our club’s major annual event and an important source of income. We hope that matters will normalize soon”.

31 July

HMEM Noubar Cairo’s girls’ team in the Cairo District basketball tournament

HMEM Nubar Cairo will be participating in the Cairo & Giza District basketball tournament with its senior girls’ team for the upcoming 2011-2012 season. According to the team administrator Sossy Neredian/Hagopian “We are in a strong need to play some strong competitive matches specially that there are no regular Armeno-Egyptian girls’ matches, tournaments nor teams with whom we can play. It is quite tedious and disappointing to train all year long without having an objective or aim”.

“We had previously participated in the Cairo and Giza district tournaments during four consecutive seasons 2003-2004 , 2004-2005 , 2006-2006 and 2006-2007”, continued Mrs. Sossy, “After that we had to stop participating as we suffered a drop in the number of our players. But now that we have some new younger players added to the older ones, I can say that we have quite a good balanced team ready for competitive matches. Now we have 11 regular players with ages ranging between 14 and 25 and we are now up to the level of competing with the Egyptian teams and show a good standard of play and even win some of the matches”.

HMEM Noubar Cairo club girls’ team practices twice a week and will be increasing its weekly training sessions to three and four before the start of the championship in mid-September.
The members of the team are:-
Sevan Varjabedian – Nairy Hagopian – Tina Mazloumian – Aline Yousry – Nanar Kalinian – Alissa Depoyan – Shooshan Tellalian – Rosanna Lawendy – Aspe Djizmedjian – Marina Simonian – Katherine Iradian and the exceptional everlasting player Marlo Simonian .
The team coach is Alaa Zahran with coach Maged as is his assistant .
Sossy Neredian/Hagopian is the administrator of the team.

21 August

Cairo 6th of the basketball tournament of the 5th Pan-Armenian Games

Our Egyptian Armenian community’s Cairo basketball selection retained the 6th position of the basketball tournament of the 5th Pan-Armenian Games after today’s defeat against Beirut 55/67 (8/27, 31/40, 45/51, 55/67) after a strong match in which our team played without 3 of its key players, Armen, Ary and Zaven (the first two for injury, Zaven for travel), and tried hard to cope with the lack of available fit substitutes and also to deal with the fatigue of the strenuous schedule of matches in which they played 6 matches in the space of 6 days winning 4 times and losing only twice.

The team thus retains the 6th position of the tournament in what can be considered as an outstanding result considering the number of participating teams (24), their strength and specially the sizes of their corresponding communities which they represent.

Well done, you deserve our highest consideration and esteem for the results you achieved and also for your honorable conduct and representation of our community.

22 August

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s trip to Sokhna

68 persons participated in HMEM HMEM Nubar Cairo club’s trip to Ain Al Sokhna from 18 to 21 August 2011 for a four-day relaxing get away holiday at the peaceful resort of Ramada Renaissance Al Sokhna on the shores of the Red Sea.

17 September

Homenetmen Ararat and HMEM Nubar form united U-12 & U-14 basketball selections

In a praiseworthy step, Homenetmen Ararat and HMEM Nubar clubs of Cairo agreed to form two united U-12 and U-14 basketball selections to participate in the corresponding Egyptian National Basketball Championship 2011-2012. The decision comes after the successful performance and impressive cohesion of the senior united selection which participated in the 5th Pan-Armenian Games in Yerevan last August and the shared awareness of the clubs of the importance and weight of joint efforts and actions.

After two preliminary meetings last Sunday and Friday, representatives of the two clubs agreed to name the U-12 joint selection of the two teams HMEM Nubar, and that of the U-14 team Homenetmen Ararat, since participation in the championship conditions the registration of listed clubs only. Each of the two selections will be formed from 6 players of each club.

The administrative team of the two selections will be formed of coaches and managers from both clubs. These will be supervised by a committee formed from the two clubs for the handling of organizational aspects such as registration, uniforms, transport and budget. Trainings will be done at Homenetman Ararat and HMEM Nubar clubs for both selections at dates and times which will be decided once the registration of the teams at the Egyptian Basketball Federation is finalized.

