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News Flash Start of Sunday Lunch services at HMEM Nubar Cairo from 2 November with a brand new menu and chef   St. Therese SC announces the dates of 14-16 November for its basketball tournament   HMEM Nubar Cairo builds a commemorative bust of AGBU founder Boghos Nubar at the club’s entrance   AGBU Egypt's offices now moved to Heliopolis at AGBU Cairo's Chaker Center building   Homenetmen Gamk fixes 29-31 August for its basketball tournament   Sunday lunch services at HMEM Nubar Cairo suspended during summer months. Dinner served on Fri & Sun   AGBU Cairo increases the amount if its monthly pension allowances for the needy  
Newspaper - Arev & Arek Arabic
"Arek" is a magazine in Arabic published by AGBU Cairo since April 2010. Arev Arabic was the monthly supplement of the Armenian daily newspaper Arev financed by AGBU Cairo until its stoppage in April 2009.
October - 2014
No. 50
September - 2014
July - 2014
No. 48
The Black book diaries of Talaat Pasha Published - The official count of the Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire: 972 000 less Armenians in one year between 1915 and 1916
June - 2014
No. 47
May - 2014
No. 46
April - 2014
No. 45
March - 2014
No. 44
February - 2014
No. 43
January - 2014
No. 42
A road map for Turkey before 2015 - Armenians' role in Egyptian culture and education - The Armenian trick - Translation issues
December - 2013
No. 41
25 years on Soumgayet massacres and the Nagorno Karabakh conflict - The Armenian Genocide discussed at the Egyptian Historical Studies Center - Diosparan Armenians seek Turkey's recognition - Arabs view of the Genocide
November - 2013
No. 40
Robert Fisk: 1 Century later, Armenians still being massacred in Syria - The situation of the Armenians of Egypt - Saroukhan between 1967 and 1973
October - 2013
September - 2013
No. 38
The Armenians and the Egyptian homeland - The letter of the Patriarchate to the Egyptian President Adly Mansour - Pain and hope with the approach of the Armenian Genocide's Centenary - Alban, the photograper artist - Armenia's independence celebrations
July - 2013
No. 37
Armenia asks for the return of its lands from Turkey - Armenians of Istanbul - Aram Khatchadourians 110th anniversary - Armenians and Zionism - Armenians in the accounts of James Baley the explorer.
June - 2013
No. 36
The Hamidian slaughters (1894-1896) - Aram Khatchadourian's 110th anniversary (part 1) - Women and the Egyptian cinema.
May - 2013
No. 35
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