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AVC-AGBU Egypt Spring 2017 Term Graduation of 29 students
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14 June 2017

AVC-AGBU Egypt has happily marked the graduation of the Armenian Language Spring Term 2017 on June 14, 2017.

It was an open event attended by students, AVC and AGBU Cairo officials and Armenian Community members and held cordially at the Goganian Armenian Club. 29 Students celebrated their achievements and graduation by receiving their AVC-AGBU certificates from AVC Armenia.

The event started with a warm welcome by the Master of Ceremony Mrs. Anna Dolabjian-Trayan, AVC Ambassador in Egypt, after which the floor was taken by the Students of Level 1 and Level 2, who said their words from heart in Armenian. Special thanks goes to their teacher Mrs. Sylva Bayramian-Simonian for the preparations.

A surprise video clip dedicated to the Movie “The Promise” was compiled by the two groups of Level 3 under the enthusiastic leadership of their teacher Mrs. Lala Shamamian-Nigolian. A beautiful piece of art designed and compiled by the talented student Mrs. Nadine Hallal-Gowigati, it touched the hearts of the audience with the wishful contemplations and emotions of pride expressed by the students.

The most amazing was that “the Voice from Egypt, this hospitable land on the Nile, was heard in the beautiful Armenian Language,   which the students had mastered with so much love through their hard work and dedication!” mentioned Mrs. Anna Dolabjian.

The highlight of the day was the comprehensive lecture by Dr. Viken Djizmedjian, Chairman AGBU Cairo under the title “The History of Armenians in Egypt”. This was a product of thorough research and a skilfully summarized coverage of the role that the Armenians have played throughout the history of Egypt and their current presence in the country as a valuable minority.

“AVC-AGBU Egypt is growing with the opening of Language Level 4 in fall term 2017. The second department, Chess, is going through transformation. With the introducing of Chess Level 4 in summer by AVC, the opportunity will be open for senior students to continue on with their hybrid studies. On the other hand with the flow in of the generation of young kids specially tailored programs for Egypt will be prepared. The tireless efforts of AVC-AGBU Egypt\'s chess teachers and strong back up by AVC Armenia will create all the flexibility needed for moving forward. The recently introduced all-Armenian tournaments with the Egyptian counterparts are also a way to activate the interest of the Community towards the “Armenian” game of Chess.” concluded Mrs. Anna Dolabjan-Trayan. 

The best part was left for the end where the students received their certificates and the celebrations began accompanied with a light reception.

AVC-AGBU Egypt doors are open for registrations for Fall Term 2017. For Language contact Mrs. Ani-Boghossian-Tashjian, AVC-AGBU Coordinator at 01223197455. For Chess - Mr. Khachig Kassabian, AVC-AGBU Chess Teacher at 01222501471.

Click here for the Photo Album of the event

Click here for the video prepared by the Level 3 students


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