20 September

HMEM Nubar Cairo and El Dar play friendly basketball matches

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s girls and boys U-14 teams played two friendly matches on Sunday against El Dar in preparation for the club’s October 21st to 23rd basketball tournament in which they will be participating in curtain raiser matches before the final of Sunday against teams yet to be determined.

The boys U-14 team defeated El Dar 28-13, while the girls U-14 team lso came out winners 20/8. The boys and girls teams are coached by Captain Maged and administered by Sevan Detadian for the girls team and Armen Baltayan for the boys team.

1 October

Dikran Chukhajian’s“Gariné” Opera buff presented at AGBU
AGBU Cairo presented and screened the DVD of Jirair Papasian’s “Opera Buff” version of Dikran Chukhajian’s “Gariné” at its Chaker Cultural Centre last Saturday 1st October 2011, with the presence of around 40 people who had come to appreciate Chukhajian’s Masterpiece and also to appreciate Papasian’s  hard work in bringing to light this long lost “Magnum Opus” of Armenian classics.

The evening started with a presentation; by Jirair Papasian, the artistic director of the Dikran Tchouhadjian Research Center of Paris, about the making of the Operette and the hard road of finding the notes and finalizing this version of  this great work of art.

Chukhajian’s “Gariné” operetta, originally called   “Leblebiji Horhor Agha,” was written in 1875 in Turkish, and quickly became a hit. Chukhajian used the urban and folk melodies of his time in the framework of a comic operetta.  The setting was in the harem of Prince Khurshid Bey, in the 18th century. The prince fell in love with young Fatime, whose father, Horhor Agha, was a poor chickpea seller. He wanted to save his daughter from what he thought was a kidnapping, but his daughter was actually in love with Khurshid.

The operetta was translated into Armenian while Chukhajian was still alive, and in the 20th century it was translated into Greek and German. In the 1940s, it was performed in Soviet Armenia under the new title “Gariné.”. In 1967 the Armenian version was made into a film. It was still set in Istanbul, but the harem story was changed.

While Chukhajian’s original score has been lost, Papazian discovered scores in Paris in French translation that were intended for a French production that never occurred. After this discovery, and through lots of detective work, Papazian was able to use the various versions to make his own revisions for a new Western Armenian script. He changed the figure of the father from a poor vendor into a rich man, changing also the development of the love story to allow for a livelier plot. Gariné gradually falls in love with Armen, a young intellectual who returns from his studies in Venice and establishes the theatre company in which Gariné performs.

After creating a new Western Armenian version, with a revised script, Papazian translated the operetta into French and English. The French version was staged in Paris and Marseille earlier this year by a company of 40 actors (including Jirair Papazian as the father, Horhor Agha), singers, dancers and musicians to critical acclaim.

The version which was projected by AGBU Cairo was the French two-hour version with Armenian subtitles. A light cocktail was served at the intermission.

13 October

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s senior men’s team in Sharm El Sheikh


Once again and like previous years, the seniors men’s team of HMEM Nubar Cairo went on a leisure and fun trip to the Red Sea resort of Sharm El Sheikh from 6 to 9 September for a chill out stretch before next week’s basketball tournament.


16 October

Homenetmen Ararat’s & HMEM Nubar Cairo’s U-14 united selection winners by withdrawal against Telecom Egypt

The united U-14 selection of Homenetmen Ararat & HMEM Nubar Cairo qualified to the next round of the Cairo District Egyptian Basketball League after the withdrawal of Telecom Egypt from its last match of the group. The qualification is still pending the protest of Telecom Egypt which is asking the replay of the match due to its misinformation about the place of the match. Our team has 9 points from 3 wins out of 5 matches.

The united team which plays under the name Homenetmen Ararat had defeated Wadi Degla 28/26, Al Kahrobaa 23/3 and Telecom Egypt and had lost to Nasr City 75/14 and the Arab contractors 21/42. The team has 9 points from five matches. The first 3 teams qualify to the next round.

