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The year’s highlights
HMEM Nubar Cairo & Alex participate in the First Pan-Armenian Games in Yerevan
– HMEM Nubar Cairo: celebrates it’s 40th anniversary by inviting AGBU Aleppo’s men’s and ladies’ teams.
– AGBU Cairo sends a group of youngsters to “Saghmosavank” in Armenia as part of the “Yergir yev Meshagouyt” program
– AGBU Cairo buys a new buidling at Mourad Bek street in Heliopolis.

Monday 18 & Tuesday 19 January
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Lunch and games on the occasion of the Bayram feast, inter-members’ football matches – tombola

AGBU Cairo buys a 4-story building at Mourad Bek street in Heliopolis

Wednesday 24 February
AGBU Cairo: Armenia’s Ambassador to Egypt Dr. Edouard Nalbandian meets with AGBU Cairo board members to bid farewell after the end of his diplomatic mission in Egypt and his move to Paris.

Sunday 7 March
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Handicraft and Pastry Bazaar prepared by the Ladies’ committee.

Wednesday 24 March
AGBU Cairo: General Assembly at the HMEM Nubar Cairo club

Monday 12 April
AGBU Cairo Board members visit the Armenian Embassy to welcome the newly appointed Ambassador of Armenia to Egypt, Mr. Sergei Manasarian

Thursday 13 May
AGBU Alexandria: “William Saroyan” evening at the Alexandria Art museum hall, presented by Mr. Paul Kalinian

Wednesday 19 May
AGBU Cairo: “William Saroyan” evening at the AUC’s Oriental Hall, presented by Mr. Paul Kalinian

Saturday 12 June
AGBU Alexandria: Film projection: “The enemy of the people, Stalin” at the Boghossian school. Presented by Mr. Zareh Djeknavorian

Friday 18 June
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: 65th Anniversary celebration of the Scouts movement under the auspices of Mrs. Zabel Basmadjian

26 July – 23 August
For the second year, AGBU Cairo sends a group of youngsters to “Saghmosavank” in Armenia as part of the “Yergir yev Meshagouyt” program.
Participants from Cairo: Ashod Nakashian, Christine Tadros. From Alexandria: Yvette Miskjian, Taline Yafalian, Ani Kasparian and Van Israelian.

28 August – 5 September
The First Pan-Armenian Games in Yerevan (Cairo and Alex Armenian teams’ participation is partially sponsored by AGBU Cairo) the clubs are: Goganian, Artistic club, Entertsasrah, Ararat, Gamk, HMEM Nubar Cairo & Alex, Near East & St. Therese.
Participating in the basketball & table tennis tournaments.
Egypt’s basketball delegation: Armen Leylekian, Heratch Miskdjian, Tero Shahbakina, Hagop Karagozian, Garo Varjabedjian, Chris Simonian, Garo Asadourian, Norair Mekhtigian, Garo Tossounian, Hagop Gorgodian, George Mikaelian, Shaddi Bedrosian, Zaven Leylekian. Manager: Heratch Mikaelian
Table tennis: Hagop Basmadjian, Simon Tchamkertenian, Kevork Avakian, Roupen Simonian. Manager: Mardig Balaian. Head of delegation: Levon Der Hagopian

Friday 17 – Sunday 19 September
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Inter-members Basketball tournament with the participation of 10 mixed teams.
The winning team was team number 4 formed of: Khoren Kalinian, Garen Touloumbadjian, Sato Apkarian, Raffi Nabil, Talin Kalishian, Kegham Garsian, Kegham Terzibashian
Saturday 18 September
Armenia’s independence’s 8th anniversary celebrations at Belekdanian hall.
AGBU Cairo invites Armenian opera singer Anahid Mekhitarian to perform on this occasion

Friday 8 – Sanday 10 October
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Basketball Tournament on the occasion of the club’s 40th anniversary
Under the auspices of Arch. Zaven Tchinchinian & Mr. & Mrs. Nubar Sinonian. Seniors cup offered by Mr. & Mrs. Berdj Terzian, Girl’s cup offered by Ms. Jacqueline Partamian, medals offered by Mr. & Mrs. Vart Alexanian.
In addition to the 5 Egyptian Armenian clubs, AGBU Aleppo’s Ararat men’s & girls’ teams brought their participation thanks to AGBU Cairo’s partial contribution.
Men’s matches:
Group 1 classification: 1. HMEM Nubar Cairo 2. HMEM Nubar Alex. 3. St. Therese
Group 2 classification: 1. Ararat Aleppo 2. Ararat Cairo 3. Gamk
Men’s Final: Ararat Aleppo / HMEM Nubar Cairo 68-64
Girls’ final: Ararat Aleppo / HMEM Nubar Cairo 55 – 53
The HMEM Nubar Cairo ladies team

Saturday 9 October
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Grand Ball on the “Pasha” with the participation of Aleppo’s delegation
Monday 12 October
AGBU Alexandria: Cocktail reception for AGBU Aleppo delegation

Friday 15 October
Mini-basket match at Heliolido: HMEM Nubar Cairo / Heliolido 34-28
20 October – 10 November
AGBU Cairo invites Prof. Parsegh Toughladjian of Istanbul to make a series of lectures in Cairo and Alexandria on the following topics: Krikor Zohrab, Dikran Chouhdjian, Balian’s family role in Ottoman architecture.

Friday 3 December
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Christmas Bazaar

Friday 17 December
HMEM Nubar Cairo: “Gaghant Baba” visits the club