An Edifying Lecture on Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs by Dr. Arto Belekdanian

January 12, 2018

AGBU Cairo organized an educational lecture, on Friday 12th January 2018, on the subject of ancient Hieroglyphs, presented by Dr. Arto Belekdanian, at HMEM Nubar Cairo’s clubhouse, packed out with Egyptology aficionados, following the interesting lecture with utmost concentration and attention.

Dr. Arto guided the presence with ease in the complex and intriguing world of Hieroglyphics, by explaining in a simple but efficient way the history, evolution, aesthetics, phonetics and basic concepts of this ancient Egyptian logographic script.

Dr. Arto Belekdanian, who after graduating from the American University of Cairo with High Honours majoring in Egyptology, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, had obtained his Masters Degree from the University of Chicago in 2009 and his PHD in 2016 from England’s prestigious Oxford University.

Thanks to his engaging personality and sincere and youthful passion of his subject, Dr. Arto was able to clutch the attention of the presence all throughout his hour long presentation and the similar stretch of time dedicated for the questions and answers sequence that followed. By the end of the lecture, the audience obtained a fair idea on how to interpret Hieroglyphs, the direction of its reading, how they are deciphered, parting with the desire to learn more about this mysterious world of ancient Egypt from this inspiring lecturer.

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