The players of the selection are:-
George Antranigyan, Arek Apkarian, Hagop Baltayan, Hary Sultanian, Serge Koloyan, Garen Torossian, Ashod Koehnelian, Armen Avedissian, Rupen Jamgochian Alen Koloyan andCarl Youssif
The technical team:
Armen Baltayan and Ara Avedissian (managers), Ayman Ghoneim  (coach)


23 October

HMEM Nubar Cairo champion of its basketball tournament

HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated Homenetmen Ararat with the score of 52/47 in the final of the club’s tournament winning the season’s first Armeno-Egyptian basketball tournament. The suspense had started right with the tip-off whistle of the referee with Homenetmen Ararat  taking the early lead in the first quarter 8/6, HMEM Nubar came back in a better form in the second quarter  ending it with a 21/16 lead. Both teams went shoulder to shoulder in the third quarter 33/33. Homenetmen Ararat started the fourth quarter with a brief lead but was soon surmounted in the final minutes of the game with a final score of 52/47 in favor of the home team.

The game was held in an excellent sports spirit and fair play among the players of the two teams.  Congratulations to HMEM Nubar Cairo and hard luck to Homenetmen Ararat.  The match could have gone any either way, but in the end it was the home team which lifted the late Dr. Norayr Simonian Cup from the hands of the departed’s wife Sona.

In the second day of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s annual basketball tournament in which four of the five Armeno-Egyptian clubs are participating, Homenetmen Ararat defeated St. Therese SC 50/38 (14/10, 26/12, 35/22, 50/32) and qualified to the final on Sunday against hosts HMEM Nubar Cairo.

Prior to this match the seniors girls’ team of HMEM Nubar Cairo played against the Cairo club and won the match 42/34 (20/15) carrying the trophy offered by Mr. & Mrs. Levon Nigolian.

In the first youth match, the U14 team of HMEM Nubar Cairo played against Al Dar winning the match 28/19 carrying the trophy offered by Mr. & Mrs. Roupen Simonian.

In the second match HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated Homenetmen Gamk of Alexandria 72-42 (26-7, 39-22, 60-30 & 72-42) and qualified to the final of Sunday to play against the winner of Saturday’s match Homenetme Ararat vs. St. Therese. Also on Saturday, the ladies’ teams of of HMEM Nubar Cairo will be playing against Al Tayaran club at 7:00 pm

The tournament is being held under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Ashod Mnatsaganian, the Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Egypt and the patronage of Mrs. Nevart Mesrobian. The senior men’s cup is offered by Mrs. Sona Simonian and family in memory of her late husband Dr. Norair Simonian. The senior ladies’ cup is offered by Mr. & Mrs. Levon Nigolian, the Juniors girls’ cup is offered by Dr. & Mrs. Herayr Dertadian while the Juniors boys cup by Mr. & Mrs. Roupen Simonian. The medals are offered by Mr. and Mrs. Vart Alexanian.

7 November

AGBU Cairo increases the limits of its financial contribution in the 2012 Medicare program

AGBU Cairo has started accepting as of 1st November and until 10th December 2011, new applications as well as renewal requests for its Medicare health support program, which will be entering its 11th year of existence in servicing and supporting the medical needs of members of the Egyptian Armenian community. In its last meeting, the board of AGBU Cairo has decided to increase the limits of its financial contribution in several sectors of the program. The annual subsidy of medicine will be increased to 1200 LE instead of 1000 LE. Doctors’ diagnosis from 200 LE to 300, Radiographs to 300 LE and Laboratory tests to 300 LE. The program covers also hospitalization and surgical expenses up to 8000 LE per person per year.

AGBU Cairo`s Medicare program is an insurance system, which provides financial coverage of up to 50% of the medical expenses of its subscribers. The regulations were established in 1999 and the program was launched in January 2000 for Cairo`s Armenian community and was extended two years later to the Alexandrian Armenian community. The program was made possible for the needy Egyptian Armenians thanks to the Satenig Chaker fund which provides numerous educational, social, cultural, sports and assistance services to the Egyptian Armenian community through several specialized committees.

