AGBU Cairo’s 2017 Bright Students Awards

December 15, 2017

AGBU Cairo organised on Friday 15th December 2017, its annual Egyptian Armenian bright students’ awards ceremony at HMEM Nubar Cairo. Certificates of excellence, presents and cash prizes were given to Cairo’s and Alexandria’s Armenian students who have accomplished distinguished results in the 2016-2017 educational year. The awards, which are distributed  since 2001 thanks to AGBU Cairo’s Satenig Chaker fund, comes as an appreciation and encouragement to our community’s bright students’ educational achievements.

This year 25 students were awarded, 16 from Cairo and 9 from Alexandria.

For Primary Stage students, from Cairo 6 graduates were awarded: Manuel Joseph Kevorkian 97.7%, Daniel Sarkis Zerdelian 97.1, Lorin Loris Keuhnelia 96.4%, Tara Hayg Tchaghalanian 92.8%, Tia Berdj Der Nersessian 92.8%, Jeano George Sabagh 92.8%.

From Alexandria in the same category: Manuela Mihran Kalaydjian 97%, Sandra Garbis Djerdjerian 95%, Sevan Garbis Djerdjerian 92%, Lydia Kevork Mazloumian 90%.

For the Preparatory stage, 5 graduates from Cairo were awarded: Mane Hagop Sayan 99%, Loredana Raffi Megerdichian 98%, Jessica Garo Koumrouyan 97%, Maria Hrayr Dertadian 97%, Edouard Robert Naguib 94%.

For the Secondary stage the graduate from Cairo was Rita Jean Iskenderian Fr. Bac. and from Alexandria Dikran Edoyard Baharian Am. Dipl. 3.342

For University graduates from Cairo the graduates with the grade Very Good were George Nagui Botros (Civil Engineering) and Daniel Nourhan Kurkdjian (Dentistry). From Alexandria Kareen Armen Kavoukdjian (Dentistry) and Sarkis Samuel Mouradian (Civil Engineering).

For Masters degree from Alexandria: Sylvia Kevork Kavoukdjian (Management) and for PHD degrees Arto Onnig Belekdanian and Kevork Wanis Kazandjian.

The awards were handed out to the students through the board members of the AGBU Cairo.

Before the award proceedings a word of encouragement and congratulations was made by the chairman of AGBU Cairo Dr. Viken Djizmedjian. Three short films were then screened about the lost Armenians of Turkey and the Turkish Armenian community.

Besides the certificates of appreciation, books were awarded as well as cash prizes: For Primary stage graduates: 250 LE, for Preparatory stage students: 500 LE and for Secondary stage graduates: 1000 LE. The cash prizes are for those who have obtained marks of 90% and more. For university graduates with “Very Good” grades the prize is 1500 LE and those with “Excellent” marks it is 2000 LE.
For Masters the cash prize is 2500 LE and for PHD it is 5000 LE.