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The year’s highlights
The collapse of the scouts Khetsig of HMEM Nubar Cairo club as a result of the 1992 earthquake aftershocks.
– Second renovation of the HMEM Nubar Cairo tennis court.

Sunday 24 January
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Rally Paper with cars, organized by the Youth Committee, starting from 10 am within the Heliopolis region. Prizes for the first three winning teams

The scouts Khetsig of HMEM Nubar Cairo club collapses as a result of the 1992 earthquake aftershocks

Friday 29 January
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: Sports Day: Basketball matches –
Start of the Inter-clubs Table tennis tournament

Tuesday 2 February
AGBU Cairo: General Assembly at the HMEM Nubar Cairo Club. The board remains unchanged.

Sunday 7 February
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Handicraft and Pastry Bazaar prepared by the “Dignanats Hantsnakhoump” Starting from noon under the auspices of Mrs. Zabel Depoyan. Followed by Lunch

Friday 5 -Friday 19 March
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Tennis Tournament
Singles and Doubles. Finals are held on Friday 19th March

Monday 19 April
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Sham El Nessim celebrations
Tennis and football tournaments Breakfast – Kermesse – Lunch – tombola, gifts

Saturday 1 May
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Special 1st May celebration under the auspices of Mr. & Mrs. Jirair Hagopian. Sports day, lunch and games.

Sunday 27 June
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: “Kharouygahantes” organized by the scouts movement.

Friday 23 to Sunday 25 July
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: Inter-clubs Basketball tournament under the auspices of Arch. Zaven Chinchinian and Mr. & Mrs. Antranig Mesrobian. Cup offered by Mr. & Mrs. Noubar Simonian
Gamk / HMEM Nubar Alex 65 – 67
HMEM Nubar Cairo beats Ararat
Final: HMEM Nubar Cairo beats HMEM Nubar Alex and wins the cup
Friday 30 July
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: Scouts’ movement 60th anniversary celebrations

Friday 20 – Sunday 22 August
Gamk Basketball tournament
20 Aug: HMEM Gamk /HMEM Nubar Alex 75- 58
21 Aug: HMEM Ararat /HMEM Nubar Cairo 80 – 65
22 August: HMEM Ararat beats / HMEM Gamk and wins the cup

Wednesday 25 – Sunday 30 August
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: Scouts Camping in Marsa Matrouh
Friday 2 to Sunday 4 October
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Basketball Tournament
HMEM Nubar Cairo beats HMEM Nubar Alex
Gamk / Ararat 58 – 55
HMEM Nubar Cairo / Ararat 61 – 55
HMEM Nubar Cairo wins the tournament

Ararat Basketball tournament
HMEM Nubar Cairo / Gamk 76- 75
HMEM Nubar Alex / Ararat 68 – 62
HMEM Nubar Cairo / HMEM Nubar Alex 60 – 44
HMEM Nubar Cairo wins the tournament
Friday 19 December
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Christmas celebrations, Clown, games, “Gaghant Baba”