The inspiring Kristina Pogossian visits YP Egypt

August 5, 2023

On August 1st, 2023, some dozen members of the Egyptian Armenian community had the great pleasure of meeting Kristina Pogossian, in an event organised by AGBU YP Egypt (the Young Professionals of the Armenian General Benevolent Union of Egypt). The youth gathered to hear about Kristina’s journey biking 600km to Jerusalem. Traveling from Jordan to Palestine, she connected with her roots through the Armenian communities she met, the churches she visited and the stories she hears from Armenians across different countries and continents.

At the event, Kristina had prepared an amazing presentation in which she recounted her stories and showcased pictures of her journeys as a solo woman traveler and as AGBU YP members, what impressed us the most about Kristina wasn’t just that she had biked over 600 KMs to get to us but also her immense passion and curiosity about the Armenians, which was driving her to journey all over the world, even in the most challenging places to find the Armenians, connect with them and then make their stories known to the rest of the world.

During the discussion, we were not only impressed by Pogossian’s great presentation skills but also by her ability to create such a great connection with her audience, to engage them, to challenge them, that even the youngest kids were attentively listening and were eager to answer her questions. She spoke with so much passion that her emotions were transmitted to the entire audience as she told us about the importance of documenting our family history. We were very touched by everything Kristina is doing at a relatively young age. We wish her the best of luck on her upcoming endeavours and surely hope to meet with her again one day!

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