HMEM Nubar Cairo’s annual tournament of 2022

October 9, 2022
After 2 years of break, H.ME.M. Nubar Cairo’s Egyptian Pan-Armenian basketball tournament was held last weekend from Thursday October 6th to Saturday October 8th.
The tournament was held under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Ashod Mnatsaganian, the Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Egypt and the Chairmanship of Mr. & Mrs. Jerard Depoyan.

Full results for the games:

Thursday 6/10/2022:
  • Homenetmen Ararat women vs Homenetmen Gamk Women (52-42)
  • HMEM Nubar Men vs Homenetmen Gamk Men (89-32)
  • St. Therese Men vs Homenetmen Ararat Men (49-63)
Friday 7/10/2022:
  • HMEM Nubar Girls U16 vs HSC Sherouk (41-21)
  • HMEM Nubar Women vs HMEM Nubar Alex Women (56-25)
  • HMEM Nubar Alex Men vs Homenetmen Ararat Men (58-73)
Saturday 8/10/2022:
  • HMEM Nubar Cairo Boys U16 vs SZ Academy (74-25)
  • HMEM Nubar Cairo Women vs Homenetmen Ararat Women (59-31)
  • HMEM Nubar Cairo Men vs Homenetmen Ararat Men (65-71)

The Women’s final was played between HMEM Nubar Cairo and Homenetmen Ararat and ended with a score of 59 to 31 in favor of HMEM Nubar Cairo who put on an outstanding show of teamwork and professional performance. HMEM Nubar Cairo Women lifted their 21st cup staying on the winning track they’ve been on since 2014.

The Men’s final match, that was played between HMEM Nubar Cairo and Homenetmen Ararat started off with an amazing performance from HMEM Nubar Cairo’s side, which put them in the lead during the 1st quarter. However, Homenetmen Ararat’s incredible come back, resulted in the score turning to their favor and putting them ahead of their opponent at the half time mark. The 3rd and 4th quarters witnessed a tight game with the score difference varying every minute and putting everyone on the edge of their seats. The match ended with Homenetmen Ararat defeating HMEM Nubar Cairo, the undisputed champion of the past decade with a final score of 65-71.

The Women’s and Men’s final cups were offered by HMEM Nubar Cairo’s board in honor and remembrance of the club’s departed members Dr. Viken Djizmedjian’s and Mr. Onnig Belekdanian. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Viken and Mr. Onnig, being Chairmen of AGBU Cairo and AGBU Egypt respectively, were both strong supporters of fair play and of our slogan “In Unity is Strength”. In spirit of that, having the 2 tournament cups shared between the 2 leading teams of the tournament is nothing but an honor to their souls.

The U16 Boys cup was offered by Mr & Mrs Garo Verjabedian, the U16 Girls cup was offered by Mr. & Mrs Shahe Lousararyan and the medals were offered by Mr & Mrs Vart Alexanian.

The host of the event was Mrs. Seven Dertadian who was introducing the agenda and team players. While the team players of HMEM Nubar Cairo were being called by name, a video prepared by Girair Karageuzian was being played on the big screen.

HMEM Nubar’s young kids had prepared an entertaining and fun cheerleading performance taught by Mrs. Suzy Hagopian-Karkour.

Another memorable moment of the tournament was when HMEM Nubar’s board rewarded Mrs. Sossy Neredian-Hagopian for her 25 years as manager of the women’s first team and Mr. Jerard Depoyan for his constant efforts towards the club and his chairmanship for 2 consecutive rounds.

AGBU Egypt is congratulating all the winning teams and thanking all the participants and organizers for this great tournament weekend.


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