HMEM Nubar Cairo awards its boys’ basketball team players

November 9, 2018

In a laudable precedent, HMEM Nubar Cairo’s board took the initiative to reward its senior boys’ basketball team players for their remarkable continuous triumphs after the team’s win of its 25th successive cup and this through a set of innovative awards in different categories.

As explained by the team captain, Hraztan Kalinian,- who had the initiative to organize this event, along with the team administrator Mike Nabil, the awards aim to reward the players who excelled during the 2018 season in different disciplines of the game. He stressed that all players excelled during the year, even those who are not receiving awards for one reason or other such as injury, travel or else.  He also transmitted the club’s board’s appreciation for their achievement before announcing the prizes which were as follows:

Rookie of the Year: Armen Apkarian

Sophomore of the Year:  Anto  Kelleyan – Girair Karageuzian  (shared)

Most Improved Player:  Vartan Terzibashian 

Best Defensive Player:  George Antranigian

Teammate of the Year:  Kegham Terzibashian

Sixth Man of the Year:  Peter Terzian 

Most Valuable Player: Aram Apikian

Most Committed Player of the Season: Kegham Terzibashian

An appreciation certificate was also given to Mike Nabil for his hard work and commitment.

 After distribution of the awards, photos were taken and a cocktail reception was offered to the players in a pleasant congenial atmosphere.


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