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Donations of HMEM Nubar Alex 2010 Tournament
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05 December 2010

The donations of HMEM Nubar Alex\'s July 2010 basketball tournament were as follows:

3000 LE:  Mr. & Mrs. Antranig Mesrobian

1000 LE:  Messrs. & Mrs.: Berdj Terzian, Dr. & Mrs. Viken Djizmedjian,  Noubar Simonian, Sarkis Vartsbedian,  Onnig Belekdanian, Hratch Simonian, Daniel Djerdjerian, Vahe Benohanian, Dr. & Mrs. Garbis Tossounian, Garen Djerdjerian, Brothers Arto & Garo Tossounian

500 LE: Mr. & Mrs.: Mgerditch Khandjian, Dr. & Mrs. Kevork Erzingatsian, Levon Kaghtatsian, Vrej Seferyan, , Arto Djerdjerian, Parsegh Kezelyan, Barkev Sarkissian, Misak Leylekian, Koko Apikian

400 LE: Mr. & Mrs. Vahé Varjabedian

300 LE: Dr. & Mrs. Garo Apkarian, Mr. & Mrs. George Leylekian

250 LE: Dr. & Mrs. George Simonian

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