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A premiere: The rules of the Armeno-Egyptian Basketball tournaments signed by the 5 clubs
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13 July 2009

The first ever set of rules regulating the Armeno-Egyptian basketball summer tournaments was signed yesterday 12th July  by the representatives of the five clubs which participate in these tournaments: HMEM Ararat, HMEM Gamk, HMEM Nubar Alex, HMEM Nubar Cairo and St. Therese.

This agreement and signature of rules can be considered as a premiere and an important milestone in the history of these games. 

The regulations, which were drafted by Viken Djizmedjian and Berdj Miskdjian, were sent beforehand to the executive boards of the five clubs for review and approval. The final version was signed at HMEM Gamk club in Alexandria on Sunday 12th July by the representatives of the five clubs:  Vahé Benohanyan, chairman of HMEM Gamk, Garo Toumayants, chairman of HMEM Ararat, Garbis Tossounian, chairman of HMEM Nubar Alex, Vahé Varjabedian, vice-chairman of HMEM Nubar Cairo and Krikor Mikaelian, vice-chairman of the St. Therese club.

An organizing committee formed of one representative from each club will also be formed by next Sunday in order to resolve any situation which might come up during these tournaments which are not provided for in these regulations.  These rules will be valid for the 2009 and 2010 seasons and will be automatically renewed if no modification requests are received by any of the five clubs.

After a “moderate” 2007 and a “cold” 2008 summer season, the future of these games looks bright thanks to the conscientiousness and the commonsensical  approach of all those who participated in the conception and final signature of these rules.  Starting from the Primate of the Armenian Apostolic church,  passing from the authors of the draft regulations Berdj Miskdjian and Viken Djizmedjian, through to the executive boards of the five clubs which approved these rules with the common good of the local Armenian community in their minds, and ending with HMEM Gamk which provided the perfect setting for this final signature…

Click here to read the rules of the Armeno-Egyptian basketball tournaments

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