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AGBU Cairo’s Youth Chess Tournament with Chess Your Child
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04 March 2017

Thirteen young Armenian chess players of different ages ranging from 8-18 years old headed for “Passion Point, Chess Your Child” on Friday, March 3rd, 2017 for competing on the chess boards with their Egyptian opponents.

The occasion, which turned out to be a passionate cultural and community event, was held  in the framework of the cooperation between AVC-AGBU Egypt and Chess Your Child.

The bus full of excited Armenian players and their parents was welcomed warmly at the premises of “Chess Your Child” upon its arrival.

Anna Dolabjian, AVC Ambassador and Vartan Shoushanian, AVC Chess Teacher were among the arriving team and were met by chess teachers Eddy Kassabian and Khachig Kassabian, representing both AVC and Chess Your Child, who gave the young players the instructions on the rules and regulations of the game.  

The event was opened by few words by Anna Dolabjian and a welcome note with explanation of the game rules by Ahmed El Gamal, CEO CYC. “We are happy to be at Passion Point of Mohamed Tohami, “Egypt’s best motivation speaker” and share his core passion –Chess!” mentioned Mrs. Dolabjian in her word. “When you do something with passion you succeed as Tohami has taught us. However, succeed in chess does not necessarily mean to win. It means to learn and grow with each move!”. “This is the start of a relationship, which will continue into a great cooperation and friendship.” she continued.   

There was no time to waste and the young players settled for the long-awaited battles.

Two hours passed like a minute while the young minds explored the strategy and tactics of the ancient and wise game of chess.

The winners on both sides were identified based on the highest scoring in each of the age groups – below and above fourteen years old. The audience clapped at the announcement of the names as Sassoun Gerboyan and Abel Hakobyan the winners of the Armenian side shook hands and exchanged branded mugs with their Egyptian counterparts.

The teams parted with happy faces full of willingness and determination to meet again in the future and continue the started tradition.

With the objective the excel further the developing skills of the Armenian young players  the chess practice at AGBU Cairo on Fridays 11am-1pm continues throughout the term. The teaching team invites chess lovers of all ages starting from as young as 5 to join. Those who have not completed the AVC online chess are encouraged to do so with the next term in Spring. For registrations contact Khachig Kassabian at 01222501471

To see the photo album of the Event CLICK HERE

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