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Dr. Nairy Hampigian’s lecture on the Amenhoteb III temple discovery and works in Luxor
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04 June 2017

A captivating lecture on the discovery works of the Amenhoteb III temple of Luxor and the Memnon statutes was given by Architect Dr. Nairy Hampigian at HMEM Nubar Cairo upon an initiative from AGBU Cairo and the co-organization of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s board.

From start till end, the audience was fascinated with the enthralling lecture in which Dr. Nairy was able to catch the full attention of the presence throughout the whole 75 minutes, the duration of the lecture.

The lecture started with the presentation of the guest speaker Dr. Nayri Hampigian by the chairman of AGBU Cairo, Dr. Viken Djizmedjian who brought up Dr. Nayri’s impressive CV, which includes among other accounts of success, her PHD degree in Archeology and two Master degrees in the history of Islamic and Armenian architecture, her refurbishment and conservation works of historical edifices such as Al-Salihiyya madrasa and minaret in Bayn al-Qasrayn , the Conservation Project of Bab Zuwayla and the Imam al-Shafi’i, as well as the Conservation Projects of the Armenian Church in Ramses Street, the Historic Chapel at Marmina in Old Cairo, the Amenayn Serpots church and the Catholic Armenian Church in Downtown Cairo. Dr. Nayri has also written more than 22 articles and researches on different subjects.

The lecture which captivated the audience because of its intriguing and fascinating nature, made the presence realize the enormity of the work done by Dr. Nairy Hampigian since 1998, along with another valuable Armenian lady, the World famous Egyptologist, Dr. Hourig Suruzian, the overall director of the project, with the aim of bringing to life a colossal Pharaonic archeolocal site.

After the end of the lecture Mr. Jirayr Depoyan, the chairman of HMEM Nubar Cairo, thanked Dr. Nairy Hampigian for her enthralling lecture giving her a souvenir present on behalf of the club’s board. He also thanked AGBU Cairo, which working with HMEM Nubar realized this remarkable and attention-grabbing lecture.

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Visitors Comments
jirayr Shoushanian
Great restoration works Dr.Nairy , we are all proud of you. Our hearts go to the great founder of AGBU Boghos Pasha's beautiful Palace in Sharabeya , which needs immediate support and intervention of AGBU before it collapses.
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