Application forms can be obtained from the AGBU Cairo and AGBU Alexandria offices or can be downloaded from our website.

In 2011, year 317 memberships were registered including 51 from Alexandria.

For new applications, a photocopy of the personal ID, 2 pictures and an Egyptian Armenian community membership document must be presented, while for renewals, a personal picture and a photocopy of the 2010 Medicare ID card will be required. The deadline of submitting the applications is 10th December 2011. The membership fee being 180 LE, all applications are subject to the approval of AGBU Cairo.

21 November

HMEM Nubar Cairo Champions of Homenetmen Ararat’s basketball tournament

After a thrilling match, HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated Homenetmen Ararat 74/71 after extra-time (8/17, 31/29, 42/39 and 63/63 at regular time) in the final of the season’s 2nd basketball tournament after a wavering and exhilarating game in which the hosts had seen their winning hopes coming very high after their strong start and come back at the end of regular time. However, the good line-up of essential & reserve players of HMEM Nubar Cairo shifted the match’s final outcome in their way.

The suspense had started straight after the tip-off whistle of the referee with Homenetmen Ararat taking a large lead in the 1st quarter 17/8. A lead which was reversed in the 2nd quarter in favour of HMEM Nubar 31/29, and maintained in third quarter 42/39. Homenetmen Ararat came back strongly at the end of the regular time to draw 63/63. The 5 minute extra time was HMEM Nubar Cairo’s from start to end with Homenetmen Ararat approaching the score on several occasions.

Congratulations to HMEM Nubar Cairo, you achieved a fantastic win and showed a remarkable level and displayed a great performance. A real hard luck to Homenetmen Ararat, the match could have gone your way. You played extremely well but went out of your key players in the extra-time because of the 5 fouls rule.

In the first day of these matches, Homenetmen Ararat’s ladies team had played against Heliolido on the cup offered by Mr. & Mrs. Manoug Bohdjalian winning the match 48/46 and the 1st trophy of the tournament.


In the second match of the day HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated St. Therese 86/44 (22/13, 46/24, 70/39 & 86/44) and qualified for the final of Sunday against the winner of Saturday’s Homentemen Ararat vs. Homenetmen Gamk match.

In the second day of Homenetmen Ararat’s basketball tournament, the hosts defeated Homentmen Gamk in the seniors men’s second semi-final match with the score of 52/36 qualifying thus to the final of Sunday against HMEM Nubar Cairo which had defeated St. Therese 86/44 on Thursday.

In the other matches of the day, Homentmen Ararat & HMEM Nubar Cairo’s united U-14 boys’ team defeated El Dar 48/25. The Cup was offered by Dr. & Mrs. Kevork Erzingatsian. El Dar’s U-12 girls’ team defeated Homentmen Ararat 11/6. The cup was offered by Mr. & Mrs. Hagop Sayian.


The tournament was held under the auspices of His Grace Bishot Ashot Mnatsaganian, the Primate of the Apostolic Church of Cairo and with the chairmanship of Mr. & Mrs. Vartan Kazandjian.

19 November

A line-up of three matches in day 2 of HMEM Ararat’s basketball tournament

On Sunday right before the final, Homenetmen Ararat’s U-12 boys will play against Al Gezira SC at 7:30 pm. The Cup is offered by Mr. Garo Assadourian.

The men’s cup is offered by Nora, Nayiri and Norair Mekhtigian in memory of late Vahan Mekhtigian.  The medals are offered by Mr. & Mrs. Vart Alexanian.

The tournament is held under the auspices of His Grace Bishot Ashot Mnatsaganian, the Primate of the Apostolic Church of Cairo and with the chairmanship of Mr. & Mrs. Vartan Kazandjian.

