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HMEM Nubar Cairo lifts the senior boys’ and girls’ cup of its 2017 basketball tournament
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08 October 2017

HMEM Nubar Cairo wrapped up its successful basketball tournament, the last of the 2017 season, by lifting the all five trophies of this basketball jamboree. The first cup was the one of the men’s Egyptian Pan-Armenian basketball tournament, the second was the one reserved for the winner of the girls’ match between HMEM Nubar Cairo and Homenetmen Ararat, the third was the U-18 cup won by the youngsters of HMEM Nubar Cairo against their counterparts of Heliopolis SC. The last two cups were the ones for the girls’ and boys’ mini basket teams.

The three day basketball tournament was opened on Thursday 5th October by the match between HMEM Nubar Cairo & Homenetmen Gamk 62-30 (43-13) preceded by the U-18 boys’ match between HMEM Nubar Cairo and Tayaran 88-32 .

On the second day of the tournament, a Mini basket match was held between the girls of HMEM Nubar Cairo and Heliolido 26-21 followed by the day’s highlight; the senior girls’ match between HMEM Nubar Cairo and Homenetmen Ararat which ended with a surprising easy win for HMEM Nubar Cairo 64-36 (41-14). The last match held between the two teams two weeks earlier had ended with a narrow win for HMEM Nubar Cairo, a result which had the audience anticipating for a retribution match. But that was definitely not the case of the day.

This was followed by the senior boys’ match between Homenetmen Ararat and HMEM Nubar Alex 66-58  (12-18, 26-33, 50-47, 66-58).

On the third and final day of the tournament, the line-up of matches started with a mini basket boys’ match between HMEM Nubar and Heliolido followed by the veterans’ match between a selection of 40ish and 50ish “young” players from the five Egy-Armenian clubs and the Misr Petrolum team.

The final match was held between the traditional top two of these Pan-Armenian tournaments: HMEM Nubar Cairo and Homenetmen Ararat. The match ended in favour of the reigning champions 87-55 (23-18, 48-29, 71-41, 87-55) allowing the home team to lift the last cup of the 2017 season.

Well done boys and girls for your efforts in holding on to your previous wins of past tournaments and hard luck to Homenetmen Ararat. 

The tournament was held under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Ashod Mnatsaganian, the Primate of the Armenian Apostolic church of Egypt with the high presence of His Grace Krikor Agostinos Kousa, the Primate of the Armenian Catholic Church. The men’s cup was offered by Mr. & Mrs. Hagop Karagozian, the senior girls’ cup by Mr. & Mrs. Kevork Avanian, the juniors boys’ cup by Mr. & Mrs. Hagop Apigian, the boys’ Mini-basket cup by Mr. & Mrs. Garen Touloumbadjian and the girls’ mini basket cup by Marlo Simoinian. The medals were offered by Mr. & Mrs. Vart Alexanian.

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