HMEM Nubar Cairo’s boys and girls lift the two seniors’ trophies of Homenetmen Ararat’s tournament

October 20, 2019

HMEM Nubar Cairo’s boys’ and girls’ senior teams have lifted the two trophies of the 2019 season’s fourth Egyptian Pan-Armenian basketball tournament. In the final the girls’ team beat Homenetmen Ararat with relative ease 68-49 (46-24), while the boys team had a more difficult task to beat the hosts with the score of 73-68 (31-31) after a very exciting competitive leveled match.

Congratulations to HMEM Nubar Cairo for their double win and also to Homenetmen Ararat for the excellent performance of its senior boys’ team and the good organization of the tournament.

The results of the tournament

Friday 18 October 2019
Boys: HMEM Nubar Cairo / HMEM Nubar Alex 63-54
Girls: Homenetmen Ararat / Homenetmen Gamk 33-22
Boys: Homenetmen Ararat / Homenetmen Gamk 71-44

Saturday 19 October 2019

Girls: HMEM Nubar Cairo/ HMEM Nubar Alex 57-22
Boys: HMEM Nubar Cairo/ St. Therese 53-43

Sunday 20 October 2019

Girls final: HMEM Nubar Cairo / Homenetmen Ararat 68-49 (27-10, 46-23, 54-35, 68-49)

Boys final: HMEM Nubar Cairo / Homenetmen Ararat 73-68 (11-22, 31-31, 52-50, 73-68)

The tournament was held under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Ashod Mnatsaganian, the Primate of the Armenian Apostolic church of Egypt and the chairmanship of Dr.  & Mrs. Armen Mazloumian. The senior boys cup is offered by Mr. & Mrs. Norayr Mekhtigian, the seniors girls cup is offered by Mr. & Mrs. Garen Yanekian, the young boys cup by Mr. Mark Wassef while the young girls cup by Miss Nanor Zohrabian.


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