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The third volume of “Armenia and Armenians in the Arab Press 1876-1923” published
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26 October 2017

The third of the Seven-Volume massive project “Armenia and Armenians in the Arab Press 1876-1923” has just been published by AGBU Cairo.

This 3rd volume which comes in 780 pages is entitled “Armenians and the Young Turks 1897-1908”. It reports the period after the Hamidian massacres (1894-1896) until the Ottoman coup of 24 July 1908 as published in the Arab press during that period. The press articles appearing in this third volume describe the violence and killings perpetrated by the regime of Sultan Abdul Hamid the 2nd in suppressing Armenian nationalistic attempts.

It is to be noted that AGBU Cairo has started this gigantic project in 2001 through a team of historians led by Dr. Mohamed Refaat Al Imam, gathering the articles written about Armenians and the Armenian question from 1876 to 1923 in 383 Arabic newspapers and periodicals from the archives of the Egyptian National Library. In total 36 000 pages of articles are being used in these 7 volumes, the first volume of which was launched by AGBU Cairo in May 2016. Some of these volumes will come in several books each, due to the sheer size if their content.

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