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The year’s highlights
The restart of the Pan-Armenian inter-clubs matches after a seven year stoppage.
– AGBU Cairo: Sale of Mrs Satenig Chaker’s villa’s furniture, drawings & handicraft at the Belekdanian Hall in Heliopolis.
-Armenia’s “Hayastan” song & dance troupe perform in Egypt.
– The scouts movement of HMEM Nubar Cairo ceases its activities

Saturday 5 January
HMEM Nubar Cairo: “Khetoum” celebration at the club

Sunday 6 January
AGBU Cairo`s Groung choir participates at the Paradon

Friday 25 January
HMEM Nubar Alexandria

Sunday 17 March
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Backgammon tournament. Cup offered by Ms. Jacqueline Partamian.
Winner: Berdj Touloumbadjian beating Kevork Sakaian 5-4 in the final.

Thursday 21 March
HMEM Nubar Cairo Scouts movement: Visit to Aydzemnig, presents’ distribution and entertainment with songs & dances.

Sunday 17 March
AGBU Alexandria: 85th anniversary celebration.
Kousan Choir recital led by Maestro Hayg Sarkissian, piano: Gassia Djeghalian, Dehol: Roupen Terzibashian

Thursday 21 – Saturday 23 March
HMEM Nubar Cairo Youth Baskeball tournament with the participation of HMEM Nubar Cairo, Don Bosco & Madares Ahad teams. Medals offered by Mr. & Mrs. Vart Alexanian

Friday 22 March
AGBU Cairo General Assembly at headquarters in Emad El din street

Friday 5 April
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: Sports day with HMEM Nubar Cairo
Basketball results HMEM Nubar Alex / HMEM Nubar Cairo (U-16: 44-49, U-21: 39-46)

Monday 8 April
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Sham El Nessim celebration, lunch & inter-members football tournament

Thursday 11 April
AGBU Cairo: 85th anniversary celebration at the Belekdanian hall.
Geroung Choir led by Maestro Hayg Sarkissian, piano: Gassia Djeghalian, Dehol: Roupen Terzibashian. Specially invited from Cyprus lecturer Sossi Bedigian. Songs of Groung: Sari Siroun Yar, Zepuri Nman, Sunyats Sarer, Groung Parov tarnas, Djanes Mermour, Karoun a im ororan, Vakhenam knem, Asoum en te moratsel es.

Sunday 19 May
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Children’s day: games, general knowledge games, activities & dance

Friday 7 June
AGBU Cairo: General Assembly & elections at the HMEM Nubar Cairo club: President: Norair Doeuvletian, vice-president: Onnig Garibian, secretary: Misak Chechenian, treasurer: Mardig Balaian. Members: Onnig Belekdanian, & Kegham Teraian.

Thursday 13 June – Friday 14 June
AGBU Cairo: Sale of Mrs Satenig Chaker’s villas’s furniture, drawings & handicraft at the Belekdanian Hall in Heliopolis

Thursday 27 – Sunday 30 June
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Excursion to Alamein’s Atic Hotel

30 June
HMEM Nubar Alexandria scouts movement: Kermesse

Saturday 26 – Sunday 28 July
HMEM Nubar Alexandria basketball tournament with the participation of:
Ararat of AGBU Athens, Antranig of AYA Beyrut and HMEM Nubar Cairo

Saturday 27 July
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: Grand Ball dinner at the Ramada Renaissance Hotel. Specially invited from Armenia, singer Tamara Harutchiounian accompanied by the Ghosts Band

30 July to 3 October
HMEM Nubar Alexandria scouts movement: Camping in Marsa Matrouh

Sunday 1 to Sunday 8 October
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Football tournament with the participation of 16 teams

Tuesday 1 October
AGBU Alexandria: Lecture by Mr. Bedros Piandiarian, AGBU’s head of finance committee

Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 October
HMEM Nubar Cairo basketball tournament with the participation of HMEM Nubar Alexandria, Ararat & HMEM Gamk Alexandria. Under the auspices of Arch. Zaven Tchinchinian, Mr. & Mrs. Antranig Mesrobian, Seniors cup offered by Mr. & Mrs. Varoujan Kazandjian, Ladies’ cup by Mr. & Mrs. Noubar Simonian. Cups offered by Mr. & Mrs. Vart Alexanian.
5 October: HMEM Nubar Cairo / HMEM Nubar Alex, Gamk /Ararat
6 October: Final: HMEM Nubar Cairo / Gamk
HMEM Nubar Cairo Champion (results unavailable)

Friday 18 – Sunday 20 October
Ararat basketball tournament: HMEM Gamk wins the tournament after defeating HMEM Nubar Cairo 63-54 and Ararat in the final 64-60.

Friday 25 October
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: Reception of the members of Armenia’s “Hayastan” song & dance troupe at the club

Saturday 26 October
AGBU Alexandria: Armenia’s “Hayastan” song & dance troupe perform at Sayed Darwish in Alexandria on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of AGBU
On Tuesday 29 October at the Opera’s small hall

Sunday 3 November
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Opening of the winter activities: Oppen buffet and opening of the inter-members tennis tournament.

Friday 22 December
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Christmas celebrations, Clown, games, “Gaghant Baba”