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HMEM Nubar Alex basketball tournament: Day one results
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24 July 2009

The 2009 season’s first basketball tournament kicked-off on Friday after a one year hibernation period in which Armeno-Egyptian basketball tournaments seemed in a period of indefinite standstill.  Fortunately, after the signature of these tournaments’ regulations, the rain check is over, and thanks to the lucid approach of clubs’ officials, the five teams are back in action.

In the opening match HMEM Nubar Alex defeated St. Therese 58-49 while HMEM Ararat defeated HMEM Gamk 68/36 (35/19).

On Saturday HMEM Nubar Cairo will play against HMEM Ararat and on Sunday HMEM Nubar Alex will play against the winner of Saturday’s match.

For this first day, the fans of the four competing teams had to content with a rather quiet set of matches in what can be described as a normal predictable outcome for the day’s scheduled matches.

In the opening match, HMEM Nubar Alex took the lead on St. Therese right from the start winning the first half 33/21. This lead was maintained and gradually increased until the end of the game 58-49.

In the second match, HMEM Ararat and HMEM Gamk started the match advancing shoulder to shoulder in the first quarter. But HMEM Ararat took the matters in hand starting from the second quarter which ended 35/19 in their favor. The score difference increased and ended with the final score of 68/36.

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