26 November

The Egyptian Parliamentary elections presented at HMEM Nubar Cairo

HMEM Nubar Cairo SC organized an introductory lecture at the club on Friday 25th November to acquaint the gathering about the Egyptian Parliamentary elections which will start on 28th November. Councilor  Alaa Zahraan, who is one of the supervisors appointed for these elections, explained in details the system of the Parliamentary elections and its procedure ahead of polling day next Monday.

The presence was informed about the obligations and rights of citizens on voting day as well as the process of voting and the system of distribution of different parties and individuals on the boroughs of the Republic.

After the lecture an open discussion was held among the presence and Coucilor Zahraan in which he gave answers to the different inquiries about the electoral system.

2 December

Homenetmen Ararat lifts the cup of St. Therese tournament  after a close match against HMEM Gamk

Homenetmen Ararat defeated Homenetmen Gamk 68/64 (15/20, 35/28 and 52/46) in the final of St.Theses’s basketball tournament on Saturday 3rd December lifting the cup after an exciting match in which Gamk came very close in realizing the impossible.  On the other hand Ararat’s last step in lifting the trophy was much harder than expected.

Congratulations to Homenetmen Ararat, you deserve to win this tournament. You came back from a long time-out thanks to your hard work and determination.

A big applause to Homenetmen Gamk, whose presence in the past three tournaments is to be praised and admired. The stance of its board from these tournaments in spite of the existing difficulties, and their commitment in keeping Gamk vibrant and thriving is extremely commended.

After two exciting matches Homenetmn Gamk and Homenetmen Ararat qualified to the final of St. Therese’s basketball tournament

In the first match, Homenetmen Gamk defeated St. Therese 71/66 after an equally balanced game whose outcome was a disappointment for the hosts who had hoped to reach the final of their tournament. In the second match the team of Homenetmen Ararat outclassed HMEM Nubar Cairo winning the match with the score of 64/57.

The match was level in its first three quarters (15/17, 29/27 and 44/46) but in its fourth and final quarter, Homenetmen Ararat cut loose and increased the gap steadily to win the match 64/57 after an excellent match in which Homenetmen Ararat was certainly the better team of the day.  Ararat’s win comes after 10 straight wins for HMEM Nubar Cairo since July 2009.

Congratulations to Homenetmen Ararat for their deserved and much needed win and hard luck to HMEM Nubar Cairo, it was one of those off days that any good team can encounter.

The tournament was held under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Monsignor Krikor Augustinos Coussan, Primate of the Armenian Catholic Community in Egypt and the chairmanship of Mr. & Mrs. Shokry Antoun Shokry. The cup was offered by the club’s board in honour of late Joseph Delimetian.

10 December

“Masrinian Armenian..” A documentary film presented at AGBU Cairo

With the presence of around 50 guests, AGBU Cairo projected and discussed; at its Chaker Culture Center in Heliopolis on Saturday 10th December 2011, a documentary film about the Armenian community of Egypt. The documentary “Masrinian-Arminian” which was prepared and directed by Miriam Moawad as the main topic of her graduation project at MSA University’s Faculty of Mass Communications, featured some information about our schools, institutions and clubs and included interviews with several Egyptian Armenians about their lives and businesses in Egypt, such as Messrs. Hratch Simonian, Manoushe & Shant Gabeyan, Antro Varjabedian, Kevork Sakayan, Kegham Garsian, Noubar Kouyoumdjian and others.

The documentary was the final product of more than six months of hard work and the summary of more than 8 hours of video material about our Armeno-Egyptian community.
After the projection of the 13 minute documentary, Miriam answered the questions of the audience about her impressions of the community and the circumstances which surrounded the preparation of this film.  A light cocktail was served after the gathering.

21 December

AGBU Cairo awards the bright students of our community

AGBU Cairo awarded on Wednesday 21st December 2011, certificates of excellence, presents and cash prizes to our community’s Egyptian Armenian students who have accomplished distinguished results in the 2010-2011 school year. The award proceedings were held at the Chaker Cultural Center of AGBU Cairo in Heliopolis.

