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Kheroum 2015 at HMEM Nubar Cairo 01-06-2015
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Christmas Eve celebrated at HMEM Nubar Cairo on 5th January 2015
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Visitors Comments
Zaven Djizmedjian
Lovely shella and lovely friends. Miss you all and God bless you all.
"The President went on to say: "It was the prophet Muhammad who oepend the way for space exploration on his magic flying horse."Aaahhh, so it was how it got up there when he split the moon in two halves. But still must have taken a lot of rounds to bring up all that glue though...
Flauschne4gel hab ich heute auch auf meinem BLog gepoetst ;D leider haben die Samtpuderfe4den nicht so lange gehalten... vielleicht halten die Viskosedinger le4nger?! Tolle Lacke hast du gezaubert :) [url=]fbrqayf[/url] [link=]wqghgyzrfsy[/link]
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