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HMEM Nubar Cairo’s 2017 Easter Bazaar on Palm Sunday

Hand-painted Easter eggs, plants and ornaments, homemade Easter baskets and traditional Armenian bread “Choerek” were among the many Easter delicacies put on sale on Palm Sunday 9th April 2017 at HMEM Nubar Cairo club. The Ladies Committee had..
HMEM Nubar Cairo’s 60th Anniversary Celebration plans revealed
26 March 2017
If you’re still hesitant or thinking whether or not to attend this event, consider that next time you come across such an occasion to meet and reunite with your friends around the World in your birthplace in Egypt “might” only come after a long 10 years wait and then.. .... More
Paintings exibition of the young artist Rita Kevorkian
12 March 2017
AGBU Cairo organized on Saturday 11th March 2017 at its Chaker Cultural Center in Heliopolis a painting exhibition for the young and talented rising artist Rita Kevorkian who presented 36 black and white portrait paintings of Egyptian Armenian personalities. The exhibition which was organized by an initiative from AGBU Cairo which seeks to encourage talents in any field to stand out and excel, was held with a considerable presence, which came .... More
AGBU Cairo’s Youth Chess Tournament with Chess Your Child
04 March 2017
Thirteen young Armenian chess players of different ages ranging from 8-18 years old headed for “Passion Point, Chess Your Child” on Friday, March 3rd, 2017 for competing on the chess boards with their Egyptian opponents. The occasion, which turned out to be a passionate cultural and community event, was held in the framework of the cooperation between AVC-AGBU Egypt and Chess Your Child. The bus full of.. .... More
AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan choir members’ reunion
31 December 2016
Former and current members of AGBU Cairo's Dziadzan children's choir members reunited on Friday 30th December 2016 at the Chaker Cultural Center in Heliopolis to celebrate the choir’s 12th anniversary and to celebrate the arrival of the 2017 New Year. The reunion which was held with.. .... More
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