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The year’s highlights
– HMEM Nubar Cairo senior and girls’ basketball teams travel to Syria to play against “AYA” teams.
– After Cairo, AGBU Cairo`s medicare program starts for the Armenian community of Alexandria
– HMEM Nubar Cairo teams travel to Bulgaria to participate in AGBU’s 11th European Games.

AGBU Cairo & Alexandria: Start of the Medicare program for the Armenian community of Alexandria

Saturday 12 January
AGBU Cairo: General Assembly at the HMEM Nubar Cairo club.

Sunday 3 February
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Sports day with HMEM Nubar Alexandria.
Basketball matches’ results of HMEM Nubar Cairo / HMEM Nubar Alex.: U-17: 27-18, Girls: 51-27, A teams: 62-44.
Winner of billiards matches: Nubar Kouyoumdjian
Winner of Backgammon tournament: Varteres Haroutounian
HMEM Nubar Cairo: senior team players

Friday 22 February
HMEM Nubar Cairo, Eid AL Adha lunch and inter-members football tournament

Sunday 24 February
HMEM Nubar Alexandria. Sports day with HMEM Nubar Cairo
Basketball A and youth teams, Pool & Backgammon tournaments.

Wednesday 27 February
AGBU Alexandria. General Assembly. Elections results: Honorary Chairman: Vahan Alexanian, Chairman: Sarkis Vartsbedian, vice-chairman: Vahan Ansourian, secretary: Herant Vartsbedian, vice-secretary: Raffi Israelian, treasurer: Nazaret Kartalian, member: Moushegh Kartalian

Thursday 28 March – Wednesday 3 April
HMEM Nubar Cairo: AGBU Cairo sponsored trip to Aleppo Syria for the senior and girls’ basketball teams to play against “AYA” (HoYech Et) teams.
Results: HMEM Nubar Cairo / Ho Yech Et U-18 (girls) 47 – 16
HMEM Nubar Cairo / Ho Yech Et Damas 64 – 25
HMEM Nubar Cairo / Ho Yech Et (girls) 35 – 29
HMEM Nubar Cairo / Ho Yech Et Aleppo 76 – 89

Friday 19 April
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: General Assembly. Election results: Honorary chairman: Vrej Seferian. Chairman: Dr. Garbis Tossunian, vice-chairman: Dr. Arto Artinian, secretary: Moushegh Basmadjian, treasurer: Haygaz Dedrian, vice-treasurer: Daniel Djerdjerian

Friday 17 – Monday 20 May
HMEM Nubar Cairo : AGBU Cairo sponsored trip to Sofia, Bulgaria to participate in AGBU’s 11th European Games.
The HMEM Nubar Cairo delegation: Garo Varjabedian, Garen Touloumbadjian, Armen Baltaian, Rupen Simonian, Risko Boghossian, Armen Varjabedian, Hagop Hagopian, Christian Boabdjian. Manager: Berdj Avedissian, head of delegations: Dr. Norayr Simonian .
Basketball results:
HMEM Nubar Cairo / Austria 65 – 50
HMEM Nubar Cairo / France 57 – 41
HMEM Nubar Cairo / Armenia 57 – 70
HMEM Nubar Cairo / Bulgaria 48 – 43
HMEM Nubar Cairo 2nd
Football results
HMEM Nubar Cairo / Sofia 1-0
HMEM Nubar Cairo / Vienna 1-0
HMEM Nubar Cairo / Shuman 3-0
HMEM Nubar Cairo / Armenia 1-0
Final: HMEM Nubar Cairo / Marseilles 2-1
Winner: HMEM Nubar Cairo
Table Tennis
Singles: HMEM Nubar Cairo Winner (Roupen Simonian)
Doubles: HMEM Nubar Cairo 2nd

Tuesday 4 June
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Reception for the HMEM Nubar Cairo delegation members who won 4 cups at the AGBU Games in Bulgaria

Sunday 30 June
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: Kermesse organized by the Scouts movement
Friday 5 July
HMEM Nubar Cairo. Open Buffet & Opening of the summer season
Friday 19 July
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Rally paper of pictures within the club
Friday 26 to Sunday 28 July
HMEM Nubar Alexandria, Basketball Tournament.
Under the auspices of Arch. Zaven Chinchinian. & Mr. & Mrs. Antranig Mesrobian. Cup offered by Mr. & Mrs. Nubar Simonian. Medals offered by Mr. & Mrs Vart Alexanian
26 July:
HMEM Ararat / HMEM Nubar Alexandria 55 – 52,
HMEM Gamk / St. Therese 56 – 27
27 July: HMEM Gamk / HMEM Nubar Cairo 53 – 47 (HMEM Nubar Cairo withdrew in protest of referees biased decisions)
28 July: HMEM Gamk / HMEM Ararat 73 – 19

18 – 26 August
AGBU Cairo: Participation at the AGBU scouts camping in Beyrout, Lebanon.
Participants from AGBU Cairo: Herastan Kalenian, Shahen Terzibashian, Kegham Terzibashian, Heratch Mikaeilian, SaroBelekdanian. From AGBU Alexandria: Garbis Tossounian, Tania Artinian, Vahe Artinian, Aline Haladjian, Ayk Haladjian.

Friday 4 to Sunday 6 October
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Basketball Tournament
Under the auspices of Arch. Zaven Chinchinian & Mr. & Mrs. Antranig Mesrobian. Senior team cup offered by Mr. & Mrs. Noubar Simonian. Youth Team Cup offered by Dr. & Mrs. Viken Djizmedjian. Mini-basket cup offered by Mr. Krikor Markarian. Medals offered by Mr. & Mrs. Vart Alexanian
Friday 4:
HMEM Nubar Cairo / St. Therese 80 – 48
HMEM Gamk / HMEM Ararat 59 -38
Saturday 5: HMEM GAMK / HMEM Nubar Alex. 83 – 48
Sunday 6: HMEM Nubar Cairo / Gamk 58 – 50
HMEM Nubar winner
Mini Basket: HMEM Nubar Cairo / Gezira 33 – 30
U-16: HMEM Nubar Cairo / Gezira 49 – 56

Thursday 21 November
AGBU Cairo: Certificate and prize distribution to the Armenian bright students of Cairo at the HMEM Nubar Cairo club

Saturday 30 November
AGBU Cairo and Alexandria: Prize & certificate distribution to Armenian bright students of Alexandria

Wednesday 18 December
AGBU Cairo General Assembly at the HMEM Nubar Sports club

Friday 20 December
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Christmas Bazaar

Wednesday 24 December
AGBU Cairo. Mr. Onnig Belekdanian vice-chairman of AGBU Cairo, replaces Mr. Berdj Terzian as chairman of the union. Mr. Terzian remains in AGBU Cairo as member and remains chairman of the AGBU Egypt chapter.
Monday 28 December
AGBU Cairo delegation (formed of Messrs: Mardig Balaian, Dr. George Simonian and Garo Varjabedian) delivers a cheque of 50 000 LE (for the 7th year) to the Cairo and Ein Shams Universities’ needy students fund in the hands of its General Secretary, Dr. Abdel Hay Ebeid.