The ceremony, which is being organized since 2001 thanks to the Union’s Satenig Chaker fund, comes as an appreciation and encouragement to our community’s bright students’ educational achievements.

The evening started with words of greetings from AGBU Cairo chairman Dr. Viken Djizmedjian who, on behalf of AGBU Cairo board, congratulated the students for their personal accomplishments, encouraging them to seek more successes in their personal and communal lives. A 30 minute DVD was then shown on the Armenians of Singapore and their impact in the history of this country.

The certificates of recognition and cash prizes were then distributed. This year only 5 students were awarded: A primary stage graduate: Monica Garo Koumrouyan, two secondary stage graduates, Marina George Simonian and Daniel Nourhan Haygazoun Kurkdjian and two university graduates Kevork George Baroutdjian with”Very good”, Saro Onnig Belekdanian with “Excellent” grades.

The cash prizes and awarded presents were as follows: For Primary stage graduates: 100 LE and the book “About Religion and Church”, for Secondary stage graduates: 500 LE and the “Saroukhan” book, while for University graduates with Very Good grades: 800 LE and the book “The Armenian Question”and for those with Excellent grades: 1000 LE along with the book “Armenians in Egypt” both written by Dr. Mohamed Refaat Al Imam.

23 December

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s lades’ basketball team outing

After the brilliant results of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s ladies’ basketball team in the Egyptian Women’s Basketball Championship against the toughest teams of the league, the girls, their coach and administrators went out to hang loose on Friday night 23rd December at the Vikings restaurant in Heliopolis to celebrate the end of their first round league matches and their commendable results.

In the picture from left to right Standing: Catherine Iradian, Aspé Djizmedjian, Nairy Hagopian, Sevan Varjabedian, Capt. Maged, Nanar Kalinian, Aline Yosry, Marina Simonian and Sossi Hagopian-Neredian. Squatting: Jirair Hagopian, Rosanna Lawandy, Alyssa Depoyan, Valentina Mazloumian and Marlo Simonian

23 December

HMEM Nubar Cairo celebrates Christmas

The traditional annual Christmas & Pastry bazaar of HMEM Nubar Cairo was held on Friday 23rd December at the club with the presence of club members, fans, guests and children who had come to spend the day in a cheerful and festive atmosphere. The Christmas ornaments and pastry bazaar was opened at 1:00 pm by Mrs. Taline Erzingatsian-Touloumbadjian, who cut the ribbon to the entry of the bazaar inside the club house, giving the green light to the shopping spree. On display were products and food provided and arranged by the ladies committee of HMEM Nubar Cairo led by the energetic Mrs. Koko Nabil. The bazaar remained open all through lunchtime until late in the afternoon.

After lunch, AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan children`s choir entertained the guests with their joyful & merry songs of Christmas under the leadership of Maestro & Mrs. Mihran and Kohar Ghazelian. The Giant Gaghant Baba showed up soon after gathering the children; and moreover their mothers, who danced around him with delight and elation. After the distribution of the gifts which Gaghant Baba had brought in his back-pack for the kids, the tombola results were then announced by Mrs. Nairy Simonian-Khorasandjian under the witty comments of both the losers and the winners.

All through the day, Christmas carols were sung by children and parents on the tunes played by Arpy Djanikian and the sound system provided complimentary by Ohan Djanigian. Polorin varstke gadar…

30 December

Gaghant Baba pays his annual visit to Dziadzan

AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan children’s choir members received Gaghant Baba during their weekly rehearsal of Thursday 30th December, a traditional gathering never missed since the creation of the choir more seven years ago.

Maestro Mihran Ghazelian and his wife Mrs. Kohar as well as pianist Mrs. Nanor Apikian accompanied the children to sing some of the choir’s old and new songs in honour of Gaghant Baba with the cheerful encouragement of the event organizers; AGBU Cairo’s co-opted members, Rubina Aslanian, Dr. Arpi Khatcherian and Dr. Ani Ohanessian, and former Dziadzanist Vartan Terzibashian.