HMEM Nubar Cairo’s 2017 Christmas Bazaar

December 30, 2017

The traditional annual Christmas bazaar of HMEM Nubar Cairo was held on Friday 29th December 2017 at the club in a cheerful and festive atmosphere.

The Christmas food & decoration bazaar was opened at 1:30 pm by Mrs. Alice Terzian, the guest of honour of this yearly festive event and who seized the occasion to thank the board and ladies committee for this bazaar. Besides the Armenian food & delicious treats there were some Christmas decorations and knick-knacks. On sale there were many delicious items like Mante, sudjuk & pastrami, Kobeba, Kété, and Topig and an excellent choice of pastry, Christmas cakes, muffin and cookies, which all went out of stock in no time in spite of the abundance of the quantities.

The ladies committee of HMEM Nubar Cairo did a tremendous job in preparing the event and gathering the skilful Armenian ladies to prepare the Mante and the food displayed in the bazaar. They worked hard during the past few weeks to ensure the success of this event.

Soon after the delicious lunch prepared by the newly appointed chef, the infamous gift distributing Gaghant Baba showed up to the joy of the children.


AGBU Cairo’s 2017 Bright Students Awards

December 15, 2017