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HMEM Nubar Cairo elects its new board
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26 November 2017

HMEM Nubar Cairo conducted the elections of its Executive board on Sunday 26th November 2017 for the 2017-2021 mandate, under the supervision of representatives of the Egyptian Olympic committee and the Ministry of Youth and sports headed by Counselor Mostafa Shaaban.

Out of 221 members having voting rights, 147 members attended to vote  in what can be considered as a positive and active involvement of club members in the process.

The new elected board is now formed of the following persons:
Chairman: Depoyan Jirayr, Vice-chairman: Touloumbadjian Garen, Treasurer: Avanian Kevork, Members: Dertadian Herayr, Hagopian Sossi, Simonian, Roupen, Simonian Nairy, Varjabedian Garo
U-30 members: Belekdanian Saro, Kalenian Hraztan.

Co-opted members will be appointed by the Executive Board on a later date.

Congratulations and wishes of success to the new board in continuation of the flourishing path paved by previous club Executive boards throughout its 60 years of history after the unison of AGBU’s Nubar and HMEM clubs in 1958.

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Visitors Comments
Anna Dolabjian Trayan
Congratulations to HMEM Nubar for the great Executive Board Committee elections!! We love and cherish our second home!! Anna
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