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The year’s highlights
HMEM Nubar Cairo renovates and enlarges its Club House
– HMEM Nubar Cairo and Alexandria players participate in the 11th Navasartian Games in Geneva
– HMEM Nubar Alex ladies team occupies 2nd position of the Alex district basketball league matches
– HMEM Nubar Cairo & Alex scouts camping in Luxor & Aswan and the Red Sea
– AGBU’s Groung and Kousan choirs` recitals continue.

Friday 6 January
AGBU Cairo participates with its Geroung choir in the “paradon” of the Artistic club at the AUC’s Ewart Memmorial hall

Friday 13 January
HMEM Nubar Cairo scouts & guides educational excursion to Mohamed Ali palace

Tuesaday 17 January
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Opening of the renovated and enlarged Club House under the auspices of Arch. Zaven Chinchinian and Mr. & Mrs. Levon Kaghtatsian.
Architect: Karekin Nakheshkerian.
Electrical work expenses & supervision assumed fully by Mr. Levon Kaghtatsian. Bamboo seats renovated by Mr. Antranig Mesrobian, silver plating of the 150 cups & shields by Mr. Vart Alexanian

Friday 20 January
HMEM Nubar Cairo scouts movement: Educational excursion to the Petrified forest in Wadi Degla

24 January – 30 January
HMEM Nubar Cairo & HMEM Nubar Alexandria scouts & guides joint camping in Luxor & Aswan headed by scoutmasters Dr. Viken Djizmedjian & Dr. Garbis Tossounian.
Visits to Karnak temple, Valley of the Kings, Sound & light show, the High Dam.

Sunday 29 January
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: Women’s team occupies the 2nd position of the Alexandria Basketball city league matches (After 1973, this is the 2nd time Alex women’s team becomes 2nd)
Final matches: HMEM Alex vs. Semouha A 25-35, vs. Sporting 42-34, vs. Semouha B 27-20.
Team members: Ani Tutundjian, Ani Ohanessian, Marline Vartsbedian, Mariam Faouzi, Caroline Vartsbedian, Vania Vartsbedian, Alice Vartsbedian, Taline Gordian, Taline Djerdjerian, Christine Vartsbedian, Lucie Djerdjerian.

Thursday 5 February
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Youth Committee, Dinner & Party at the club.

Friday 13 February
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Mrs. Louise Simone Manoukian visits the clubs scouts and guides

Sunday 15 February
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Pastry Bazaar

Saturday 28 February
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Grand Ball dinner at the Moevenpick Heliopolis Hotel.
George Gorgodian & The Ghosts band. Entrance 30 LE

Wednesday 4 March
AGBU Cairo General Assembly at 5:00 pm at Emad El Din street

Friday 20 March
HMEM Nubar Cairo scouts’ movement: Visit and entertainment day at the “Aydzemnig” retirement home on the occasion of Mothers day

Sunday 5 April
AGBU Cairo & AGBU Alexandria: Kousan Choir recital at the Boghossian school, conducted by Hayg Sarkisian. Piano by Zevart Kalaidjian. Recital under the auspices of Arch. Zaven Chinchinian and Mr. & Mrs. Vahan Alexanian.
Cocktail Reception for the members of he choir after the recital at the Nazaret Zambakian hall.

April 17 to 19
AGBU: The 11th Navasartian Games in Geneva with the participation of the HMEM Nubar club with its Basketball & football teams

Friday 12 June
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Opening of the summer season: Open buffet

18-21 June
HMEM Nubar Cairo Scouts’ movement: 3 day camping at the Red Sea

Sunday 28 June
AGBU Egypt: Geroung choir recital at AUC’s Ewart Memmorial Hall conducted by Maestro Hayg Sarkissian along with the Zankezour dance troupe led by Levon Koeseian.
Evening is under the auspices of Arc. Zaven Chinchinian and Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kilidjian.
Songs: Sareri Hovin Mernim, Sareri Hovin Mernim, Alakyaz Khengi Dzar, Dzaghgadz Paleni, Ya Aziz Einy, Yerevan Yerepouni, Sari Siorun Yar, Mesho Aghchig, Donagan.

Friday 19 July
HMEM Nubar Cairo scouts movement: Educational trip to the St. Gregory Armenian church with Architect Nairy Hampigian

Friday 24 – Sunday 26 July
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: Basketball tournament
Under the auspices of Arch . Zaven Chinchinian & Mr. & Mrs. Heratch Simonian
24.7: HMEM Cairo – St. Therese 68-33, HMEM Alexandria – Near East 49-15
26.7: Final: HMEM Nubar Cairo – HMEM Nubar Alexandria 44-39
HMEM Nubar Cairo Wins the Cup

Saturday 25 July
HMEM Nubar Alexandria: Grand Ball dinner at the Plaza International Hall animated by “The Ghosts” Band

10 – 17 September
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Football tournament under the auspices of Mr. & Mrs. Nubar Simonian with the participation of 7 U-17 teams & 16 senior teams divided into 4 groups. HMEM Nubar Cairo participates with 2 seniors & 1 junior team.
Final: Patronage / Sevan 2-1
Final attended by Mohamed Abdou Saleh El Wahsh & Capt. Mahmoud Osman

Friday 2 – Sunday 4 October
HMEM Nubar Cairo Basketball Tournament
Under the auspices of Arch . Zaven Chinchinian & Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kilidjian. Cup offered by: Mr. & Mrs. Garbis Yazedjian. Women’s cup offered by Mr. & Mrs. Menouache Khorasandjian. Medals offered by Mr. & Mrs Vart Alexanian
2 Oct: HMEM Nubar Cairo B / St. Therese, HMEM Nubar Cairo A / Near East
4 Oct: HMEM Nubar Cairo C / HMEM Nubar Cairo A
Results unavailable

8 – 11 October
HMEM Nubar Cairo: Trip to Giftun

Sunday 22 November
AGBU Alexandria General Assembly & elections: Hon. Pres: Vahan Alexanian, Pres: Hagop Vartsbedian, secretary: Minas Bandoian, treasurer: Vartkes Haroutounian.

Sunday 6 December
HMEM Nubar Cairo Scouts’ movement: Christmas Bazaar

Friday 25 December
AGBU Cairo: Groung choir recital at AUC’s Wallace hall conducted by Maestro Hayg Sarkissian. Piano: Gassia Doevletian, dehol: Roupen Terzibashian
Songs: Yerk Djahelutian, Alakyaz, Kezi Mernim, Sareri Verov, Yeri Yeri Djan, Yar Arants Kez, Im Ororan, Sona Yar, Kamin Gouka, Irignayin, Tsun e kalis, Voush voush, Yel yel, Im Eghek, Tou inchbes mi asdgh, Govhasi kacher.