Once again HMEM Nubar Cairo’s boys and girls rule in Homenetmen Gamk..

September 10, 2018

HMEM Nubar Cairo continued its unstoppable winning performance of Egyptian Pan Armenian basketball tournaments in both boys’ and girls’ categories by lifting Homenetmen Gamk’s two cups last Sunday 9th September 2018. The first was that of the girls, defeating Homenetmen Ararat 68-41 and the second was that of the boys, also on the expense of Homenetmen Ararat  63-43.

It is to be mentioned that this is the 10th consecutive win of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s girls (nine of them against Homenetmen Ararat) since the restart and the inclusion of girls’ matches in these Egyptian Pan-Armenian basketball tournaments’ program. (See below for the full results of these encounters).

As for the boys, since the signature of the Egyptian Pan-Armenian basketball rules in July 2009 and the regular holding of these tournaments, HMEM Nubar Cairo was able to win 32 cups out of the 34 played since July 2009 until September 2018 with 32 wins and 2 losses against Homenetmen Ararat (in July 2009 at the HMEM Nubar Alex tournament and in November 2011 at the St. Therese tournament).

It is to be mentioned that in spite of these results, the teams of Homenetmen Ararat, as well as all the other participating teams,  always display an extremely competitive performance and fair-paly in each of these matches, rendering these encounters an excellent show of the friendly sporting spirit of our small but strong Egyptian Armenian community.

The matches started on Friday 7th September with the following results:

Girls match: Homenetmen Ararat/ Homenetmen Gamk 66-20
Boys: HMEM Nubar Alex/ St. Therese 77-39

On Saturday, 3 matches were held:

Boys: Homenetmen Ararat / Homenetmen Gamk 68-42.
Girls: HMEM Nubar Cairo / HMEM Nubar Alex 51-31.
Boys: HMEM Nubar Cairo/ HMEM Nubar Alex 93-64

Saturday’s matches were followed by a garden dinner gathering with an open buffet of salads and Lahmajun organized by the ladies committee of Homenetmen Gamk.  It was an excellent occasion to gather the youth and supporters of the five Armenian clubs in an enjoyable cheerful ambience.

The tournament was held under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Ashod Mnasaganian, the Primate of the Armenian Apostolic church and the chairmanship of Mr. & Mrs. Levon Telpian.

The men’s cup was offered by Dr. & Mrs. Viken Djizmedjian while the ladies’ cup by Mr. & Mrs. Mihran Kalaidjian.


HMEM Nubar Cairo’s girls results against Homentmen Ararat since 2014


HMEM Nubar Cairo tournament: 35/28


Homenetmen Ararat tournament: HMEM Nubar  / Homenetmen Ararat 52-47

HMEM Nubar tournament: HMEM Nubar Cairo / Homenetmen Ararat 36/32


Homenetmen Ararat tournament: HMEM Nubar Cairo’s / Homenetmen Ararat 46/37

HMEM Nubar Cairo tournament:  HMEM Nubar Cairo’s / Homenetmen Ararat 65-48


Homentmen Ararat tournament: HMEM Nubar Cairo defeated Homenetmen Ararat 50-48

HMEM nubar Cairo tournament: HMEM Nubar Cairo / Homenetmen Ararat 64-36


60th anniversary of HMEM Nubar Cairo: 50-48

HMEM Nubar Alex tournament:  HMEM Nubar Cairo / HMEM Nubar Alex 63-22

Homenetmen Gamk tournament: HMEM Nubar Cai / Homenetmen Ararat 68-41


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