News Flash Start of Sunday Lunch services at HMEM Nubar Cairo from 2 November with a brand new menu and chef   St. Therese SC announces the dates of 14-16 November for its basketball tournament   HMEM Nubar Cairo builds a commemorative bust of AGBU founder Boghos Nubar at the club’s entrance   AGBU Egypt's offices now moved to Heliopolis at AGBU Cairo's Chaker Center building   Homenetmen Gamk fixes 29-31 August for its basketball tournament   Sunday lunch services at HMEM Nubar Cairo suspended during summer months. Dinner served on Fri & Sun   AGBU Cairo increases the amount if its monthly pension allowances for the needy  
HMEM Nubar Cairo's celebrates Christmas

The traditional annual Christmas bazaar of HMEM Nubar Cairo was held on Friday 19th December at the club with the presence of close to 200 guests and children who came to spend the day in a cheerful and festive atmosphere. The Christmas food & decoration bazaar was opened at 12:00 noon by Mrs. Shaké Yerzengatsian, who ..
Armenian bright students of 2014 honored by AGBU Cairo
10 December 2014
AGBU Cairo awarded on Wednesday 10th December 2014, certificates of excellence, presents and cash prizes to Cairo’s Armenian students who have accomplished distinguished results in the 2013-2014 educational year. The award proceedings were held at AGBU Cairo’s Chaker cultural Center in Heliopolis. Those who received the award, which are distributed since 2001 are: .... More
AGBU Cairo cooperates with Alexandria’s Museum of Arts in finding Egyptian Armenian Artists' works
03 December 2014
AGBU Cairo is cooperating with Alexandria’s museum of Fine Arts in the identification and disclosure of some of the works of art made by Egyptian Armenian artists found in the storehouse of the museum. 13 works of art; in addition to the five already on display and a stone statue of sculptor Daria Gamsaragan,were .... More
AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan choir celebrates its 10th anniversary with “Kach Nazar”
30 November 2014
AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan children’s choir celebrated its 10th anniversary on Sunday 30th November by singing and dancing at the Belekdanian hall in Heliopolis in a musical show of one of Hovhannes Toumanian’s and Atapeg Khengoyan’s tales; “Kach Nazar’s new adventures”. The theatrical scripting and musical adaptation .. .... More
AGBU Cairo increases the limits of its financial contribution in the Union’s Medicare program
18 November 2014
AGBU Cairo decided in its last meeting to increase the limits of its financial maximum annual contribution to each member of the Medicare program from 8000 LE to 10000 LE. It was also decided to increase the annual limit of AGBU Cairo’s contribution for Medicine to 1600 LE per year and .... More
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